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Kailua Shark Attack

Kailua Shark Attack

At around 11:40 this morning, HFD responded to an injured swimmer at Lanikai Beach. It was reported that 2 men were swimming to shore from the Mokulua islands. Two good Samaritans, each on their one-man canoes, assisted both males to shore. HFD personnel treated the 44 year-old male and transferred patient care to EMS Ocean Safety says the man was lucky he was not swimming alone. “IF YOU’RE GOING TO SWIM, SWIM WITH A BUDDY LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE SURF WITH A BUDDY, KAYAK WITH A BUDDY.” It happened approximately 50 – 100 yards offshore. The male sustained serious injuries to his lower legs. The other man did not sustain any injuries. Signs like these were posted along the Windward coast letting people know the beaches were closed. “SHERWOODS, BELLOWS, THE MARINE BASE LANIKAI BEACH.” Sara Tootoo was in the area with friends and says she saw lifeguards enter the water on PWC’s “THEY DID REPORT BACK THAT THERE HAS BEEN A SHARK ATTACK AND THEY CLEARED THE WATER.” “I DON’T WANT TO GET ATTACKED BY A SHARK AT ALL.” Ocean Safety Officials say there hasn’t been an attack in this area for decades but the area is a popular place for ocean activities. One shark expert says this might have attracted the shark in this mornings attack. “THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS OUR ACTIVITIES AS HUMANS WHILE WE’RE IN THE WATER, WHETHER WE’RE SURFING OR SWIMMING OR SCUBA DIVING, PRODUCES VERY ERRATIC MOVEMENTS. EVEN THE MOST GRACEFUL OF OLYMBPIC SWIMMERS IS VERY ERRATIC.” ROGER MARI KITV4news.

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