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Kick-ass Fish tacos and Mango Salsa with DJ BBQ

Kick-ass Fish tacos and Mango Salsa with DJ BBQ

hey im dj bbq and i know a lot of times we are out doors slow and low cooking big hunks of meat well not everybody has a bbq not everybody can cook outdoors so we have got something for you i do fish tacos on a grill bbq style but you can easily do them on a frying pan on a griddle inside your kitchen so lets do it fish tacos we are going to start with mangoes man, a mango salsa so we have got a nice riped mango mango goes killer with fish can you smell it wish you could cos it smells awesome int o the bowl randiculousness now we are going to add a red onion onions in and now its time for cucumber mix it all up shes looking good in america we call it cilantro in England you guys call it coriander im going to shred them to expose that flavour let that flavout out and that goes in the salsa okay so im going to add half a lime now we have got to season it man salt and fruit rocks hence why my grandpa always put salt on his grapefruit and then you want to add some freshly cracked pepper with some love give it a remix looks good doesn’t it taste better mango salsa done now with all fish tacos you have got to do some Mexican cabbage some kind of slaw i got the smallest red cabbage i could find i could play basket ball with this bad boy im going to slice this up real fine im going to drizzle some cider vinegar on said red cabbage oh god simple simple slaw red cabbage cider vinegar and your good to go its time now to get cooking now we got to do the fish if you guys don’t start behaving you are going to end up like the tilapia man you want to use a nice firm fish you also want to use a sustainable fish we’re gonna season tilapia they’ve been
sitting in cold water when i want to eat fish tacos i make a mexican rub you know garlic peppers cumin all sorts of mexican spice chilli powders and now that’s how i do it im going to break out our mexican rub its got to have a bit of a kick okay are you guys ready for it to go in the pan i said are you ready for it to go in the pan im hungry man at the same time i’m gonna get another
pan going to heat up my tortillas add a tiny bit of olive oil give it two to three minutes a side normally i cook it outside so it gives it a more smokey flavour coming off the grill but you can gook it inside it’s fine so i’ve got my tortillas im going to pop them on there you’re going to see it sort of bubbling up that what you want there right there going in give it some heat give it some love give it some smoke you want like thirty second a side kind of medium to hotter heat there you have it dj bbq’s fish tacos i cooked them indoors you can do them out doors wherever man as long as your damn well doing them lets get into this bad boy oh my god that’s a proper mosh pit in my mouth clean refreshing tasty smells good dont worry boys you guys are alright which one of you all up there likes pork yeah i thought so then this next one is for you my radonculous pulled pork shoulder cooked low and slow

100 comments on “Kick-ass Fish tacos and Mango Salsa with DJ BBQ

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  2. A good sauce for the tacos is a sour cream mixed with chopped canned chipotle in adobo sauce mixed in. It tops it off and gives a great smoky flavor!

  3. First time seeing one of your videos and immediately subscribed!! Great personality and food looks awesome!

  4. OMFG YOU SAID MOSH PIT!!! :DDDDDD lol. I love watching these videos. Idk why. Kinda makes me wanna try them.

  5. This looks amazing, I'm making it tonight! Also, love the way you say "tacos" DJ BBQ! 😀

  6. one could easily get lost at your kitchen – look at that messy crowdy mess!) how do you find things there?)

  7. Hey man, I made these the night my mom announced she had cancer. Your food lifted everyone's spirits up and we could only talk about how good it was. So not only does your food taste damn good, it makes people happy. Now mom is kicking cancers as by the way. So keep on rockin and adding those chillieeeeees!!!

  8. bad ass bro , i did them with sole and jardines salsa  , yum , i melt some cheeze on the Corn Tortillas , i will now try Tilapia Fish

  9. Wished his hair hanging into the food didn't turn me off, however, that is nasty.. all that hair.  Recipe looks great!

  10. Some serranos chiles in the mango salsa and we are good.with a nice cold Corona ohh men so good…how about next time try to do some ceviche peruano would love that

  11. Awesome awesome recipe! I made this sooo many times. Can't get enough! One thing tho I added some chopped jalapeños( for some heat) to the mango salsa and…BAAAAAM the best fish tacos ever! I tried some in restaurants since I found this but all just so boring, always regret why didn't I just made this! Lovin it!

  12. Absolutely delicious and packed with flavour. I improvised on the spices with what I can get in Peru and substituted the cabbage for lettuce which is also hard to get here, but still it was amazing. I love this simple dynamic recipe. Thank you.

  13. When was the last time your kitchen had a good scrubbing?..looks like you're cooking in a storage unit..and your hands all over your hair…man that's gross

  14. I just tried opening a beer the same why you did that cider vinegar, I'm writing this from the A&E waiting room by the way!

  15. As a latin american; please stop saying "salsa", it's not the right term.. salsa means sauce, and that is not a sauce.

  16. First mistake is using flour tortillas. Maybe where you bought that huge purple cabbage they don't sell corn tortillas.

  17. The dish was really good I loved the taste and idea of using a tropical fruit in it. The mango really makes the dish special and I feel like it's a great dish for family dinners and get together.

  18. Hey maaaaan! I would have liked you're video and recipe so much more if you could have kept your hands out of your hair while preparing it. Kind of looked like it hadn't been washed for a week or more anyway…..(man)

  19. Holy crap dude. I don't wanna be that guy, but you should really start cleaning some dishes, man. Shit's piling up in the back there.

  20. I have visited this video probably 12 times already in the matter of a couple months and I made a new tradition that anytime I make fish tacos as I am making my tacos I watch this video over and over and over again cuz this guy gets me in the mood for fish tacos. The only difference is I add avocado's. That's a real Mosh Pit in my mouth. Gnarly dude totally gnarly to the maximum !

  21. I swear to God I am not lying every time I have fish tacos I turn this video on and keep repeating it until I'm done eating my fish tacos expires me to make fish tacooooooes I love the idea of having a proper Mosh Pit in my mouth. However I add a nice ripe avocado to my fish tacooooow

  22. I use breaded fish on this because the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs brings a whole different complexity to this dish. I also like to use Chilean sea bass😎👍 TAKKOOOES !

  23. Made your mango salsa and added some jalapeno… its really good! And I don't even like mangos very much. Thanks for the idea

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