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Ken Fisher Discusses The Current Market Environment | Fisher Investments [December, 14 2018]

Ken Fisher Discusses The Current Market Environment | Fisher Investments [December, 14 2018]

to be high volatility, lots of wiggles, lots of fears,
but otherwise, it’s what seems, to me,
to be a fairly normal, slightly abnormal,
market correction period. Overall, things on the world economy
are positive, with some weak points along the way. The fact is, corrections like this,
sometimes longer, sometimes not so long, come out of no place. They can last a little longer,
a little shorter. Once they bottom,
you tend to move on from them. They tend to motivate people
to look for bad stuff and make up in their mind, things that
are bad, that maybe aren’t really there. This year, we have, as near as I can tell,
increasing uncertainty about things that otherwise have largely gotten better. Are there some weak points? Always. If we look around the world, we can see
slightly declining economy in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Japan, which has been off and on weak
this entire economic expansion. Little bit of sideways wiggle to downward
in Britain, but overall, across the globe, GDP’s growing
at a couple percent per year, inflation’s moderate. In this backdrop,
this is mostly sentiment. Sentiment tends to mean revert
after a while. If you don’t actually get read bad things
in the economy, people can’t stay too dour too long. It’s why you have multiple corrections
within a bull market. We think this bull market, I think
this bull market continues on, But, right now, we got all this wiggling,
and they key is, when people are looking for bad stuff
and afraid, to remember that you should be greedy
when others are fearful. You should be fearful
when others are greedy, and right now, it’s pretty obvious, that a whole lot more people
are afraid of all kinds of ghosts than they are at being greedy.

6 comments on “Ken Fisher Discusses The Current Market Environment | Fisher Investments [December, 14 2018]

  1. Wish you'd contribute to Forbes again. Was like Christmas when I got an issue and excitedly flipped threw to find your gifts of wisdom and advice. Thanks Ken. For everything over the years.

  2. Thanks Ken. I remember you mentioning dour sentiment and "snark" in a TV interview around 2014/15. It still seems all good news is bad news (e.g. good economic numbers = Fed tightening etc) and all bad news is regurgitated endlessly. Is there something more to be said about how sentiment is increasingly magnified because of 24/7 news and social media? I know you made this point in 'Beat the Crowd' but it seems greater than anytime in history.

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