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Kayak Fishing: Baffin Bay Redfish – #VibeKayaks

Kayak Fishing: Baffin Bay Redfish – #VibeKayaks

Although we are in the middle of recording a Baffin Bay episode, we’ll share this quick video with you and let you guys know what’s working for us. I’m out here on Baffin Bay and it’s a little windy today. So I’ll be keeping a close eye on that man, Baffin is just one of those places man. You don’t under estimate it, in regards to the wind. This Bay gets out of control pretty quick A lot of you guys may or may not already know, I like to use ‘Matrix Shad’ Now it’s a glow in the dark lure, but I don’t really use it particularly for that. I just it because of the color, it’s sort of a milky white and the fish have been really hammering it lately especially in this water clarity that I’m currently in which is pretty dirty 1/8 Golden eye jig connected on this Matrix Glow and an spro swivel connected to it. I’m not running any fluorocarbon leaders on this one, I probably should, I have it on my other rod, I just haven’t put it on this one. ** Music Playing ** The one that Jessie has.. It’s that umm, hang on! They’re here man… we just gotta.. fish this area hard. Now I could get up and could probably see them a little better, but I’ll spook them, that’s just how these fish are in this area. and I just don’t want to do that. I can get a lot closer to a fish sitting in primary position, which is the position that I’m in right now. If I’m looking out at the horizon, at a pretty good distance, then yea of course I will stand up. When I’m targeting these redfish like I am right now, and I already know where they’re at. I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize my position with them. There we go! come on baby oh no no no no! Don’t do that! Na na, we are good, BIG GIRL! Don’t snap my line, please, please, please! She’s white! Big girl! Wohooo! come on.. pretty good one right their She’s still mad Oh man Sometimes I’ll just pop it, and retrieve I’ll even let it sit their and I’ll just drag it a little bit reel it in again, and pop it. and drag.. you know, real slow retrieval Sometimes I’ll do that, and other times I’ll be a little more aggressive. It just depends on what these fish want to do, and what’s on the bottom. I don’t have a weedless setup right now as you can see… and that about what I’m picking up off the ground, which isn’t much. Dude I know, that’s what I was noticing. 25 inch and a 27 inch!

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  1. bad ass nice fish I'll be out in Corpus Christi on the weekend after Easter fishing 🎣 till Sunday morning day and night

  2. Well folks, we have learned a little about Baffin Bay, and are ready to start recording. We will be joining forces with some Baffin Bay cabins, stay tuned!
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  3. NLF, just looked at your vid from Baffin bay. Bro, you have the sickest footage man! Your on spot, you explain in details what's going on and what to expect. That's what everyone looks for in videos. I may just take more time off next month and head out over there and fish with y'all. Y'all and RedfishRoss are THE TEXAS ANGLERS! Keep up the true and awesome work bro. Tight lines never stop!

  4. Hey man nice vid I subbed it would be awesome if you checked out my channel and subscribed if you like my videos

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