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Jungle Fishing after Rain Explore EP.297

Jungle Fishing after Rain Explore EP.297

Woo Hoo, Andysfishing. Jungle after some rain. I am following a side creek down and there is no water here. So the main river will be dry too. Hello everyone, I am back in the jungle. It is raining a little. As you can see it is raining now. I will walk into the jungle every time it rains and have a fish. To see how the river changes and if the fish will bite. There is more and cleaner water than last time. We will go a little further and see if the fish are happy. It is still raining and the mosquitos are terrible. This could be a very short episode. And I can’t film when it rains. I can’t film when it’s raining, I hope it doesn’t get worse. No blue sky right now. That was a nice Tarpon. I wasn’t paying attention. He didn’t grab it poroperly Wow, another one, a nice flash. The mosquitos are horrible. My sunglasses are fogged up and I can’t see. My insect repellent isn’t working at all! I’m not sure how long I will last in here. It’s a long hike to get in, but I can’t fish like this. There are mosquitos flying in and out of my ears. It’s not much fun right now. Oww, that was a Tarpon. I think it was a Tarpon. It is sitting where a Barramundi would. Ah, nice Tarpon! I won’t be staying long, the mosqito’s are horrible. We have a nice little Tarpon. Stop flipping around. Hi Mr Tarpon, ohh, and he is gone. A looker, next cast, got him… and dropped him. They are hiding on that corner. Tarpon are usually in the middle. The main creek is flowing just a little bit. You can see the water has been higher. The grass has been pushed over. The water was this high not long ago. Now it’s gone back down. The river needs a good flush out. We need a big flood, maybe 300mm. There’s a turtle after it, a big turtle. I didn’t want him to get it, ok, he let go, silly turtle. See that big Eel there. Lets see if he will eat my plastic. He’s following. Let it sit for a bit. He is big. No hope of catching him on this.

100 comments on “Jungle Fishing after Rain Explore EP.297

  1. can see the fish biting in there. lol. thats some pretty clear water. must be fun to see what are about to catch haha

  2. rods action to soft can't set quick enough. beautiful spot but I felt ur pain mate Im not a fan of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes lol.

  3. fishing hack – laundry dryer sheets keep mosquito away, take a few pin them hat, collar,arms, legs, you will have a lil force field around you, put them in the vent of ur house, the AC vents , house smells good plus keeps them from coming in the house

  4. get like a net like the ones used to gather honey drom mosquitoes cant get u in the ear.we can heat them in the video and i feel how you feel too..nice video

  5. That rocky bottom would be full of a fish we call Red Eye or some Rock Bass here in TN.
    Anything edible in that stream?
    How about long toothy critters?

  6. Hi I am new channel , this video I saw that lost several twinges , I humbly will give advice , use fast action rod will improve you lose less. Video Show hope soon be fishing in Australia , I'm coming in December.


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  11. Hello do you plan on coming down south to orange NSW for some big Murray cod have lots of spots that have big ones

  12. nice river. I've also caught fish with nets. but in malaysia. visit the following link for more information.

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