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Kayak Fishing: OFFSHORE rigs PLUS mysterious big HOOKUP | #NextLevelFishingTV

Kayak Fishing: OFFSHORE rigs PLUS mysterious big HOOKUP | #NextLevelFishingTV

he lets go and then he…..goes back? ….yea Get him Chris! … GET HIM! Chris Castro just clocked in.. That’s a heavy fish dude.. That’s…that’s like fighting for inches right there dude Don’t accept that things can get a little crazy, accept that they will. What are we doing to all prepare for it? During this journey to become great at this sport one thing that we have all learned… is to listen to those who have already walked the path and taking those lessons, then translating them into video. Into what we call, Next Level Fishing

100 comments on “Kayak Fishing: OFFSHORE rigs PLUS mysterious big HOOKUP | #NextLevelFishingTV

  1. Too dramatic. Makes it really fake. Don't build the suspense then not catch anything. Actually film something you catch. What a disappointment.

  2. This video needed to end with a catch. That you lose something big everyone can relate to, but you definitely need fish in the video. Also, did you just cut the blue rope and discard it into the water? That can be life threatening to the aquatic wildlife (Sea Turtle, dolphin, etc… even shorebirds) that gets tangled in it. I'm not sure what you did but from the video, it looks like you littered the ocean.

  3. Is that Heritage kayak any good? thinking of buying one but I want to know if they are worth the $400

  4. I know this is an old video. Have to ask a few questions. I fish the CA coast. Here we do not have Goliath Groupers; but they are in the gulf. Having caught one off Baja a few years ago (around 300lbs) I can tell you it was much like that. Dead weight to pull up. strong straight down pull that lasted hours. Was it really 6 hours?

  5. Let the fishing speak for itself. Your attempt at some bollywood cum Morgan freeman narrative has turned your channel into a "One and Done" for me.

  6. I came to watch someone catch some fish. Not listen to some music and narration that makes me question the existence of Mankind. fuck me

  7. I don't know why people making rude comments..obviously jelious, anyways great video people from corpus that r true fisherman appricate all the hard work and time you guys making these videos, that's how shows r you capture the great moments and the worse moments that's entertainment. yall should through in like rig up videos and how to videos for up incoming fisher man where can I go to view more videos

  8. Nice video guys! These two MP rigs were known to hold some mystery fish also known as Godzila. They give slow ride for hours and can swallow rather big bait fish as a whole. By myself, I spend countless hours trying to bring it up (it was found to be impossible). Ended up with filming it on GoPro underwater by running the camera down the line with fish on. Turned out to be huge stingray. No groupers, no huge cobes just a silly always hungry ray! Each time I get that sucker on a line I just cut it off to save time for quality fish (typically, 10-15 minutes is enough to recognize my old friend)

  9. Okay I did think that was a pretty cool video, all the way to the end, and then it lost everything cool it had going for it. You guys have a really cool presentation of your videos. Just don't make them suck. Like this one.

  10. I enjoyed the video ……. Shows that feature real situation occurances …… And your editing of the video made a bad day of fishing a "dramatic journey" !!

  11. Badass video man! Loved the suspense that was built into this video! Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time haha that was cool

  12. kayak fishing is cool and all but its not EXTREME. extreme fishing is taking a 18 foot boat in the bearing sea…… the editing is just so funny

  13. i truly feel like i have been trolled. sooooo FUCKING DRAMATIC n yall didnt even have a glimpse of it… RIP to time ill never get back wasted on this BS.

  14. bro idk why you have so many haters. you put a disclaimer at the beginning of the video saying how dangerous it is, and people don’t understand. you keep up the good work. you should have more subscribers. i would love to see other people actually try to do this instead of talking all of that shit.

  15. Can't believe I'm just subscribing to you and barely watching your vids. But damn bro fucking awesome videos. Like a movie lol. Badass narration and information to man. Keep it up man👍🏼👍🏼🎣

  16. hey I think it looks fun as hell but I have 2 questions , why fish for something if you gotta hand the rod off and  why fish from a kayak if you gotta watch for waves ,,,,,,,,,   I get the term  extreme but it looks more like a chores from a kayak , anyways good luck

  17. For the past 4 yrs my buddy and I have made yearly trips to PINS to fish for shark. Even got into Sharkathon 1 year. Sadly he moved to Pensacola, so I now make my yearly trips out there to fish for Shark and BTB Yaking. Love me some Corpus, been super good to me! THANKS for the video! Tight Lines!

  18. Great video mate it felt like I was there, good editing and didn’t completely leave the drag sound out A+
    I’m a kayak angler from Australia and it is hard battaling the elements for those full days kayak fishing.

  19. Awesome video guys, me and a friend are looking to go Kayak fishing down there next week. Any tips on best platforms to go to or closest to shore? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!

  20. I can't believe the oil giants get to leave their abandoned rigs in place. Lets all just be allowed to leave our garbage wherever we want.

  21. I just found and subscribed to your channel. At the 3:00 mark the Ocean Kayak has water standing in the footwells. I have an Ocean Prowler with the same issue. Although overall I like the kayak the standing water somehow irritates me. I see a lot of Ocean kayaks of this style in FL, TX, and offshore so they must be popular for some reason. Am I just too anal and OCD regarding a bit of water and what are the thoughts and comments from guys who use these kayaks a lot and deal with the same water issue? Thanks

  22. You left out current & drop off and there way more oysters bed here in Louisiana than oil rigs anywhere , just look for the white caps . …. Shhhhhhhhhhhh , patent pending : don't share it with just anybody ! Lol


  24. When ever you are in a kayak wear a wetsuit cause your going in plus the wetsuit is your life vest and you will stay warm and fins near by if possible getting back in a kayak after a spill is hard the fins make it so easy

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