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Karpių žvejyba. Ilgis – 17 sektorius. (Carp Fishing @ Ilgis lake) EN SUBS

Karpių žvejyba. Ilgis – 17 sektorius. (Carp Fishing @ Ilgis lake) EN SUBS

Hi Guys This time we will be fishing @ Ilgis lake I have been here this year already We were fishing near 30th sector In Spring We were fishing with the bottom rigs This time we will be fishing @ sector no. 17 with my teammate We have agreed that he will be fishing on the left side and I will be fishing on right side The plan is to try zig fishing this time The weather looks good For fishing in general Windy With some rain and not too hot We will see how fish will react So Justinas, please share your experience from this lake This lake was not so rewarding for me in the past But Justinas can’t beat his PB from this lake till now. Previously we had some fishing trips at this lake Of course the first mistake was that we were tying too short rigs We were not used to be fishing at silty bottom So basically we had no takes. We have tried one more time in sector no. 10 And this time we had one take And Evaldas has managed to reel in carp for 10 seconds I had an empty one And the next time my friend took me to sector 17 for some zig lessons. The result was that the first carp I caught was hooked by the zig rig And once I ran to my rods I have almost striked with my another rod which had the bottom rig as it was hard to believe that I caught something on a foam. This turned out to be my PB. It was a 20kg mirror carp I hope Evaldas will catch his PB this time For zig rig we use a simple FOX zig foam We will play with colors a bit and we will see what’s gonna work Dunno It’s getting cold a bit We will have to decide how often we should put some bait in That’s it for the intro we will see how it goes. And here we go we have a first carp on We have put a good amount of bottom bait first And some zig bait on top And once I put the spod rod for a rest I had some action on one of my rods It was a take Don’t get confused as you might not see a proper carp run on a zig It might be a simple gentle take Once you take a rod you must reel in loose line asap Because your lead is kinda hanging loose It might look that there’s no carp at another end first You will start to feel the fish once there will be no loose line You should play gently As zig hooks might not hold fish too good Fish can be hooked on a thin part of the lip And if you will try to force it you can pull the hook out Ok let’s try to win this fight! Not bad! 🙂 This one has full belly 🙂 Just checking how he will react to the lift And we have the first one No blanking this time 🙂 Not sure if you can see the numbers The scales are not zeroed and our weight bag is around 1.7kg And we have 19.100kg this time Almost PB and it’s a first carp Sector 17 hits hard @ ilgis 🙂 How fat he is 🙂 Told ya I will show you him first Later we will heal his wounds Here we go, lack of 900 grams till my PB And again the first carp Here you go, zig rig delivers Nice one! Full belly 🙂 Let’s apply some antiseptics and let him go Not a lot of damage It was hooked nicely this time Rec on? We use Korda propolis for more damaged parts We use lighter antiseptics for simple wounds This one can apply a more firm coat on a wound which will not get washed out so fast We have a damaged scale You put some propolis on and wet it with water And you can see it changes colour and applies a firm protective coat. This will give you a better chance to catch this nice fish in a future. So Ilgis is not stopping surprising Maybe a begginers luck But maybe we are no longer a begginers 🙂 Let’s hope I will beat my PB Or Evaldas will Let’s give him some time And he will go home 🙂 Hiding near my legs So we have released the first one During spombing I will try to explain our positions As Evaldas has mentioned We are split to the sides One on the left and another on the right We are positioning our rods the same way The bottom rig is placed few wraps added to the spod rod clip Just for the depth As the led get’s pulled back a bit And it get’s closer as you have clipped. Since we are fishing on a tight lines on a zig Our zigs are placed a few wraps closer than the bottom rigs We believe there will be less problems with spooking the fish I am finishing spombing Let’s wait for another take It was a small splash It looked like it’s not a carp Like a roach 😀 Catfish? Carp? It’s a carp! A mirror carp? Doesn’t give up Justinas you had a good lunch, come on Maybe you are not reeling in Well done You want to reel in? Nope Just before the thunderstorm A second run for Justinas In 20 minutes This time on a zig Same spot just placed a bit closer Maybe you should start picking our stuff out from the rain 🙂 Mad one Had some rest Place your bets, maybe my guess was the closest I told 17kg 16.600kg Almost 🙂 Old boy We have a take on a zig Hmm, really? Yes we have! Will it pass another line? Thanks for preparing a good spot 🙂 How much bait you have put in? 15 buckets probably? All rods out all good Careful camera He is going near your lines and wondering if he should cross them 🙂 He is getting closer and closer to your lines Hold on Can you see my line? Hold on maybe he will change direction still too far away This one is mega strong Always on a strong tension Turn around! This rod will experience some stress testing today probably all epoxide will crack 😀 5 minutes And brake is not too loose This one is asking for a line The first one was not so strong If you try to stop him with your brake your rod get’s pulled down Maybe it’s a catfish Miracles Not even baiting properly our stuff is scattered around No bivvies placed and not even dressed properly Only rods out and we have takes already This one is a nice one, starting to feel pain from the rod on my leg Telling you Can feel it on my legs Waders in a car.. Something is goin on Maybe I got snagged Here it goes Zig too We will have some fun now 😀 Two takes on a zig No camera guy Give me your rod and get your other rods out Or we will get tangled We will switch these later if required What’s going on Evaldas? We have two takes on a zig Go get your rods out asap! Are we going to land both fish this time? Two or one or none? 18 minutes, starting to feel it on my hands Incredible fishing 20 minutes In the net? You have it? Good job! I have a catfish probably 40 kilos 😀 I am totally unable to control it Don’t do nothing special, keep working Evaldas is still fighting with a carp 25 minutes already Mine is in the net already We will show you both later Or only one 🙂 Here we go, mine is on the shore already 10.100kg Fat one Let’s get him back and give Evaldas some help Justinas is already releasing his carp and I am still fighting Here you go Nice scales Maybe i’ts not a carp So Evaldas how long are you fighting this fish? 33 minutes Is it going to be another hook pull? I hope not Tell us about your previous carp on a zig? Fight went smooth at the beginning It was unnecessary to put other rods out I have managed to avoid crossing my lines three times But He nailed it at the end and I got tangled between my lines So I had to recast everything out You mean carp got away? Of course 🙂 We are not even sure if it was a carp What? In my expert opinion it was a lochness monster No 🙂 it was not, but this time it looks like it’s a lochness monster 🙂 Previous fish was not so strong as this one I am not able to take it to the surface and control it Just keeping on fighting, learned from my mistakes It would be very sad to loose previous fish if I had no more takes But this one feels way stronger And The fight is more interesting Should be a bigger fish This is the first time I am fighting with a carp for so long Or it’s not even a carp Can be a catfish There are some catfish at Ilgis lake But I was not able to catch a singe catfish here and I hope it will stay like that It’s a carp!! It’s a carp dude crazy Mirror Fighting for 1hour and 40 minutes There are some sport carps over here He is spinning too much here… Got him! And finally after a fight that took 2 hours Ilgis gave Evaldas a present His PB carp 17.500kg Going back home Hold him for a while Oh, he’s full of energy Fin on top and gone You can control this one right? Yes Nice one don’t force it too much Release the line Seventh already, awesome Have you managed to weigh him up? No But didn’t released him too 🙂 You live and learn Just after spombing We had a take on a zig Let’s weigh him up 12.500kg Looked smaller Bobbin is dropping down It’s the same as previously, probably something is wrong with a rig Wait a bit this time All good Let’s let him go Pretty one 🙂 Show us him one more time Doesn’t wan’t to take more pics Landed this one fast so it’s still full of energy As you have seen While we were weighing Evaldas carp I had few beeps I needed to tune my rig a bit Because it’s the third time I get empty bleeps I have tried to strike first two times but no luck My bobbins are light and I had some problems with indication While I was preparing a new rig I had a take on another rod Trying to land a carp Or at least I hope it’s a carp Strange thing After hooking this fish it went straight to the surface And I am reeling it in on a surface From the middle of the lake Still not sure if it’s a carp Have a look It’s on the surface Very strange Fish is very calm atm If it’s a grass carp try to get him from the first time 🙂 And close the net afterwards The reel brake is loose I can give line easily if required But fish is very calm on the surface It looks like it’s a carp Usually I dont play with a hard brake, I like to control it with my hand Because carp can throw a surprise near the net and it might be too late to loosen the brake Didn’t manage to land from the first time He’s aware of what’s comming 🙂 This one doesn’t want a free photo session Try to catch him Wait.. Take him Nice one Don’t forget to loosen the brake to avoid further damage to fish Let’s check what we have got! Nice one! Needs a bit of weight on him 🙂 Lovely Look at this Sought the heights of beauty this is why he went to the surface Look at it It’s going to be an awesome fish at the future And it’s lovely already Let’s weigh him up 6.. 6.200kg As always procedure is the same Few pics and release It’s going to be too dark But we have a take on a zig I am going to give so help It was hooked on a lip edge You should be careful while playing with the fish On a zig Hookhoolds are not so good Don’t force it We will try to apply antiseptics here I will try to hold him near my legs Here we go Let’s release him Throw it to the net I know you are still full of energy and young Call your mom 🙂 Approx weight? 4kg? ~3kg Won’t weigh this one, let him grow Look at the fin Sorry for disturbing But wounds were healed The first one of the evening Just wanted to check my rods Were walking back to my bivvy… Ups, turn off the camera and turn UV flashlight on It looks like carp is still sleeping Easy landing Almost tangled my lines But I will recast just in case Let’s check this one now 10.700kg Will try to show it here Here we have Weight is 10.700kg Excellent before sleeping Recast Let’s hope it’s going to be a wild night 🙂 Here is my morning alarm Evaldas is still sleeping Not a monster But let’s weigh him up fast And prepare for a new day Look at this snake 😀 6.500kg Probably I will not be able to show it properly Let’s try Maybe we can The serpent While carps are having a rest We are happy with such action too Spombing not so often Wind is quiet strong No signs of a carp Can’t see any jumps or bubbles I hope The wind did not blow all carps from our sector to the other side Few spombs and let’s wait I hope we will have a calm evening in terms of wind And we will be able to see some carp activities in our sector At our spots Few spombs and let’s wait for a take If no takes will occur we will have to decide what to do further Maybe we will try to user bigger particles for baiting And change to all bottom rigs That’s it for now While it’s raining and there are no takes The fishermen are eating Or carps are eating too? Or maybe not? So I was wrong and carps were feeding too This time we had action on bottom rig Probably due to weather conditions And Evaldas got back to grill some food I have tried to move carp straight from the net to weight sling in the water And it slipped off and got away 😀 He was full of energy We will not be able to show you this one 🙂 Rain is coming to an end And during the rain we were grilling some food and landed one carp No luck on weighing him Justinas is preparing new bait Will need some time for liquids to soak in, no rush It looks like we still have some carps around our sector And the wind was not able to cause us problems We will se how it goes While we are having some free time I will talk about our bait a bit We are testing Hot Fish GLM boilies this time Some are full and some are cut to halves Since we are baiting bottom not so often We want to use bigger fraction baits there so no small fish will eat them We will use Renmar RedFish booster And will give some time to soak in Will add some pellets later For spomb to be more full And it looks like it’s working And here it is as always with fish smell There are some pellets We are skipping cereal particles We think smaller fish will eat all small particles And of course Dont’ forget to add some beetles, carp will thank you for that 🙂 Zig bait is constantly drying out Don’f forget to constantly add some water It should look like soup in general It looks like it’s still like a mash Yes The more wet the bait is It splits more on the surface and stays there for a longer time When it’s dryier it reaches the bottom more quickly Please take a note on this 🙂 Beautiful evening comparing with a day Yes, it was raining a couple of times And we had some luck that were able to prebait our spots just before the rain And then the rain starts And as we know the rain is good for fishing The first time during the rain We went To grill some food During that moment we had a take From the bottom After the second rain still nothing Let’s put some bait again Maybe another rain will come and we will have some luck In general it’s not bad, this is the first time I was grilling food and landing a carp at the same time 🙂 But grilling the meat not a carp! Carp is inedible fish just in case you wonder Few spombs out It’s time for a carp to respond The weather has changed and it get’s cold We want to check our spots with deeper If there are any fishes on top Maybe we should switch to bottom rigs Let’s check pre-baited spots No good signs Maybe a few small fishes on the left Nothing too big That could indicate that it’s a carp Maybe we will switch to bottom rigs And to stay silent for a while Until some carps will arrive The water temperature is 23 celsius We have 16 on the outside It could be that wind has pushed some fish away Let’s check the other side Checking the right spot Only small fish But maybe we have something of a bigger size Let’s try to increase sensitivity Something near the bottom but a small size too In general if there is a bigger fish you can see a bigger area filled Let’s wait a bit And check again If there is nothing on top, we will use bigger particles for baiting again A few fishes again Anyway One option is to prepare bottom spots for the evening Or to reduce height of the zig rig To 3.7 meters Let’s try to shorten the zig And we will see In short I will try to explain how to tie a zig rig We use FOX zig foam A set has a foam holder Where you can slide the foam in There are multiple colours It’s very convenient since you can change colours quickly First you pass your line through the sleeve Then you take a hook There are some special hooks that are used for zig rig As you have probably seen Korda Mixa Fox Zig and Floater Knot is very simple But holds well You pass the line through an eye of the hook and pass it back again by doubling it In such method we are getting a loop Then You make an overhand knot And pass the hook through the loop It’s strong Since it uses doubled line Like in figure eight It’s very similar If you can see it As always wet it down And get it tight Put some force I always cut With few milimeters of the line left near the knot Just in case I have failed to tighten it up properly Anyway tag end will be hidden inside the sleeve And that’s it Now you put the sleeve on the hook Wet the hook too And I am holding it like that On tension I am pushing the sleeve on the hook And we get Prepared Hook part Now you need to pick a colour As per your liking Slide the special foam tool into the sleeve Pass it through Cut the foam to your liking I like to cut both ends of a foam I make it sharper near the hook In my opinion I think it’s easier for a carp to take it Now we take all line spool And measure to our needs Cut it down Make a figure 8 knot And it’s prepared Sometimes we get interrupted And the recording needs to be stopped Saying hello to this beauty 🙂 11.100kg Another snake 🙂 Nice fight Not something that we were expecting But it’s good to kill the long silence He’s in front already? Nice one, looks like linear carp 11.200kg Nice average this time One more take on a zig Can’t remember the numbers already, will try to count in the evening This time small one but mad Doesn’t want to go to sleep 🙂 10.900kg Who is disturbing us at night? Common carp 10.900kg Nice one Here you go A take was like from a roach Or a bream, it was a release Yes like a bream Go home now Call your mom 🙂 Hello again Productive night Second fish 13.800kg This time a mirror carp And we have another take Here is that carp Which cut our conversation Won’t weigh him up We will look at him from here One more mirror carp Smaller one Around 5 kg Let’s release this one And take a look at another one which is a bit bigger I hope the lens is still clean, a very mad carp As I have probably mentioned the weight is 13.800kg Calm down Here we have the carp that I have tried to show before Splashing everything with water I hope the lens is clean Look at the front fins, how small they are Lovely one Doesn’t allow us to sleep Buzzin Let’s release this one So folks I just fell asleep And a wild screaming take occured I thought my line will go out from a reel in a few seconds 14.500kg Very nice common carp Will try to lift it up If he agrees To stay calm for a while Beauty Just fell asleep And someone told there is no time for a sleep tonight Monsters from Ilgis lake Time for release Not in a hurry to go home No, this one is friendly Look how mad he is Common carp 10.100kg Proper fight Very mad Has a hole in his upper fin We will see it in the photos Amazing Few photos and release And again I have two carps to show First one 15.500kg Mirror Very mad, doesn’t allow to lift him up But I will try to show him anyway Here it is Long Doesn’t want to stay calm As always few photos and release And will show you another one The next one Previous one was released without photos.. This one is 11kg and it’s a common Two carps both long Both beautiful Excellent night It’s hard to summarize this trip Carp gods were generous to us And probabaly it’s a trip of a lifetime We had 31 take, 25 fish were landed All unlanded fishes were on a zig rig Majority failures were related to our human errors Another ones due to tangled rods or too much force Or stupid rush Better result was on the bottom rig 17 takes from a bottom 14 on a zig Takes were split a bit Bottom rigs were sleeping during daytime but we had a good performance at night When zig rigs were removed and changed to bottom rigs Probably we have failed to capture all moments Due to weather conditions or intensity of the takes But we hope you liked this video and till next time folks!

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