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Kidnapped in Paradise (1999) Joely Fisher | Robert Knepper – Full Movie

So I told them if we’re talking merger here I’m putting out for the islands until the dust settles did you hear that I thought I heard something of an engine maybe The C plays tricks we must be six miles out No, I’m sure I’ll check it out So nice sport, oh it’s a little tart but I like it compliments you Take whatever you want. That’s very gracious. Thank you Excuse me You’re not afraid are you what do you use to fire like that? Be like that to time Like this she gets your blood up look there’s no need to hurt us Sighs – life that Farley Hey Roland, it’s me Beth. I’m in the island I know we have briefed on Monday. I brought the file and I’ll stay on the Barnett notes. I Gotta go You look amazing you look better No Beth. I’m so glad you came really you have no idea how much this means to me. I Can’t wait for you to meet Jackie It was wonderful, yeah, well you’d have to pay my big sister the only woman in the world who bring a heavy coat through the Caribbean it’s 30 degrees and It’s not hot Beth Soldiery I just have to learn the language Oh wait, I have a suitcase Oh are we taking care of? That’s impressive Jack likes me to travel in style Roley for Jack Can you believe it it’s over 4 carats. Yeah, Jack said to pick out something that our lives Love you Oh forgot that I brought you this Look at your hair I Forgotten about this picture I Wish the I wish he could have been here, you know, I think dad would have really liked it here He would have been happy for you To paradise You know Blackbeard used to put in here Jack said this island is crawling with pirates 100 years ago – no cheerful. There’s Jack Yeah, a pleasure better the trip was good, yeah, it was great for someone who does travel that money She’s afraid tonight like it here the big trouble. Come on. Let’s get you settled. Oh I’m staying on the boat How’s it look Matt I replace most of the mainsail rigor should be fine Do you need anything else? No Honey I thought you said you wanted math to crew the baby. Yeah. That’s the best we silver She’s something else isn’t she Tammy Megan is gonna be no easy task Is that the objective Should it be tried Sometimes I wonder if our Father to the by for the sheer exhaustion I’m really thrilled that everyone came today. I I sort of inherited Jack’s world but I don’t want to forget my own I Want you to meet my sister Beth Who I’m very proud of And who insists on living in Denver? And thank her for coming Best sort of got all the rains and social skills in the family. I I know that she’d like to say something Well, I Had planned on you know, so many things that That I that I really would like to say about Megan and Jack but Most of all, I just I really I wish you well both of you all the best Beth and I lost our father a couple of years ago. She’s really all I have left and I Want her to know? How much I love her and have missed her And I’m so glad that After all these years She’s finally happy for me Lately you know the marina must have lowered their standards or Are you just here for a Anna? I think all your supplies away Registers got it belonging to a Jack singleton out of San Francisco. He’s the one having the party It must be a friendiy chance I’m Megan Jamaican I’m getting married a great loss with all the jacket Are you jealous? You think? Well, you should be I’m a great cat I can see that Negative this is Jack’s friend Charles they’re not Don’t you think that maybe you should go and check on your fiancee? Charles is flirting with me It’s a bad habit I have would you like to dance Vegas all right. I’m not married yet I have the opportunity making your fiancee jealous He’s not the type every man’s the tight If you were mine, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight Missed out chores timing is everything. Oh my do you live by chance? Thanks for the spin Hi morning, let’s get underway. We’re going out we’re going out Megan you know how I feel about those Yeah, but-but-but that Jack to time off and he went to a lot of expense night I Want to spend some time with you don’t don’t spoil this for everyone You see on this We’ve got satellite navigation we’ve got Water depth speed indicators. We’ve got high frequency radios sonic Sounders Most importantly we’ve got Jamie’s eyes ears with the feelings. They’ve never let us down. You’re gonna be great Good luck on your move Make it tighten halyard and run the main seller she freshens the watch you don’t run the shackle into the Sheep Jack says I’m the best Nice they are Jamie Getting south/southeast debate not understood How you do it says Just ready get them here It’s gonna make you loopy but you’ll stop tossing at lunch. Yeah anything would be better than that You’re so sunburned Beth you didn’t put any sunblock on Don’t worry you’ll be fine Yeah, I think we can forego the barrier. Let’s see very funny back what let us down would you get It makes you feel any better I’ve never been able to deny anything either Here right on Are you serious Well, maybe I’m just kidding. Okay here. Let me get you some gear. Okay? Oh, come on we’re just working it’s easy. It doesn’t take any talent. I promise look you’re gonna love it There’s a whole world under the water colors fish. Yeah. Well the world up here is frightening announcing Okay look, uh Stan Shore for a while and Fine Janie can go with me. You don’t mind do you Jamie? Have at it I can swim. I just can’t swim this well You sure that you yeah It’s too shallow to cross the look On a job and open water Are they moving directors first you’re in for the night? a Toast to Beth who won’t go in the water. Thanks a lot and a gift They’re Mohar finest oriental pearls He’s must’ve cost a fortune Yeah, I brought you a photograph it seems ridiculous compared to these I don’t think that I can accept these Yeah, you’re the one who’s getting married to your time That’s being suffering martyr again I’m sorry, I didn’t I didn’t mean me no, I’ll come on later Can you believe her can you believe her? What is with you, oh, I’m busy being the suffering martyr Fine You know Beth All my life I’ve had to deal with your pious crap don’t man Wyatt studious Beth never made any waves While I was the school, you really don’t want to do this, right? No, I do want to do this I can do whatever I want Beth, you know, I Can do anything that I want and I think that’s what’s really pissing you off You know what? You’re right about that You have always done whatever you wanted while the old man paid for it. I Mean, how many colleges did you wander through? Huh? How many cars did you wreck? How many times did dad go bankrupt to pay your rent what you spent it on new clothes and boyfriend’s? He gave you everything and I watched you go back endlessly for more. I’m human. Okay, I make mistakes But dad was there for me you know the way I remember it My big sister was too good for me too. Smart too capable too. Perfect. I Wanted to look up to you so bad Beth you didn’t have to look down on me. Is that what this is about? Don’t why? I’m here Megan To validate this for you why you grandstand your latest affair? You want me to play dad and say that everything’s okay You know what Megan if you don’t attract rebel you create it and then when you’re deep in it you sidestep responsibilities while everyone else suffers the consequences Do you think that you can just flirt your way in and out of every situation don’t you I’ve seen how this works Megan. I’ve seen it Lovely Megan trying to buy everyone’s affections with bathing suits and airline tickets and I am sure that it was Jack’s money. That’s paid for these He’s just the latest No, no stay You know what I’m I don’t really want to be a part of this. Okay, I I would really like it if you wouldn’t take me back to the island All right, Beth, we can take you back. No No Is this the way Beth likes to deal with the problems you say she just kind of runs away Whenever things get tough for ugly, you just walk don’t you right Beth? Hmm? You know what fine if you want to go we’ll put out a call you can hit your ride I’m not sorry about what I said. I’m sure you’re not This is the imagine Shibumi out of San Francisco, we are presently coordinated just east Scotch Bank Imagine Shibumi is requesting anyone enroute to the main island to please pick up a passenger By 65 degrees longitude Fools is inviting us to respond. We need some other name. Tell them to meet us in deeper waters Imagine Chagall me this is the trade winds. We’re trawling nearby Just making for deeper waters north-northeast for you on the Raider All right, they’ve seen us So what’s going on The boats gonna be here any minute to pick you up You know Beth it doesn’t have to be this way I’m just I’m gonna go finish packing I really wish that you would take these, you know, you’re wrong about the pearls I paid for them Evening how’s your luck been? Kinda got some tuna? It’s a nice rake Thank you But I have to concede your yacht is in a class by itself It’s called imagine Shibu be right. Yeah, imagine shipping me that means Effortless perfection, right I thought you recalled it tradewinds. Hey, it’s your friend Charles You know, I have a bad habit of crashing parties, I have a lot of bad habits actually I Wonder What sort of a man can afford a craft like this what sort of man cares a man who values beautiful things I’m curious how you came into your money. Jack. I mean it says a lot about man, don’t you think? I’m an maybe everything? maybe nothing You know, you’re right, it’s not how you come into money it’s it’s where you spend it on And you spend it with abandon Someone needs a lift then no. Sorry. We’ve been conveniently, but it’s not necessary now Jack Wow Yeah I’m sorry, the super-ego connects everlastin. We’re about the equipment we shut down with it Calling magic Shibumi is your passenger been picked up over Booming what is your status? You hear this doesn’t matter What is your status boats gone They’re all gone Respond Better get you to a hospital Mr. Who took you see miss Emerson who took your sister Miss Emerson – Jamie did you see them was so dark I want to help you, but I need something. I need anything to go Hello gaily Promoted I Had something doing that. I’ve been wanting to talk to you Palin. I was afraid of that So what have you got to do with this? I? Just found her where Few miles out. Okay the Kay’s She was hanging on to a mattress and you did see anything. No boat or distress signals or radio communications yeah, there was an exchange but They didn’t tidy themselves. Yeah, and you just stumbled upon her in 3,000 square miles of ocean Did you have their coordinates Mr. Palin saved me did the best that he can I’ve seen his best and serve all the bars on the island Can’t do it better We have to go find Megan We’re using all our resources to find it and you can be sure the lieutenant here will do everything that he can He always gets his man Dr. Gating Does he going I Just uh, I just wanted to see how you were doing It’s a good luck. Okay It’s the perfect round time yeah what I appreciate it We like the showers hot food No your fiancee We made a terrible mistake you know that like that associated compound to they should never Some chowder made it myself Maybe later, let’s take this Just take it please don’t assault me That you pulled off the search miss Emerson, it’s been three days Now we’ve conducted multiple searches of the area in question and they’re just as no evidence of the imagined Shibumi for her passenger Another boat. It’s somewhere in the ocean and my sister’s on it It’s a big ocean miss Emerson and our resources are stretched very thin so far We found no bodies no weapon and no sign of a conflict. No suspect the perfect crime Megan is alive and I am NOT gonna just sit here on my hands when you put off yours Excuse me Can you tell me where I can find the Matt Palin? I was told I might end up here if you want Matt. You better get to employee passes out Well, look who’s up and kicking I went out and I picked up a few things What do you have? Oh, no, I don’t Listen I’ve talked to the Coast Guard and the police I salute them both. Nobody seems to know You think I do well lieutenant Gailey seems to think that you might know more than you’re saying yeah, what else did Gailey tell you You spent four years in prison for fencing stolen goods Wow. Yeah. They I don’t know he put Look mrs. Emmerson death Doesn’t matter what gaily or you wear anybody thinks about what I know? Ghost of a crime but you do know something I told you I don’t want anything to eat Now they’re all in that ocean you would have be sitting here busting my chops You can thank me Or you can tell me to shove it. I don’t care Otherwise, I want nothing to do with this understood. No don’t leave I wouldn’t want to interfere with your drinking Somebody made just a into your head form Ani She stinks like fish, but maybe you’ll keep your hands off her There’s a coast guard cutting maybe four or five miles off the starboard so we’re out of the jurisdiction Everything and everybody goes to the bottom then no one will know what you always said. I know what I said flips on this little flare what one of them survived Wings No one survived what if they search us find her we’re not going to be out of their jurisdiction forever I say we put her over the side to be done with it, but no one will ever know Unless you want to pay for them with your life You see I protect you you see how I can Tell me about Matt Why won’t he help me? I don’t know look Matt So like yeah, well, my sister’s all that I’ve got I know how you feel about your sister then help me I wish I could Why didn’t you tell me that Matt Palin was involved in piracy because I could never prove that There have been over 20 reported cases of people missing at sea in the last six years Why didn’t you tell me that what did it made you feel better? Look if I had any leads in these cases worth proven, I’d be on it right now Well, why do you think that Matt knows anything about this? Because when I arrested Matt he took the blame for somebody else, but he wouldn’t say who it’s protecting someone. I’m sure that maybe they’re related and maybe they’re not I Miss Emerson how much frustrated as you are what you want me to pull a rabbit out of a hat And I don’t even have a hat You’re looking for me You didn’t tell me the true have no right dragging everything ended. No, I have every right You were implicated in an act of piracy yourself. That’s what are you gonna do? I didn’t take your sister Megan. Megan is probably dead no, didn’t leave anybody else alive why her I’m the one who had those men come out. They were supposed to pick me up Matt what’s got you so scared you wouldn’t that waitress? What are you so afraid of Mad what is it? Sometimes a person can’t always account for themselves For why they do things two things It was a long time ago, I was just out of the Marines To be some place to call home I’m tired on the skipper a trawler one day off st. John. It was a yacht I was told to overtake it It’s killing before I soon heard my company in Panama, but Nothing like this It’s possible and this was all part of a fencing operation What it was taking from the yacht might be a warehouse and a local boat shop Take me there What do you think they’re gonna tell you You you look like a typical sunburned wide-eyed tourist you’re scared You can’t do this scared. Why are you making this impossible for me? Kind of a person are you? Question is what kind of person are you Beth? I’m gonna get an answer from these kind of people. You gotta be willing to stick this in their face you willing to do that The man you want to talk to his not approachable My sister never knew a man who wasn’t approachable she could do it I kill myself Something that I can do for you I want to talk to max You got the wrong place on Well, why don’t we ask him that Before I shot what I’ve got somewhere else Yo max She wants to talk to you That’s the last thing that comes to mind but please talk a Yacht was attacked off the case a few days ago and You know everything that was taken is probably on its way to you so I Want to know who did this? What makes you think that I know something like that? I think you do. I’m sorry lady, but are you a cop? No what if What if I happen to have such information? Will you be prepared to offer for it? Look I could care less about your little operation. My sister was kidnapped And There’s $5,000 in here It hurts me to know that such value judgments are made against me Makes me feel comment I wonder what these are worth Pick them up Now comes out a bigger fool Gr4 asking me for telling Would you please get out of here What happened you made a fool out of me Money still got it. Good If all that it was a stupid ridiculous idea For what for the worm to turn Use the lifter as an affirmation This ain’t for publication, but if it happened and I ain’t saying he did he’s probably the work of Kelly Larson Kelly Larson work with a crew out of San Thomas and he’s been known to talk about a few boats Kelly Larson, yeah And now I want my cash Pehle Kelly Larson has been sitting in a prison tour to go for two years The truth That’s the fern ours territory Where is he here, that’s for sure She brought some extra time and that get out I know the name Bernard that’s a place. It’s one of the lesser islands. Maybe he’s there may be making still alive The only way of doing this without Bernard knowing is by boat I can’t I can’t go back out there. There’s no other way We’ll motor out with a good wind she’ll do five knots we gotta get the mainsheet up Need some help maybe I’ll find someone come on What this in the winch here I’m not mechanical. I’m a lawyer. Can I get a couple of times? No, no Ridiculous Made my decision Marley You don’t like it. You can take your cut and just go away Just see her you hate her because you could never have her unless you took and where is the sport in that? Why do you have it? Because I’m not in this for the sport Where’s the last time you ate on eat before you starve to death Was Renard your maid you ever take that yacht wasn’t it? I did my time. Why didn’t you stop him from killing those people? That’s my private guilt What’s yours Beth Assistant Turn on the generator It’s a shame you can’t see this Megan you’re standing in the shadow of a great legacy It’s also very isolated there’s nowhere to go please remember that What do you think Well I’m sure you’ll want to clean up put on some fresh clothes. I want you to feel at home Freshener Banging I know this forgive me I And you’ll be very comfortable here It’s an ageless place built the consume time Something we have a great deal of Maybe at Renard’s island by dawn So tell me about it Hmm old money sugar plantation Didn’t take him long to spend his family’s fortune it was once part of that that white linen said the Jack singleton ran with Now he hates them because they won’t accept him anymore I’m sorry for both of us. Yeah, I’ve been sorry few years. It hasn’t gonna fit a good Why didn’t you turn state’s evidence against Renard because I was there I was part of what he did That’s not the real reason is it it’s got Erika We made it very clear to me what he would have done her You must have been in her teens Matt what were you doing with the girl that young She’s my daughter She lost some other years ago she only has me I brought a selection but I think this one what do you think? Not a bit you’d look beautiful in anything Was there a day that went by that Jack didn’t covet her beauty If that’s what you want to think was the day they went by that you didn’t covet Jack’s money Isn’t that the trade-off Megan Isn’t that what makes your world go round? Believe me I know I’d lived Beautiful women breeze through these island, you know, you don’t even know who I am as I do We survive on your own terms Thank you so much like me Don’t tell me when use this body if a menu of freedom here in now What you want hmm If it was I just take it And what do you want Respect Appreciation And someday Maybe love You’re drunk you find that a surprise Give me that book She’s to think the world of me a little girls hero Understand how someone can look up to you like that I Do but I came out of prison she She know how to look at me what to think of me We don’t do this just willing to get up to her Let it go Please I Need you The Bernards were not as rich Megan they were the standard by which all standards were set You like the wine I have something for you I just tell that please My mother’s Turn mother for that You have to realize Megan man defines himself by The woman who loves It’s how we dignify each other So, what’d you call it? Excuse me? That’s how you wash the blood from your hands I Chose him. No. No, you hunted me like an animal and Now you wanna keep You think you deserve better I’ve risked everything for you. No you you’ve taken everything Not a desire Want you more You can do whatever you want You won’t ever ever make me respect you fear you Sure is how made me love you? Pistol And your back Harrison I lost perfect Let us spend the night out there then I get a dose of that to be back begging me to take her in That Matt Baxter’s radio the sister survived It’s all that damn ocean she survived it’s better Mac says she’s with Palin and they’re both looking for the girl Find it before they do should have done or what. I want to speak. Come on Harrison They lay off the Cylons with the boats here that house in enough warn you retire And find her in over the Internet Which way she’s out this The sugar mills the southern extreme I’ve never been on the island, but I know we’re not keeps a place there Well can’t we just leave it eventually suits us banj vanished Jim just vanished just like our sister did right, right Molly was right Let’s cut her up What’s he doing Turn all of these years Here I am again. I thought you said you’ve never been here before We’re talking about the island Matt where would she be? Get back Where is Molly she’s touring the island It’s very scenic this time here we’re not he ran after her I Think he’s obsessed Why’d you get involved failing it Uh-huh. You have too much to drink one night start shooting your mouth off thought what a tough marine you used to be? Or maybe you just ran out of things to do, huh? Well, you were never worth much to yourself lest that Creole daughter you keep trying to often You remember how this works Dutch of course you do All it needs is just a little bit of kind shark swims up Bang stick its head off Flair’s Wait bring your knife back to ya. Well, that’s a chance we’re gonna have to take Go back to the mill take the South Road Was for the right piece no, don’t give me this I have all new respect for your ability to survive miss Everson Fortunately for me that’s all over I salute your courage seems to be the only thing you haven’t run out of I Don’t blame you for what happened my dad He did the right thing proud of him for that He wanted me to give you this It’s like eating I I made it and when I was 10 Either I come back to work they say it’s good to keep busy Good afternoon ladies Lieutenant gaily Doing a little follow-up work you might say so I just want to say I’m sorry about Matt miss Emerson you got a lot more courage than anyone might have thought I Don’t know what else to say about him. I Think you said it all Oh I thought you might want these back Beth I want you to know that I never I never gave renard anything I wouldn’t blame you if you had So, what are you gonna do now? Get my legs under me Do little Sammy Okay, I’m very good at it you don’t see them Then I’m gonna go Maybe I’ll come visit You

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