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Kalastusvaellus meloen Nuorttijoella – Upea kanjonijoki Itä-Lapissa [ENG SUB]

Kalastusvaellus meloen Nuorttijoella – Upea kanjonijoki Itä-Lapissa [ENG SUB]

Paddling Adventure on Nuortti River At this point of the trip, our minds are still humble the canoe is still dry and men are still hungry We have been on bigger rivers This is like stand up paddling, next year we’ll take the boards Our trip has started We began canoeing from the beginning of Nuortti river and the first leg here is this narrow creek We left a part of our equipment a few kilometers off and we will pick them up as we go At some point the river begins to widen and there will be more fishing spots It’s been rather cold north wind the last days and according to the forecast the wind continues to blow throughout our trip So let’s see if we get fish But will we get through here? Speed makes amends! Juho went to move our car forward and we came here with Samuel to fish these spots nearby Small trouts A bit too small, even though tasty for sure Welcome to Planet Earth It’s our second morning We’re boiling some water to get this day started What is our plan for today, Juho? We continue paddling and fishing down the stream And with the canoe the whole day Indeed So, here we have the right and wrong way of going on a hammock This was the wrong way. Let’s try the right one Perfect It’s rather autumn weather and only August Suck your stomachs in, boys I got one! – But the same size
– Is it a bit bigger? Don’t think so Maybe a little bigger Beautiful. Don’t crash This is how you steal a spot It’s our second day So far this fishing trip has been just a trip But slowly the river is getting wider and the spots getting deeper So the sizes of the fish will grow as well There is a fish rising. Did you see it? Again We found the fish It’s there behind the hanging birch Now it’s up to Samuel and his fishing skills if we have our first bigger fish Fish are very shy in these small clear rivers When canoeing, you should see the spots from far off and stop in time We have missed a few good spots with too high speed But it’s okay, we are learning here Is that such a good spot since you’ve blocked the route? We saw a big splash there further so we are all in line casting our lures – It’s already bigger
– The size is growing Oh, there is a fish! – Did it catch on from there?
– A bit further It was a big splash A while ago Samuel saw a 40 cm grayling under the canoe So far it’s the biggest fish we’ve seen on this trip But the view is beautiful and an amazing river for canoeing Hakuna matata It’s starting to be dinner time I have noticed that on these trips we eat dinner at night sleep during the day and paddle the afternoon Isn’t it so? Today’s agenda is to get the first bigger trout We’re about to paddle a few kilometers and then change our canoes to packrafts Towards the end we can’t carry the canoes back so packraft is a better choice This is a good spot, I tell you We have fish on It’s okay size A bit bigger again The one who invented J-stroke has been wise You get the canoe to go straight while paddling alone When I was learning it, I also tried other letters but they did not work We are paddling here with the packrafts and fish the big ones This is Nuortti wilderness zone And here there are plenty of fire places At each one we will cook one grayling And because the packrafts are not ours but borrowed we’ll let them go to Russia and walk away Thanks for the cooperation, Melomo! 😀 I’m not keen on letting mine go there First paddles with packraft You can feel the waves It’s our final full day on Nuortti river and we’re having a luxury breakfast We haven’t had fish too much this trip so oat meal and noodles – Oh, what a big trout there!
– Was it really? – No
– You liar This is a nice way to go forward. A little stretch and stomach muscles a little tensed And you can fish at the same time Finally we have a fish on Is it big? Smallish We get to paddle some amazing places As a fisherman I’d want to stop and fish Luckily we’ll have time for that by the camp The first bigger waves Oh mama! Amazing! What a great river for packrafting What are we having today? Today we have canned moose with eggs and pasta Traditional hiking food Self-shot moose mixed with some wild boar That looks rather interesting MacGyvering You could say that We got two ENO Hammock’s hammock sets for this trip This is short intro of the set On top there is a tarp, in case it rains Then we have the mosquito net And under the hammock there is the underquilt It’s like a sleeping bag under the hammock It’s been rather cold nights here but still nice and warm to sleep And then there is of course the hammock itself Boys, it’s meal time! The last evening of the trip The biggest fish so far is 25 cm trout, so we’ll set up the stakes It’s the fishing competition of Nuortti river The prize is the official pineapple of Nuortti And the loser will swim The competition lasts till the morning and time begins now The competition barely started and Samuel already has one You have strengthened your lead? Yes, I have three trouts However, they are smalls. Last one was about 27 cm Well it is a long night Was it on your lure? Great job! It’s a grayling Not small but unfortunately not big enough This is the biggest one so far, isn’t it? Hello there! Hello – You took the lead again?
– 37 cm grayling It’s our first fish for food I also got two, but both were too small Well done! Could be that tonight’s videos are rather dark but let’s take an update Samuel, what’s the situation? Four fish of which I took one Grayling 37 cm Two small trouts With a fly You won’t get pitty points for that And I have two about 30 cm graylings So Samuel is in the lead although he’s about to go sleep and we continue with Juho Let’s see how’s the situation in the morning By chance and fortune it turned out so, boys Juho has the biggest trout of this trip Pretty good 43 cm and it means Juho takes the lead Fish swim, I don’t It’s Juho’s play time If you don’t surface in 30 seconds I’ll send Samuel after you It wasn’t tight enough Finally some use for the filleting knife What was the name of the food? Curry-grayling-rice-stew And on the side chicken We are about to leave The whole camp is packed You cannot even see our backpacks from under We have about 12 km (14 km) to the car, don’t we? So then let’s go It’s getting hot But what a view We continue down the river but for change of the shore side Read about the trip from the blog: (in Finnish) Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button

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