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Kalastusvaellus Norjan Lapissa, Finnmarkissa [ENG SUB] – “Tuntemattomilla vesillä”

FISKETUR – On unknown tides First few hundred meters of this year’s hike done and already it’s clear this will not be a sweltering trip Our plan is to walk a bit more today and then stay the night somewhere Tomorrow we’ll start the ruthless fishing of trout and arctic char Samuel, is everything okay? Checking the weather forecast We’re here on some Norwegian fjeld The camp site for the first night is getting close It’s supposed to rain a few days but otherwise it’s almost like now Getting warmer all the time Does it taste anything? Very good Good morning When everyone else is still sleeping Juho already got a trout Such good cloudberries! Teppo has collected them with love It’s the same as your wife makes you coffee and it tastes so much better The same goes with cloudberry picking Teppo collected and put them on the plate and it’s so good We’ve reached our target river and barely put our backpacks down when Teppo already got fish What a pretty fish Let’s see what it has eaten – There’s a mouse
– Lemming! The fish ate a lemming You got a lemming fly? Actually I do Nicely golden brown Just like the photographer Good job! Samuel, it’s an empty spot. No use trying Our trip couldn’t have started in a better way We’ve been hammering for half an hour and already got two decent fish Sweet! It feels promising with a start like this Yes, there are good signs It doesn’t seem that we wouldn’t get any more fish but you never know…. There’s one again! Now it’s a bigger one Juho, you brought us to a pretty good trout river This is a good fish Oh yes! Look how yellow What a great looking fish Two casts, two fish One useless cast in the beginning Now everyone has got something We’ve got some evening snack so it’s time to go and prepare it Lotto-lure was on fire today but not surprising Good that these tortillas were left over from yesterday Wonderful! It’s the third morning Last night it was only a few degrees Celsius but now the weather is quite nice The wind has settled, and the temperature has risen I’m feeling good It’s light, there’s a lot of energy in in, it’s shaped with the landscape And you can make a handy hat of it. Or what do you think Teppo? Yes, you can make a hat of that – And you can recommend it for every hiker?
– Yes Very light and simple hiker’s snack Samuel has put his best We looked at the map and it seems that some pretty good spots ahead so expectations are high Changed for a bigger fly. Bigger fly, bigger fish Look what a nice stash of cloudberries Let’s take some mid snack Well well… There it goes I got a 20 centimeter fish and then this bigger one 34 centimeters bigger Got it with a pink leach There was a nice pool after a stream Fought a long time but eventually I got it We’ll drop them in a pot and make a fish soup I’ve got a fish The biggest dry fly fish of the trip might be on now This is bigger than I realized at first A dry fly record? I don’t remember getting a bigger one Nice trouts How you feeling? Can’t complain. After a long walk the weather is getting better by night and the trouts start eating You couldn’t hope for anything better Good morning, Norway! Frisbee bends into many Perfect fish plate for example We’ve left our first base camp It’s gonna be a few kilometer hike and then we’ll set up our tents again Last night the temperature went down to zero again but now the weather is nice There’s just a strong wind According to the weather forecast tomorrow the wind is getting stronger so no hope in flying the drone Juho had a bigger fish? Something jumped again I guess the fish won this time and we will go do crepes We saw many fish but when the fish aren’t hungry, they don’t eat Good morning Juho said last night that this is the world’s best fishing spot because it looks so beautiful. And it’s the best What a chubby fish! Is it big? – What fly did you have?
– The black leach I gave you Great! Good job, Teppo! Good fish My record with a fly Are the mosquitos bothering? No, they’re at the North sea already The first days I was slapping myself automatically Does anyone have cotters? Go in! The rain caught us. But no worries since we have almond-salt-honey marinated chocolate Dig in Come on boys, time to eat I think this is nice MacGyvering Would be pretty horrible to sit in the rain Good idea, Samuel Thank you, thank you. I was hoping for that praise Finally I get to use this packraft here in Finnmark Now that the strongest rain paused we came fishing to this nearby lake Right at the start Teppo had a good fish on, might have been an arctic char After that nothing has happened Juho is paddling there further with his packraft This is the first arctic char A red belly, nice fjeld lake fish We haven’t got any arctic char yet so it’s a nice change with getting trout Fish don’t see to eat anymore in this darkness I guess I’ll go sleep What an amazing weather How is this possible? It rained heavily the whole night but we woke up to a wonderful morning The sun is shining, and it looks like it wouldn’t rain for a while at least Damn! It was a good fish We filled the packraft with a few tents and other stuff Let’s zip it and fill the boat with air I already tried it Handy thing The idea is to move our camp a few kilometers Juho packed half of our stuff into the packraft so our backpacks will be lighter This is a bit heavier now Have to carry it to the river side Howdi – Did you get anything from there?
– No, nothing Weird, it looks like a good spot We are following the river here It’s nicer this way even though it’s longer There was a really shallow spot and Opa said there’s only small fish Then I knew there’d be bigger fish when Opa was opposing Tried for a while. I saw it couple of times and finally got it Got this nice trout with a dry fly We’ll eat fish today as well Yeap, the fly works I got some water in the packraft Fish is good when it’s red When it’s lighter color it’s less good but still pretty good I have to say this is the best meal so far Even though it was fried? Yes, even though I fried it myself This rise was nicely soft as well Let’s see if we get down from here The last moments of going fishing We put our alarms on and went out trying the nearby spots Samuel and Teppo fished late yesterday They got a few 50-centimeters last night, we’ll try to beat that Did you see, the fish jumped Sometimes you need to go through bushes to get to the good spots Oh, someone has come here before me The last fishing of this trip. A nice dry fly fish Maybe 43 cm Let’s release this, we have so much fish in the camp Too bad it’s about to start raining heavily but this was a good fish to end And 15m/s wind in the forecast The weather is so nice we decided to play some football Fjeld football The last moments of our trip are at hand. I’m feeling at the top of my strength but the others are tired, I guess Today it’s been very windy, and it has been pouring heavily The last fishing starts now. Tomorrow we’ll pack our stuff and head home Let’s cut the nonsense and go Still thinking of breaking some record? Juho said he’ll aim for 65 centimeter fish, but I don’t care Juho is filling up the boat Yeap You going paddling still? Yeap Now let’s get that big fish with a dry fly Fish on Not a big one All the cotters were found. And over the night they had multiplied The mating time of cotters Have you ever heard of the mating time of the cotters… Teppo, are you sure you want to sing that for the video? – Go on!
– We’ll have a long journey home The video from yesterday was rather short as the weather wasn’t too good and I had some technical issues with camera Today is the last the day of the trip We’re packing our stuff and things are getting wild here Read about the trip from the blog: Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button! Thanks for watching! Boys, I have been here thinking what the meaning life is…

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