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Kayak Fishing for Colorado River Largemouth Bass

Kayak Fishing for Colorado River Largemouth Bass

Hello everybody Ron Barbish We are kayak fishing for largemouth bass on the Colorado River In this video we are kayak fishing for largemouth bass on the lower Colorado River in the southwest United States This is a great place for largemouth bass fishing Perfect for a kayak fisherman This is a big fish A big hit under the kayak and back in the air This is what we came here for On the water before sunrise Morning is the best time of the day in the desert southwest The largemouth bass hang out under the bushes and reeds that grow out over the water A kayak is perfect for getting right in there and hunting them down I had to wrestle this fish out from under a clump of weeds Another really nice Colorado River largemouth bass This is another big Colorado River largemouth bass Every day is a new chance to catch that fish of a lifetime Sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t Just one more cast… I’d like to take a minute and thank the people around Yuma, Arizona and the Colorado River All the people we’ve met out here Everybody’s been really nice totally cool It’s been a pleasure to stay around here and talk with everybody Go fishing and stuff Just want to thank the local fishermen for allowing us to share their spot and giving us some pointers helping us learn how to catch largemouth bass here on the Colorado River Thanks to the people of Yuma, Arizona Check back in for more kayak fishing videos at

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