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Keto Keratin Salmon With a Twist

Keto Keratin Salmon With a Twist

Hey! I’m so glad you clicked that play
button. I’m gonna share with you an incredible recipe that’s all around the
power of keratin, which is a beauty protein. It’s right here in our salmon
asparagus pea salad that is so delicious. It’s not hard to make but each of the
ingredients is gonna have an incredible effect on your health, your beauty and
your well-being. I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe with you. First and
foremost, it’s absolutely delicious and the best part about it is it’s filled
with keratin. Keratin is a beauty protein that makes our hair soft and shiny and
thick. It’s also everything we see when we look at each other. It’s the outermost
layer of our skin and it strengthens and beautifies our nails. In addition you’re
gonna learn about the power of MCT and how it can truly help your body burn fat
in this simple salad dressing. I’m gonna lay this parchment paper right here and
then I’m gonna take my olive oil, I’m gonna do a quick zigzag, and get the
salmon with all of the delicious keratin omegas right in it. So you know,
you’ve heard Dr. Perricone speak about the benefits — the beauty benefits — of
salmon, but did you know that it was in part because of all the keratin that’s
in here? Now I’m going to just drizzle a little bit more of the olive oil right
on top, there you go, YUM some lemon — squeeze some of the lemon. And
this is going to go into the oven — get some lemon on all of them — Obviously this
is a serving for four. We’re gonna add some salt; this is some Celtic sea salt that
I want on each piece of salmon, and a little bit of pepper. And while the salmon
is cooking, I like to lightly cook it, you know that you’re going to be getting so
much good fat, so much keratin. Now that we’ve seasoned the salmon we’re going to
put it in the broiler for just a little bit. HOO
Now that the salmon is broiling I want to focus on the dressing with you. This
is such a great dressing, I just am crazy about it. So here’s the mayonnaise;
I like to make it at home myself, this is an avocado based one. So now we’re gonna
add some mustard — this is a Dijon mustard — and I’ve got some apple cider vinegar.
This is a keto dressing. What I really like about this — there are two things
that I just completely adore about this — I love adding MCT — I’m actually adding
a whole tablespoon, you can add half a tablespoon, that’s up to you. But when you
add the MCT into the salad dressing you’re getting the fat burning effect, so
I cut all of my salad dressings with MCT and I’m also really obsessed with salad
dressings because what I find is, it doesn’t matter what store I go to, they’re always
using the worst oils, the worst fats in every single salad dressing so I think
we need to have a solid dressing revolution. I might just come out with a
line of salad dressings for you. But, in addition, I’m adding a little bit of
turmeric, some chopped up garlic, and you can be sure to check the link to my
website which will give you all of the amounts you want. Now here’s the other
piece that I think is very important: While you’re getting the keratin from
the salmon you’re also going to get it from this little supplement that I have
and this is just pure keratin, it comes from New Zealand,
it’s naturally sourced and you’re going to add it into the salad dressing. No
one’s ever going to know that you’ve got a full dose of beauty proteins right in
your salad dressing. A little bit of pepper, some Celtic sea salt, and just
look: two minutes you’ve got what I consider — this is like
taking your nutrients every day, what you’re getting out of your salmon salad. What
could be better? Hmm YUM. Okay, we’re ready for the salmon. Our salmon is done, our pan is heating
and now we’re going to start with our vegetables. So actually I want to start
with my favorite ghee and what I love about ghee — you’re going to put about two
tablespoons worth — what I love about ghee is it’s lactose free, right, so you’re
getting all of the good fats. It’s very easy and soft on I think the whole
digestive system, and it’s it comes from India. And you’re going to add your
broccoli, your asparagus Now we’re gonna add the peas, and these
are organic frozen peas so they’re actually very sweet and delicious.
We’re not getting a whole bunch of carbs in here; I’m gonna talk to you a
little bit about the carbs in a minute. The scallions. Now you’re getting about a quarter cup of sun-dried tomatoes, which has about
seven, about seven, seven and a half grams of carbohydrates in there so you know you’re just
aware of how many are getting in your day; you don’t want to go above 50
throughout the day. And you’re gonna add in the mushrooms for all of the immune
boosting properties. I’m gonna let this sauté down. Again, my favorite Celtics sea salt, a little bit of black pepper and then at
the very end we’re gonna add some of the precious parsley. So we know, like, even
though this is not a huge amount — it’s a couple ounces of parsley —
the therapeutic health benefits of this is so immense that I want it in its
freshest form and we’re going to do it just at the very end. and the next step is we’re just going to
add it right into the bowl and mix it up with the dressing. *Gasps* This is like a heavenly dish. Now here’s the fun part: we’re gonna add
our secret dressing that once you get a taste of you’re never gonna want to stop
eating and making and everybody in your home is gonna wonder why they have such
beautiful, luscious, strong healthy hair, nails and skin. So now I’m gonna make
myself a serving — there we go — and now I’m going to add a piece of
salmon which is filled with all the delicious keratin and the omegas and —
I’ve been waiting for this — and while I was preparing it I was so excited to eat
this and so now I’m gonna dig in. Bon Appetit. I hope you will enjoy this as
much as I do and that’s a wrap.

25 comments on “Keto Keratin Salmon With a Twist

  1. Hi Naomi, you are a pleasure to watch! Your video content is always chock full of BEAUTIFUL advice and you are absolutely adorable. Thank you!

  2. Hi Naomi! Thanks for the video that looks yummy! That salmon looks a little pale, it isn't farm raised is it? 😉 Also your good friend Mark Sisson has some great dressings and other goodies at Primal Kitchen ( Watch for them when out shopping or order direct. My favorite is this one. All his product have excellent ingredients. 🙂

  3. Wow! This is amazing! That’s what you call a beauty enhancing meal. Thank you Naomi I’m definitely going to try this! Especially that dressing and keratin.

  4. Farm raised salmon has the white veins as you see in this video and is totally toxic – the fish are fed pellets, there's nothing natural about it and PCB concentrations in farmed salmon are, on average, eight times higher than in wild salmon. Wild caught salmon is more red in color.

  5. Naomi I'm shocked. you are cooking farm raised salmon and they feed them corn and soy meal. Thats goes against everything you say in your book…what gives?

  6. Love it! Quick question, I wondered about too much fat? My (good) cholesterol and weight went up when I was putting mct or coconut oil just in my morning coffee. How much is too much?

  7. Can't wait to make this! And yes, do come out with a line of dressings! I love to make my own but sometimes it's more convenient to grab something out of the fridge on those busy days.

  8. Thank you for sharing your knowledge for a healthier and tastier lifestyle. I love your cooking videos.

  9. Greetings from Kuwait and thank you for the beautiful video, with regards to salt, you are using Celtic salt, I am using Himalayan salt, is there any difference between these salts. please advise. Thank you.

  10. Really Amazing Dressing. I've tried it and love love love it. I use your recipes to cook for my friends, they simply fell for it and wiped out all veggies I served. TQ.

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