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Kel Dropped the Screw in the Tuna | Kenan & Kel | NickRewind

Kel Dropped the Screw in the Tuna | Kenan & Kel | NickRewind

Is the plaintiff prepared to make a statement? Is the plaintiff prepared to make a statement? Hey you’d think the plaintiff would want to be on time. y’all late. What’s this? Ooh! My bad! Yes m’am! I’m ready. Please proceed. Alright. I shall proceed. [laughter] Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I, Kenan
Rockmore, “the plaintiff” i’ll tell you a sad story about a young teenage boy
and his trauma with a can of tainted tuna. Exhibit A.
Bailiff, please show exhibit a. It’s an empty can of tuna. An empty can of tuna. And exhibit b? It’s a screw. Ha! A screw! Now I would like to call my first witness,
Mr. Kel Kimball. I would like to call the first witness, Kel
Kimball. Get up there, man! Why you following me, man, what’s up? Kel Kimball You swear to tell the whole truth and nothing
but the truth? Don’t hurt me. I got this Mr. Kimball would you be prepared to tell
the court in your own words what happened on the morning of october the 6th? I did it! I did it! Kenan I’m sorry man I did it It was an accident I didn’t mean it I dropped the screw in the tuna I dropped the screw in the tuna it was an accident it was me oh the humanity! i dropped the screw in the tuna i dropped the screw in the tuna i admit it i admit it don’t take me to jail, man. don’t take me to jail! i dropped the screw in the tuna Kenan, we still boys, right? We still boys, right? I love you, man. I dropped the screw in the tuna i dropped the screw in the tuna i dropped the screw in the tuna i dropped the screw in the tuna No more questions.

100 comments on “Kel Dropped the Screw in the Tuna | Kenan & Kel | NickRewind

  1. if other guilty people in real live follow kel's attitude in court they probably get the sentence reduce

  2. Kel's courtroom breakdown is better than Martin's when he was playing crazy for a parking ticket……..

    YEAH I SAID IT!!!!!!

  3. To this day, one of the most iconic scenes in television history. I remember this vividly! LOL Kenan & Kel are the GOAT!

  4. Omg I am tears for laughing so hard lol. My sister came in my room saying I was too loud. I really want them to bring this show back…

  5. I swear i watched this show. I don't know if it happens to anyone else but do you have a whole list of shows that you grew up watching but you don't remember anything about it? For example, one show I watched was Camp Lazlo, I remember watching it saturday morning amongst the other cartoons I watched, if I were to see a picture of the characters I'd know it's Camp Lazlo but as I type this out I couldn't tell you any episodes that stood out me, I don't remember any of the characters names (except of course for lazlo) I don't even remember how the theme song goes. I only remember spongebob episodes because growing up my friends and I would talk about the episodes and recite the jokes, and I remember only some Ben 10 episodes because I watched some a while ago despite it being probably my favourite show growing up. I can name quite a few aliens though. But it's so weird because when my friends talk about the shows they watched they normally have a decent memory about what happened but im just blank. Perhaps I kept away too long?

  6. I remember this episode..b for the trial the company offered them 10,000 dollars to drop the lawsuit and Kenan said naw

  7. So iconic. I'm 33 now, still remember this one. And the scene where the principal comes round to meet Kenan's parents and he's hired actors:
    "Kelvin, where is the bathroom?" "Kenan! The boy's name is Kenan! You are a terrible actor."
    "At least I'm in costume."
    "Yeah, if it were only Halloween!"

  8. Tall you guys would think Kel Mitchell from the South Side of Chicago he's actually from the West Side of Chicago which is actually worse than the South Side crime wise but yeah his crib was across the street from mine, by Austin and North Avenue


  10. Mel should seriously have won some sort of an award for this scene. There was great potential for him as a serious actor

  11. I, an 03, used to stay up late just to watch 90s Nick. Shows like Keenan and Kel, Hey Arnold and All That were so iconic.
    Edit: Legend says Kel still loves orange soda.

  12. 2:18 is the most underrated part of this scene. Kenans expression suggesting a litany of emotions when he realises the truth. Shock, dashed dreams of riches, anger, bemusement, embarrassment…

  13. Yo I’m kinda getting annoyed about the comments that are like I’m scared that the kids are growing up in fortnite and YouTube and we know nothing about the 90s I actually like the 90s cause I have parents and they like to show me stuff from the 90s and I really think that time period was actually cool I know we haven’t experience it but at lease we got to learn some of the culture in the 90s and 80s so don’t shame our generation because we don’t know these shows even tho y’all had the exact same thing as us when y’all were kid’s so don’t shame us

  14. Kenan knew that Kel was wAay more talented than him plus all girls loved Kel. Kel had depressions behind the scene. Theres also a weird thing about the SNL audition, where Kenan wanted to do alone.3.25 even Kenan is smiling, tryna not to laugh.

  15. It's probably been 20 years since I first saw this episode and I watched this as I ate my tuna tonight! Gold.

  16. This is one of my favorite scenes from Ken n Kel! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­I had to look it up because I stay quoting it and nobody I know remembers it~~

  17. One of the greatest moments in television history. I was a kid when I saw this and never forgot it. Absolutely genius acting!

  18. the actor that plays kenan did so well not to laugh through that scene. what was kel doing with his feet,? ha to stay in character must have been so difficult

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