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Kayak Fishing Salmon & Trout Lake Michigan

Kayak Fishing Salmon & Trout Lake Michigan

(outdoor rock music) Alright
team! Charge! (take me out on the
water…) We eat! Fish eat! (way out in
the woods…) (gunshot) (where the breathin’ is easy,
the livin’ is good…) (out in the great outdoors!)
And welcome to Larry Smith
Outdoors! We sponsored by: The Badger
Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein
Barrels, Warrior Boats, Big Snow Resort,
Hard and Soft Fishing, Lynch of
Muckwonago, Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’s
Country Meats, Midwestern
Shooter’s Supply, Burgers’ Smokehouse, Dowco,
Vexilar, Dick Smith’s Bait and
Tackle, Komelon Measuring Tools, Kmiec
Law Firm, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy! And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive! (out in
the great outdoors!) Holy Moly! (music ends) (music ends) (music) (music) (music) (Barb) Whoo ho! Nice! Is that a brown or a coho?
(Boater) Brown. (barb) Nice! (music) Did it make a
difference once you got the lines away from the boat?
(Boater) It did! I just put
those planer boards on! (Barb) I wondered if that was a
factor. (Boater) It seemed to
make a difference. (music) Wow! Very Nice! Beautiful! Not gonna keep fish today, so I’ll throw it back and it
swam away. I’m using the new Minn Kota
Ulterra. With a quick push of a button, I can hit deploy, and it deploys automatically. Pretty slick if you’re by
yourself! It will stow automatically as
well. It’s been really handy! This will be a good eater!
(music) (music) There’s a lot going on in those
kayaks! Running 3 rods, I can’t even
imagine! (music) (music) I just got this small coho. Using the Hobie Pro-Angler 14
ft. Best boat hands down to control without
using your hands and you can have
access to all your rods. That’s not a fish, I’m snagged
on the bottom! (laughing) Trying to get a double here!
I’ll put this one in the cooler, best tasting fish in Lake
Michigan! I can’t help myself! I know I’m
the camera boat but you just gotta fish! How can you be
out here and not fish! (Barb) You got a lot going on
in that boat! (Larry) I know!
We always have a lot going on! (laughing)
We just lost one and… (Rob)
Yeah, we just got this brown trout! (music) (Barb) They’re running those
off-shore mini boards. Those
look like they’d work perfect for this. That’s that
Hobie 17 ft Hobie tandem. (music) (music) I’ll tell ya what! I think you
guys need to stay a little closer to us! We just
lost one right before that, too! Yep. I think the action’s just
starting to pick up here! (music) (Barb) So if you look on the
water surface over there, you’ll see what they
call a boil. There’s a warm
water discharge that’s kind of
creating this pooling thing. That’s where they’re
getting a lot of the fish.
There’s two of these in this area, so they’re going
back and forth trying to stay in that warmer
water. Whenever you’re fishing
out here on the big water, the good anglers
really can read what the
water’s doing, what the currents are
doing, just by looking at the
water’s surface. A lot of times lines will develop, like scum
lines, and you’ll be able to
tell that’s a current change. And this is
something else you’ll really
want to pay attention to if you
see it. That’s where they’re getting
them! It’s interesting looking at it.
It looks like a spring. (music) (music) Nice little fish! Might be
dinner for me tonight! (music) (Larry) Looks like a decent
fish! Alright! Nice, nice! (music) (Larry) You know, again, it seems like we found a little
spot where there’s a few fish
sitting. Didn’t you just put that spoon
on there? (Rob) Yeah! Just put that one on! (Larry) Wow! Nice
job! (music) (Larry) That’s a nice fish,
right there! Now that we’ll definitely keep!
That’s definitely good eating! Nice! Whoa! (laughing) They are strong too! That’s the
cool part about them! They are very strong! You’d almost like to have a
little thumper and give them a
little thump! (Rob) Yep. Nice job! I’ll tell ya, this is
a very relaxing way to fish! It really
is! I’m really enjoying this! (Barb) Really? I thought
you were gonna be like, your
legs are gonna be on fire! (Larry) No! I’m not
pumping all the time, you know!
(laughing) (music ends) The Warrior story continues,
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federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin has been a
leader in the preservation of
our natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying in
Wisconsin, for Wisconsin! For information about how you
can join this great
organization, or how to start a
new chapter, please visit: (music) (Barb) Can you stand up in there and stretch your legs?
(larry) You can stand in this
thing real easy. Yeah. It’s a very stable boat for sure! I don’t know if
I’d do it in 4 footers, but… Stand up I
mean. (Larry) Another coho! Love to see that! On the dipsey and the spoon
again. (Rob) It’s a brown!
(larry) A brown trout, huh? Looks like a nice
brown. Hold that up, it’d be awesome! I’m gonna keep us moving here.
I got a feeling we’re gonna
bump another one! You were saying that yesterday the fish bit a little
bit better in the afternoon.
I’m always used to getting up at 2 in the morning
and getting out here and
fishing. It’s kind of nice that today we
didn’t meet until about 9-10 o’clock! (rob) Yeah! Perfect! Nice chunky brown. (Larry) Now,
small browns like that, is that a good eating size?
(Rob) There just as good as the
cohos when they’re this size. We’ll keep that one too! Nice
job! (music) (music) (Barb) How deep you fishing
that dipsey? (rob) We’re in 24 ft of water,
and I’m setting it back about 50 ft, so it’s probably about
16-20 feet down. Depending on our speed. When you’re looking at the
water surface, we talked before
about really looking close. This
little hatching of bugs and the collection of debris on top
of the water, that’s also a good indicator that it might be some
type of current break or
current shift. You see that floating on top,
one area versus not the other and that
transition line is often times a good place to
try. You have to really look at all the little details
around you. Even when there’s
waves. You will be able to see some
differences. (music) (Barb) Nice one! Just snapped one off before
too! This one’s a nice little brown. (music) (Barb) So what makes them turn
on later in the day? (Boater) I
think half the time you just
gotta find them. Sometimes it’s the light. Nice! That one hit the pearl reef runner. Not too bad. (Barb) You got a
couple on that now, don’t you? Yeah and I just snapped one off
too! I think it was a coho that rolled up in the line. (music) (Music) (drag spinning) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (Barb) Whoa! Nice one! (boater) It’s been a long day!
(laughing) (Barb) Nice one! (music) (music) (Barb) Brown or coho? (boater)
Brown. (music) (Barb) Look at that! Beautiful! (music) (Barb) What did you get that on? (boater) Silver and red Flicker
Shad. (Barb) Nice! (Barb) How long have you been
coming out here kayak fishing? (boater) These guys got me into
it last year. I was an inland guy. I started
kayak fishing to get off the
shore. I met up with these guys to have fun. (Barb) What’s
the biggest one you’ve got in
your kayak? I don’t know, cause I don’t
weigh them! Probably about 22-24 inches,
nothing too big. (barb) Nice! (Barb) You ever get freaked out
because of bad weather, big waves? (boater) No, we
watch the weather reports out
here, like the other day we knew the
front was coming through, so we don’t
come out then. We play the wind
a lot. (Barb) I see you got floats on
your rods? Yeah, you don’t want to lose
anything over the side! (Barb) What’s the other thing
you got hanging on the top of that rod? The green thing?
(boater) That’s a diver, like a
dipsey diver. I was using that earlier to get the spoons lower. To get
the spoons low you either gotta have leadcore or a dive
system to get it down. (barb) So you’ve been out here
since what time? (boater) I got
here at 6am. (Barb) How do your legs
feel? (boater) They’re fine!
I’m a cyclist! I can do this all day long! I’m only trolling about 1.8 mph. (Barb) What a beautiful day for
it! (boater) The lake flattened
out, I mean this morning it was choppy and
now there’s a few rollers but
it’s pretty smooth. (Barb) Does that
make the fishing better or
worse? Hard to say. We’ve been out
here on days when it’s calm and
so clear that the fish can see you. I think it has
more to do with the wind direction. (Barb)
Tell me about your Hobie? This is a Hobie Outback. It’s one of their fishing
models. It’s stable enough to stand in. I wouldn’t stand in it if it’s
really rough, but you can stand
in it. I’ve rigged it up with rod
holders for trolling out here because that’s how we
fish most of the time. The
drive system let’s see if I can show you… The drive system has fins like
this. They’re like penguin flippers
almost. The benefit of this is, if you
get in shallow water, you can
bring it up to zero draft and you can
go through shallow water. The fins have quite a bit of
surface area on them, so this kayak can pedal about
5.5mph. If I really get with it! It’s great for trolling, it’s
great for covering big water too if you want to fish
bigger lakes. (Barb) It seems like you have a
lot of accessories like the
electronics, and all sorts of stuff! All of this is extra. I put the
Lowrance elite 5 on it, side imaging, so we have all
the toys on it! I got a
lithium-ion battery in the hatch here, a 10
amp battery. This things been running all
day just fine. I got my Garmin
version of a GoPro up front, and usually run
my phone over here because I’m checking emails half the
time I’m trolling! So this is a newer Hobie where
the mirage drive can go forward
and back? Yes. This is the newer model
with the reverse in the mirage
drive. Have the fins down, and just
pull the lever. The fins will flip around in
the other direction. The leading edge will be facing
backwards. So when you pedal, it takes it
backwards. (Barb) Let’s see
your fish again! (music) Two little browns. (barb) Nice!
Eating size. I would’ve liked to have gotten
into some cohos today, but I’ll
take it. It’s fighting pretty good! What
a ball! Fishing out of this kayak! How
we looking? I can see the board, it’s
getting close! Give it a good lift! Ok. Can
you get him? Little higher! I can’t see him!
(grunting) (water splashing) There we go! Good job! (Barb) That’s a big
one! (laughing) You gotta love it! I’ll tell
ya! The thing that I love and why we started this new
show, Larry Smith Outdoors, is
because we like to do different things!
I’ll tell ya what! Barb Carey
asked me to come over and film with these guys today, and
what a ball! This is definitely something
different! Very unique! It’s
something that everybody wants to try!
You’re gonna want to try this
for sure! I’m sure a lot of people have
caught brown trout coho, and all the other species
but catching them out of a kayak that’s a whole different story! You’ll want to give it a shot!
(barb) Nice fish! Nice, nice brown trout! This is absolutely awesome!
What an experience! These are the things that you
can come out and enjoy! Awesome! (music ends) Dowco. Far and away the
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your outdoor supplier! (Gun cocks) (sizzle) Hey! Steve Schafer the Shotgun Chef at Midwestern
Shooter’s Supply with one of
the owners, Randy here! Tell us about what you got
going on here today. I would
like to thank Larry for letting us have the opportunity
to do this cooking segment. We
got 5% off guns and we had 10% off on
fishing tonight, it’s been a
good turnout. How do we get a hold
of you here? You can call us at 920-269-4995 or go to! You do it much
better than I do! (laughing)
Today we’re doing crappie. We have some new
seasoning Larry’s got coming
out. Parmesan butter panko crumbs. I got the
griddle hot already, and I got dirty rice going over here. Put
a little EVOO on there. (Randy) How much you want? Just
enough so it doesn’t stick too
bad. I’m gonna season the crappie.
What we do is we put this on
Randy, and then we’ll throw it in the oven in
the back room. Sear them on one side, put them
back in the pan, them finish
them in the oven. By that time the dirty rice
will be ready. (Randy) That enough? (Steve) Oh
heck yeah! (sizzle) That’s the noise you want to
hear, right there! (Randy) Just
put it on one side? (Steve)
Yeah. We’re gonna layer it down. This is fish that was donated
to us. I don’t know if you saw
the episode with the high
school fishing team? OH yeah! The Fon du Lac Ledgers
have a high school ice fishing
team. (Randy) We sponsor them!
(Steve) Really? Then you’re
eating some of their sponsored
fish! Thank you Fon du Lac Ledgers!
They were good guys! They were
messing with me the whole day on the
ice! That’s actually a great
thing, all the high school
teams! I told Larry about, we had no
idea. My son’s on it for Kettle Moraine. There were 72 teams
out there for the state tournament. 40 plus schools there that day.
(randy) Wow! (music) Alright, I’m gonna put
it in the oven for a little
while, at 350, just try to get a
little bit of crust on it. (music) (music) (randy) Oh look at that! (Steve) Right on top! Oh you
want another one? (Randy) No,
no, no! Here! I didn’t want to cut you
short! (Randy) It’s your show!
(Steve) No! It’s your show today! Randy, thanks for
letting me cook here today! Thank you for coming! Mmm. Midwestern Shooter’s Supply.
You can taste the Parmesan. Yeah you can! Makes just a
little batter on top. Pretty good
combination! Shotgun Chef, Midwestern
Shooter’s Supply…Randy,
thanks buddy! Thank you! Crappies borrowed
off of some shoreline! Larry, you gotta help me out
one of these days, buddy! (laughing) (music ends) Burgers’ Smokehouse. Your
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premium line of Kalin jig
heads! Oh, and our original Kalin’s grub still
does a pretty good job too!
Look at that Kalin’s in her mouth, right there!
(explosion) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music ends) (guitar) (Barb) So you’re quite an avid kayak angler? (boater) Yeah, I
come out 4-5 times a month. You just
have to dress for the weather and plan your
days accordingly. (Barb) So
what’s it like hooking up with a king in that? (boater)
5.5mph! (Barb) Really! This fish
actually pulls you around? My biggest king so far has been
22 lbs and it pulled me 5.5mph
for about 300 yards! (Barb) You’re kidding! (boater)
It’s a sleigh ride! It’s insane! So what advice do you have for
someone who wants to do this,
what resources are available? (boater) Always
wear your life jacket. There’s numerous Facebook groups;
Badger Yakers, Wisconsin Kayak Fishing Club,
join any of those and just ask
people to take you out. If I wanted to get a Hobie,
where should I go? You’re pretty limited where you
can get them, but Don’s Marine LLC in Lodi, WI has availability of all the kayaks.
(Barb) That’s a good place to
check them out. Absolutely. They have a nice
parts selection too. I suppose you have to have
specific accessories that go
with them. Absolutely. If you look at the
PA-14 or the PA-17 or the PA-12, you have these H
rails that run along the side less holes you have to drill in
your kayak, but you do have to get special accessories. My
paddles are one example. (Barb) Well,
you sure know what you’re doing
and it’s all laid out pretty nice. Yeah. And there’s dinner. (boater) I
think my mom’s gonna be happy. I was hoping that the camera
boat operator would get one of those today! (laughing)
(boater) If you want it, you
can have it! I”m out here all the time! (music ends) (music ends) Hey I’ll tell ya what! There’s
no doubt that there’s not much
that we won’t do to catch fish! What an
interesting way to fish out of
these kayaks! I wanna thank Mike and Rob for
the great experience we had
today! And we definitely want to thank
Barb Carey too for being the camera boat, and just remember,
what a great day to be alive! Hey Mike! I want a Hobie! Where
can I buy one? Don’s Marine, LLC in Lodi, WI. Awesome! I’ll be
with you next time! I only have brown trout water.
That’s fine. (laughing) I’m a little parched…. (music ends) (music ends)

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