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Kebabs, Sake Bombs, and Space Rock: Chef’s Night Out with Rita’s

Kebabs, Sake Bombs, and Space Rock: Chef’s Night Out with Rita’s

Fucking hell, I feel like
an absolute pile of shit. My name is Gabriel Pryce. I’m the head chef and co-owner of Rita’s in
Hackney, on Mare Street. My name is Missy Flynn,
I am co-owner of Rita’s. I run the restaurant
day to day and I also run the drink
side of things. I didn’t have any
kind of formal training, as it were. I lived in America for five years,
I went to film school, so I was living there
with a student visa, which obviously
didn’t allow me to get a proper job. I didn’t do anything
illegal or anything, but I just hung out in some
kitchens with some guys. It’s fine. But the food that I do
is completely influenced by my time in the States. We call it modern
American comfort food, cuz everyone needs
a tagline, but it’s a bit American, bit European, all
great British produce. Really good suppliers and
we do fried chicken. It’s everyone talks
about all the time. It’s really good. I work mostly in
a Mexican bars and restaurants. What I wanted to bring
today is that really fun. Accessible cocktail menu. It kind of mirrors what
the kitchen does in terms of seasonality. Muslim Agave spirits are
like tequilas and mescals and I think that is the
vibe of Reuters is like, fun, interesting,
party drinks. Missing from this
trio is Deano, who is head honcho
of big boss man. Poppa. Poppa. It was kind of
Deano’s idea. He was involved
in birthdays, the bar in Dalston. We turned the old
toilets behind the bar into a kitchen for two
grand, which was insane. Originally it was
supposed to just be for a month to just look
after the kitchen, it was a pop up. And then we left for
a year. It’s just standing
behind a bar in Boston throwing fried chicken at
drunk kids, which was- It was really fun. Loads of fun. When we first opened,
it was really rough. It was like all out
at the counter. You’d just get like
cutlery in the middle of the table, and
then I think people like wanted it to be more
of a restaurant, so one day we just started
setting the table. The next day you’ve
got water glasses on the table now and
now it’s table service. And it just kind
of evolved. And I think people wanted
it to be like that. And it just made sense
to take out there and do it completely. We wanted
someone’s name so it feels like
someone’s place. You’re going over there
to thing’s house. Somebody suggested
calling it Maggie’s. I said,
I’m not calling Maggie’s. And then Missy
said Rita’s. I’m, like, Yeah, Rita’s. And she just sounds
like a nice broad. Yes. I haven’t been out to
eat anywhere for awhile. So three or four in one night is
going to be pretty good. I’m just going to prep up
what we’re going to eat when we come back so that I don’t have
to do too much. I’m gonna prep some
lamb shoulders. They’re gonna get
braised all day and all evening
while we’re out. Then when we come back to
them later all the meat’s just gonna come
straight off the bone. So that’s that. What’s up, dude? What’s going on. How are you? I’m good, I’m good,
it’s Deano. What we have in there?
A with spice, it’s based on lime and
spices and everyone’s favorite
hot sauce. She looks like she’s been making Cholula for
a while. Actually she’s
quite cute, I’m coming for
you Cholula. Here you go, it’s not
a particularly attractive drink is it? I think it
looks gorgeous. This is our favorite
drink it’s called a poop in the. Cheers. Cheers. All right I’m done,
you done? Laura. Sick! Delux! Some as well. German whip. Or with the blue leather. I like this look. Best school trip ever. We got on the bus,
headed over to Mangal. It’s been there about
25 years I think. There’s a lot of
fantastic Turkish food around here but, as far
as we’re concerned, that’s where it’s at. Fish mango
First Ocakbasi Restaurant in London,
where you sit and dine next to the grill
and a open fire. The guys yesterday
were amazing. Yes.
The way they look after you is
the best here. It’s not transactional, it’s like you’re
in their space. We don’t see as
a restaurant, we see as our home,
and you are my guests. This guy, basically,
is my dad. He’s here nearly
24 years. But his English is not
that good because he had no time to go to school
instead of cooking, basically. He was cooking too much. So I think now, we’re
going to keep him for next 10,
15 years ultimately. So another one of
these effers, classic, nice Turkish
deliciousness. I’m so stoked for this. I mean it’s an honor to
be taken care of that well at Mango One, but
to be given a Mango One t-shirt is next
level hospitality. Simply the best. Simply the best. We cook everything
on the grill. Red peppers and tomatoes, a little bit of
salt, red pepper powder. Chop it in very fine. A bit of yogurt. Melt butter. Let’s see what
chef’s got to say. The that he did for
us at the start. That super smokey grilled
aubergine with yogurt and that fresh tomato salad. Yeah.
It’s so good. I had a feeling
when we got that, was gonna do a lot for
us. But I didn’t think it
was gonna be that much. I mean, I’ve seen a mixed
grill before, but this makes the mixed
grill that I want is a pretty intense
tower of meat. Fucking hell. Amazing taste of
cooked over charcoal. Anything cooked
over charcoal, it’s just delicious. All the bread that
soaks up all that nice. It’s probably
the best bit. Better than the steak,
better than the meat. The juices.
I think I’m gonna be more hungover with meat than
I am with booze tonight. Pretty
Sizable dent in it though. Thank you. Have a good night. Thank you. Come see us on
Street yeah? Thanks very much. Take care. Ladies first. We got back on
the wagon and headed over to
Hill & Szrok. It looks like a museum. A museum of meat. It’s a really
beautiful spot. They do something that
other people don’t do, to have a dedicated, really high quality
butcher shop. Do a really high end
product really well, and then at the end of
the day of working at a butcher shop they turn
around and they say, this is how proud we
are of our product. We cook it and
we sell it. You can eat it here. Come and have it. Such a nice dinner
setup as well. Yes.
Like, so cute and
Yeah, it smells like wine. I’ll have a bottle,
thanks. We sat down to have the
biggest steak I’ve ever had in my life, ever. 100% ever.
It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. All my days. So that’s it raw. It’s a little bit
rare for me, though. That’s huge. How do you like
your steak? Rare?
Rare. Rare?
Rare is good for me. Rare, rare. Perfect. All aboard,
salt and pepper. Butchers in the day, but our passion do
the whole carcasses, so we have the whole animal,
all the awful skin and everything so
we real roots level, make called scratching
between pate forms, no wastage, everything is
free range, grass fed. It’s a lovely
quality stock, very happy animals. As many of the
ingredients as possible veg wise are English. Some quality in
house rules to keep the menu nice and
simple and just try to adjust
in the kitchen. What the fuck? It’s a little mid
evening snack. Fucking A. It tasted like
butter made of meat. So good. I thought the whole
thing was banging. Like butter. This is insane, Luka,
this is unbelievable Thank you so much. This is just too much. My old flat mates turned
up there to try and have a quiet dinner
by themselves but we decided to hijack it. Take him with us. Linda. Linda, put it together. We’re going to
Sober. What we’re doing
now is pulling ourselves together. Handling our shit. I’m not putting
cigarettes backward in my mouth. I can’t wait to go
somewhere where you can drink alcohol and
eat some food. Are you ready? Am I right? Am I right is
what I meant. Right? Are you right? You are right. Are you right? We are all right. We are all right. We’ve had nothing
to drink or eat, I assure you. Well, come in. Emma’s my girl. Emma is somebody I’ve got to know just by
being like hey, we just opened a restaurant
in East London. I wanna meet you,
I need some help. Hang out with me please. She’s somebody I
lean on a lot for like, just advice. And she’s super
fun as well. Tonkoysu’s a ramen bar, specializing in Tonkoysu
is a pork based ramen with amazing house
made noodles. I don’t know if you saw
the noodle machine in the back. But after all that
meat last night. We thought we’d
just go ahead and get some snacks. We have some
croquettes and. They’re amazing,
so they’re like a traditional croquettes,
I guess. But we like loads
of crabmeat so we have brown meat and white meat and really
crispy on the outside and serve it a lovely sauce. And then we add
some drinks, Japanese Bloody Mary. And put duck sauce in,
some soy sauce, little bit of the pepper,
I felt slightly drunk when I left here,
pretty drunk when we left warmed up when we got
to bloody Mary helped. The next one
Did not help. Yeah, maybe feel
some type of way. This is the sake bomb. The idea is now that and then you wanna have a little tap
on the table. The marksman
who turned up, so somehow it’s
done well with him. We’ve got just people
that we really respect and admire to watch us
smash a bunch of glasses. And so
we grabbed everyone else, brought them on the giant
white spaceship van with blue strip lighting. I feel like I’m in quasar
Headed over to the other way and our favorite
perfect dive bar. Went in and
watched the Riddles play The Riddles are a band
fronted by Jimmy. I don’t know his last
name because his last name is always whatever
the band he’s in. So he’s currently
called Jimmy Riddle. I stood around doing
that for a bit. But I felt a bit sick. I didn’t have as much
hair as everyone else. So, I can’t
really head bang. Yeah! To Rita’s. Hair out. Who’s trying to be
a hipster chef now? Where’s your tattoos bro? Where’s your tattoos bro? Pick them up. Threw them on
the super bus and headed over here for
me to cook some food. I was feeling a little
bit ropy, but I have a little
bit of a thing, when I walk into
the kitchen, I just kind of sober
up a little bit. This is all delicious, do
you know about delicious? This is delicious. So this is the lamb
that we put in today. Early in the with all
this delicious oregano, nice Chipotle chilis. Lamb’s on. There’s a lot of
sugars in there. We’ve got the agave,
we’ve got a little sweet from the raisins
and everything. Just wanna caramelize
some of those sugars I’ve been braising
with pineapple juice and everything. I feel like right now. She never did this. She never did this! And then this,
this is the beauty. This is the wild guy so
it’s an emulsion made with a house
made mayonnaise, also black pepper, wild
garlic, and a finishing. Fuck it smells so good. Alright, this
is delicious. Who’s hungry? Come and get something. Let me put these on the
plate for the big dog. Big dog’s
getting a plate. Big dog. The ethos behind what we
do is to put ourselves on a plate, and in a glass,
and in a fun place, and not be too fancy or
over the top, and just be a nice
neighborhood restaurant, somewhere where people in
the neighborhood wanna come and hang out. That’s it. That’s great. I’m going to
get some chips. Are you actually
getting chips? Yes. Do you want some? No.

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