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Kayak Fishing for Salmon

In this video, we will be fishing for chinook and cojo salmon in Southwest Washington, in and around the Columbia River Gorge Trolling is a commonly used and effective way to fish for salmon Salmon will usually hit a trolled lure pretty hard. Make sure the hook is set and the fight is on! Chinook and Coho salmon are both hard fighting fish Be ready for sudden and powerful runs, especially when the fish sees your kayak This fish is a nice coho salmon We’ve hooked another salmon by fishing salmon eggs just off the bottom of the river The salmon eggs are from a fish caught a few days earlier and cured with a local favorite recipie It’s another nice coho salmon Looks like Coho salmon for dinner! We’ve hooked another fish using salmon eggs fished just off the bottom Feels like another nice salmon! As you can see, I’m using fairly light tackle so I can’t horse the fish in It’s more fun that way! When using light tackle, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to ten minutes or longer to bring the fish to the kayak Another nice coho salmon! I don’t have a landing net and I’m using barbless hooks so the fish has to be tired out before trying to get it into the kayak Another hookup using the home brew salmon eggs fished off the bottom! Looks like the local time proven curing recipie is going to be a big winner this season Feels like another good fish I’m not going to be able to horse this one in so the fight is on! When you get a hookup in a crowded salmon fishing area you’re going to attract attention There’s the fish, it’s a chinook salmon Another fish on the salmon eggs! The fish don’t hit the eggs as hard as they do with a trolled lure you have to pay attention to feel the fish pick the salmon eggs off the bottom It feels like a good fish Whatever it is, it’s a strong fighter There it is, looks like another chinook It’s a big native chinook salmon We’ve caught a bunch of salmon I’m going to release this native Hopefully, it will make it upstream to spawn Not a bad day of salmon fishing I kept one chinook and one coho and released all the other ones

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