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Ken Fisher on Retirement Investment Mistakes | Fisher Investments [2018]

Investment mistakes. Oh boy I’ve seen some doozies things like being too conservative ignoring the long term erosion of your wealth from inflation or trying to time the market and if you’re retired or close to being You may not have enough time to recover So use your noodle and call for our free guide 13 Retirement Investment Blunders to avoid explains how even the most well intentioned people May stumble on the road to retirement With errors like working with an advisor who may not be a fiduciary Or getting stuck with annuities or with mutual funds that have nosebleed level fees Fisher Investments has helped thousands of people avoid regrets and achieve a comfortable retirement goal 1-800-260-7179 for your free guide and as a bonus We’ll send you our Stock Market Outlook a timely assessment on where the market goes from here. Also free if you have $500,000 or more to invest you could achieve your investment goals without becoming your own worst enemy Call 1-800-260-7179

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