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Kayak Fishing Southern California | Câu Cá Nam California Bằng Thuyền Kayak

Kayak Fishing Southern California | Câu Cá Nam California Bằng Thuyền Kayak

Hello! I have Vietnamese subtitle. Today I’m offshore fishing ocean. Turn on Vietnamese or English subtitle! I’m with my dad, that guy right there He’s my dad, but he’s impatient. I gotta film… You caught something already? Oh God! What did you catch? A bass! It’s been like 5 minutes! Let me change the camera. He caught a bass.
Stoked! Good job dad I’m still filming my intro and you
already caught a fish. That’s too small So what is the size regulation in
California fourteen fourteen so that’s like 12 12
10 okay that’s it go there you go all right dad but since first you need
to say “Hello” Hello! Hello? Hello.
Hello everyone! I don’t know about that That’s good enough
Hello everyone! It’s okay no problem dad alright so you just got a fish and I’m at Dana Point Harbor
we’ve been piling for about an hour so about three miles from launched
three miles maybe four kilometers or so so I’m gonna start fishing it’s my dad
just caught that fish and yeah okay I’m done talking let’s fish Alright let’s get started so no live bait today would be a jiggin
so I’m hoping to catch a barracuda because barracudas are pretty
nasty-looking fish with some crazy teeth and it’s been a long time since I found
a barracuda because living in Vietnam for the last five years haven’t done
much ocean fishing. In Nha Trang I would do a little bit. So most of the
stuff that I do right now is freshwater and I’ll do some really neat freshwater
fishing later in I guess central or Northern California but yeah so most of
you guys I know you don’t live in California I have some audience that do
if you’re fishing in California they have or even hunting anything in regards
to nature and wildlife tons of rules regulations restrictions so if I catch a
fish I have to actually bring it to my dad’s boat to measure it if it’s
questionable because you can’t take fish that are too small you can’t take some
species lots and lots of things you have to double check because you can get into
trouble so I’m gonna be jigging for a while we got here on the water, around
5:30 we arrived here. Paddled for about an hour I haven’t looked at the clock
but I think it’s around seven o’clock or so so we’ll be out here for like five or
six hours but yeah and also my dad has a GoPro so I’ll be using footage from his
camera and my camera because I am NOT the best when it comes to filming on a
boat in Vietnam okay I just realized… the camera… was filmed can’t even talk I’m tired The camera is in wrong direction that’s okay now let’s
keep doing this or in the U.S it’s gonna take some practice but
practice makes perfect so these are some seals just hanging out
on the buoy sleeping sometimes in your fishing then they’ll try to go for your bait
fish but hopefully I don’t accidentally catch one today that won’t be fun
I’ve never eaten one nobody really eats in the United States but I’d be down
to try one If I had the opportunity just lazy guys alright my dad just caught
another fish two for him zero for me Got one! another mackerel hey I told you I’m using
the standby starting to warm up a little bit t’s a nice big boat speeding towards us right now so I gotta kind of get out of the
way because it’s the waves that it creates makes it a little difficult on
the kayak so when you’re kayaking out here you you have to watch out for the
boats so now I’m talking to my camera I’m still talking to you too dad cuz in
the law here is there’s pretty much whatever is bigger than you you get out
the way for it so we’ll go fish right next to them and annoy them Been out here for about an hour or so
I haven’t got any bites my dad since the first fish that he caught earlier no
bites probably change things up in a little
bit I’ll just continue doing jigging but we have a lot more company so there’s
some boats some other people I can show you
so one boat there there’s another guy right there on a kayak it’s really
really tiny but he’s fully decked out he’s tons of fishing poles on that
because when you’re kayaking out here and the boats have the right of way so
you have to get all the way for them so It come speeding through and produce a
lot of waves so you have to paddle over You guys can see the coastline because it’s getting a little bit more sunny and the clouds are going away but it goes down for a while so
we’re kind of in the middle of the ocean a little bit from the kayaks we don’t
dock over here we have to go all the way around and then come back and I can try
to show you guys footage when I’m going in it’s a little bit difficult because
with the filming and my camera getting wet So before we even cast, it’s sunny guys there’s a whole bunch of mackerel right here
so If I catch one I can chop it up and use it for more bait whoa I didn’t see the wake there we go got a mackerel all right got a
mackerel nice Wow man how do I do this oh there you go you guys see that got
myself a little mackerel More bait fish but man doing this in the kayak is
hard There’s no room Fish stop moving stop moving okay okay there
you go so here’s that mackerel so we’re gonna
use for bait it’s not too big but these guys in the U.S. no one really eats
them they just use it for bait but a while ago I actually was able to cook.
okay I have Korean friend I guess they eat in then Korea, it actually tasted
kind of nice but nobody wants to eat it where’s the knife? so I’m just gonna put
its body there and cut it up as time comes on so let’s use its head I think
the head will be nice okay let’s try out the mackerel been here for
a few hours My dad just caught some bait fish, I’ll show you guys you got bait fish how did you catch those? really you just caught those right now
nice I made a container so they stay alive I actually feel a little seasick, motion sickness But yeah, not too much action dad how long have we been fishing We’ve been here on the water…
5 hours? No I think it’s 6:30 by the time we got out here 6:30? Okay, almost excuse me it’s about five hours
caught some bait fish some mackerel but mackerel one bass, bait fish, not so good yes slow
slow conditions You feel more optimistic I don’t know. Water’s cooled off, and you know… Kind of see what happens? Yeah Who knows? Maybe we’ll catch more, maybe not. Might call a day in a little bit we’ll see but we’ll continue fishing maybe catch some more fish
hopefully all right just got back home of you guys. The other kayak, we rented it so we brought it back My dad has his kayak you see. Dad how
often do you do this? once a month? twice a month once a week? Probably twice, 3 times a month for about 3 months But anyways I gotta help him clean up because that’s my responsibility as his son and he’ll get angry at me if I don’t help him so I’m gonna put things away but for
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