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KetoLikeJamie shows how she uses Wild Fish Oil

KetoLikeJamie shows how she uses Wild Fish Oil

– Hey, guys, Jamie here with Wild Foods. Today I’m gonna talk about our fish oil, one of the only fish oils
certified by Friends of the Sea, which is a really important
certification needed. It is super pure stuff. I take it every single day, probably two to three pills per meal. I especially like it for
when I have my monthly cycle because it helps reduce the inflammation. I actually get debilitating cramps. I have had this for 15 years now. I’ve always relied on Advil. But lately I have realized
the power of fish oil coupled with turmeric
capsules, which we also have. Right here, guys. So I take a combination of
our turmeric and fish oil, and I will also take some CBD, and it actually has
replaced my Advil intake. I no longer have to live on Advil, which is crucial for women because they say it decreases chances of fertility. I want to have kids one
day and the 15 years of Advil obviously didn’t help me there. So obviously we want to
use natural methods to pain and this is my way of curing
my debilitating cramps, where I literally can’t get out of bed. So I feel like my life has changed from fish oil, turmeric and CBD, and I couldn’t be happier with it. (soft electronic music)

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  1. Check out our new peppermint coffee recipe! Goes great with Wild Fish Oil 🙂

  2. I've been wild caught Icelandic cod liver oil, and I've been eating more wild caught salmon. it's amazing how much more energy I have. Plus my mood is but better throughout the day!

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