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Junk or Gold? Self-Setting Chinese Fishing Rod

Junk or Gold? Self-Setting Chinese Fishing Rod

What’s up guys!? Today, we’re testing the self- setting automatic fishing rod that I ordered from It’s a rod from China. I spent about five dollars on it, You can see there’s this big spring on here. This rod actually bends in half, okay? and it locks in there and there’s a trigger right there, okay? When the fish starts to pull it out– Whoo! The spring shoots up and locks in place and sets the hook for you, so you don’t have to be super attentive on it, you can you can be chillin, you can be hanging around, it’ll set itself and all you got to do is reel it in! Uh, It’s a little funny little gimmick rod that, uh, I’m wondering if it works, so let’s give it a try. So, guys, we’re in the middle of the city right now It’s about 11/ 12 o’clock at night– I haven’t checked my watch actually for a while… actually I don’t have a watch… Um, Yeah, it’s about 11/12 o’clock right now and every night stripers run through here, catfish are very, very abundant in here, um, and tonight we’re just going for catfish, or whatever bites. We’re really here just to test out the rod and see the capabilities of this rod, so we’re trying to do some easy fishing today. So here’s the rig I’m using: I’ve got an egg sinker, a bead, swivel, about a foot of– a foot of leader line, And a hook, and I’m just going to put some, uh, some shrimp on here, cast it out and see what bites. Okay, so I’ve casted it out, waiting for it to sink, Now, I’m going to open up the spring part bend the rod in half and– take a look, it just snaps into place and holds. Look at that! [both laughing] That’s pretty funny, isn’t it?
[Erin:] Mhmm. Alright, now this is how you set the trigger, you put the line over these two, so when you pull this it pulls the trigger. Can you guys see that? Alright. Spike it into the ground. And we wait. [Erin:] Brendon, Brendon! [whispering] Ready? [Erin:] It would have gone off if it was going to go off. It’s gonna come back for it. [Erin:] Line’s still moving, line’s still moving– Oh! There we go! Yes!
[Oh, shoot!] Oh, not on there. It went off, but it’s not on there. [Erin:] Ahh.
Oh–! Yes it is! Yes it is!!
[Erin:] Ah ha ha ha! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ha! [Erin:] Yes! The rod worked!
[Erin:] What was that? Ooh! There we go!
[Erin:] Whoo! [Erin:] Hello
Hello, Mr. Catfish.
[Erin:] A good catfish. So the rod works. One for one so far.
[Erin:] Haha, I’m so happy. Sometimes it gets set off, and, uh, it misses the fish, but I’d say it has around a 70% hook up ratio. This is a Channel Catfish right here. Ow! It’s biting me! [Erin:] Biting you?
Yeah, it bit me! There we go! Let’s see if we can get a bigger one. I know there’s some big ones in here. Alright! It worked! It worked!! Nice! [Erin:] And you didn’t have to jump up and set the hook. No. I did not.
[Erin:] But you didn’t feel it at first, right? Yeah, I did not feel it at first… and then all of a sudden… Well, I think what had happened is it got set and then it just went– started swimming towards me so I didn’t feel it.
[Erin:] Ah. And then, once I reeled in the slack, I realized it’s still on there. Okay, let’s– let’s do it again. Alright. Go ahead and set the trap. I’m not exactly sure how… So lift up the spring. First you’re gonna lift up the spring. That’s it. Oh, I see. And then crank it down. Nice!
[Erin:] Okay,
Alright, now set the feather trap–I mean set the [Erin:] Which way does it go around?
Set the trap– just put it– [Erin:] Okay…
Now reel it in– You…
[Erin:] Ha ha… That’s how– That’s how you don’t do it.
[Erin:] Brendon! There you go, set the trap… Now just leave it. Okay? Now you’re going to reel it in. So there’s enough–there’s enough tension. Go ahead. Okay, stop. Right there. Something keeps jumping… Yeah. Okay, so the trap is set, And now we’re just waiting for something to set it off, right? Yep. And you’re gonna reel this one in?
Alright, Easy peasy, lemon… Squeezy. Look, look, look, look, look! Oh! Oh! [Erin:] Go in there, go in there! No! You go in there, you go in there!
Okay, okay. Oh! Get it, get it! Set– no–! Is it on?
Yes! It’s on! Nice, Erin! Ha ha ha ha!
It’s pretty big. It’s pretty big?
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Careful, careful! Maybe it’s just a… big, heavy catfish… Ho! Ho! There it is. Woah. Woah, where is it? It’s there.
Okay, here, hold this, let me–let me bring it up. Okay, ready? Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!
Hey, a bigger one. Number two! So many catfish! All right. What kind of catfish is this, Erin? Uh… Not blue… Channel?
It’s a chanel, yeah. Blue Catfish, they’re blue. Channel catfish, they’re yellow.
They’re channel… And it– that was the easiest fishing I’ve ever done, basically. We got those fish within like two seconds, so far it’s a 100% hook up ratio. And, uh, I’m excited to do some more. Got it? Oh! It worked!
[Erin:] Yep. Oh! Oh, it scared me! Oh!
Erin, get it! Erin, get it!! You get it!
Get it, Erin, get it!
Oh, gosh. Wait, wait, wait, wai– I’ll get it. Alright.
You get it. Hold this, hold this! Show ’em! We’re on live. Ha ha ha ha ha it wooorked!
It scared me. It worked! Whoo! Oooh.
There we go. Alright. Here we go. Alright, you guys on live can you see this? Look at the hookset. It set it all the way through! Did a good job– oh my god! Look at that hook set! But it requires a–a nice tug to be able to set the hook, all right. I got to let this guy go. I wouldn’t eat these fish… Yeah…
Not from here… When life puts you in a leg brace, use it as a rod holder. I think this rod is so funny. What do you guys think? Comment below your opinion on this rod, is it a piece of trash? It is a five dollar rod. would you get this for yourself? So a little bit more about this rod, I got this from an app called for about five bucks or five to ten bucks something really ridiculously cheap The thing with wish is that you can order something and it could be complete garbage Or it could be complete mediocracy. I haven’t seen anything better than mediocre, this rods already starting to fall apart And I’ve caught about five to six fish on it, and by the way. I’m not sponsored by I just want to let you guys know if anyone is interested in this rod, that’s where I got it from, so I’m wondering who would get it for themselves and comment below What kind of stuff you’d use it for? If anyone wants to send us like some funny silly crazy innovative Or you know any kind of fishing product that you want to see us use we have a p.o box now And we’ll have the description below Thank you guys for watching if you guys want a sneak preview of our episodes we do go live on–on our Facebook page and Join us there on senko skipper community. It’s a private group. I’ll have to accept you in, but I’ll see you there!

100 comments on “Junk or Gold? Self-Setting Chinese Fishing Rod

  1. Bro lol…that was not a foot of leader line more like sasquatch foot of line nevertheless that rod is neat very creative I my opinion wouldn't buy it personally but very creative indeed.

  2. I just got mine today, looking to test it out at Ft Smallwood in the morning. I hope it doesn’t fall apart on me.

  3. Guess it would work for deep biters like catfish and stingrays…but light biters will run circles round that thing.

  4. The Great Trusty channel about fishing on Youtube . Man Please do us a lesson about lures color and how and when to use them

    Thanks bro

  5. I would not use it for catfish maybe blue gills when fishing is slow plus I don’t need to set any hooks I use circle hooks for catfish

  6. loved watching you catch those fish I know it's a piece of junk but is the engineering sound if you were to rebuild it using better parts, do you think it could be a really Superior product?

  7. one thing u have to look at before buying is your local fishing rules i know in ontario u cant have any spring loaded fishing rods so i would get a large fine using it.. i think its a cool idea tho

  8. I would prefer the sping-loaded holders that don't try to set the hook by a 90 degree movement – that would rip the hook from most species. The angle from a sping-loaded holder is much less severe and you would be able to use your existing rods with their various Test Curves depending on the target species:
    Whilst I have a preference of one over the other – I have no desire to use either; setting the hook is all part of the challenge of the fisher vs fish 🙂

  9. Does deliver to India , if yes it's great if not then please suggest me a reliable website where I can place orders for fishing rods and reels..!
    Hope you will respond thank you..!

  10. Somehow I feel Erin is not really as into fishing as you, but I love how she's always doing it with you. A beautiful relationship ❣️

  11. The Rod is pretty badass. 3 for 3 is great! I’m also a Wishaholic and got the Spring Loaded pole holder which came w/o instructions and seems like a mousetrap more than a holder so if u have knowledge out there…?

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