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Kalassa Porvoo Emäsalo – Fishing in Porvoo Emäsalo

Kalassa Porvoo Emäsalo – Fishing in Porvoo Emäsalo

Hello everyone. This time i came to Porvoo Varlaxudden Maybe i pronounce it right or not anyways, nearby Porvoo a place called Emäsalo. To do some fishing! and i started fishing early in the morning around 9am the weather is really nice +2C at the moment. Yesterday it was around -10C Its a bit cloudy weather for the moment Today i will try and see if i can catch trout Will i succeed or fail?! We shall see… This place has awesome scenery Lets see if i can catch fish or not. i am sorry, i havent got my microphone with a deadcat with me this time. If you can hear some wind noise i hope you can manage it. This place, Emäsalo is really awesome. It has small nature trail and definitely suits for birdwatching and for fisherman but sadly i didnt have much luck on catching a fish. Lost my lures all the time But the nature is really nice Proper archipelago landscape My mind rests in this scenery

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