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Kids CATCH FISH – Angling Trust – Get Fishing

where are we Sean? we’re at Bells Mill fishery is that right?
yeah yesss first try
good job bro, good job we’re at Bells Mill Fishery and what are we doing? and we are here with the Get Fishing initiative Helping some people fish yeah so they’ve got families coming down that perhaps haven’t fished before and we’ve got like 5 coaches here i believe all from the Angling Trust apart of the ge (inaudible nonsense) IN-IC-ATIVE so apart of the Get Fishing initiative is get people down here, get new people down here, families kids, anybody, get them fishing for 20 minutes get them on the pole get them catching a new fish
yeah and get them hooked it seems like there’s a real propa nice vibe its a real nice fishery isnt it? yeah, have you ever seen such a busy fishery? i mean look there’s a cafe yeah everybody’s chilling out in front of the cafe we’ve got a specimen pool which i’m standing in front of behind me here you can see is the match pool that’s what we’re catching all the little ones out of
yeah and do you know what? its beautiful its well kept its like its near the end of September now and the weather is on fleek! on fleek there’s a little cheeky canal up there up there right so we’re going to take a couple of kids up the canal and do a bit of fishing chuck a couple of lures around just see if we can catch maybe a Perch on a lure oh that would be nice lets do it alright then lets go you got another one? yeah
awesome thats a big one again
is it? its got scales this is more what they call a fully scaled mirror because hes got scales all over him but them all bigguns fully scaled mirror ar where the other one had only got a few this ones got them all over him now, there you go now towards you and then back now if you pull the pole around towards you Sophia with another one! you got him? yeah? the cameras just behind ya well done Sophia wanna chuck him in the net? wanna put him in that net? Excellent! right so Sean is about to have gonna get some coaching in i am yeah Sean’s going to get some coaching in so we’re just going to go around here now with my G Steve and we’re going to have a quick go STEVE! Sean needs the coaching you see i reckon you could do with a bit yourself mate yeah yeah yeah ya breath! I’ve left the line a little bit long ok beacuse the kids tend to wander around and the floats sticking out the water fairly well just to give them a very good visual target there you go right so just hold it still and let the elastic do the work look at you cathing fish out here Sean mate! i tell ya, whats your name sorry mate? Steve Steve? that’s because of Steve’s coaching that is Sean that was nothing to do with you mate right so just try and keep the line tight lift it up slowly a little common lovely jubbly, Steve saving the blank outstanding have you got him yeah?
i got him just about, he’s a lively one he is lively there you go! thank you Steve you’re very welcome i think its important to get the kids away from the homes yeah away from computers and all the rubbish that they play with these days out in the fresh air and er basically learning something new mmm is it something your sons took on as well? er yes! me and my little lad, he’s only 3 and half years old and he enjoys it very much and its nice to give back to the sport really is that what you feel like you’re kinda doing at the moment? yes yeah, trying to introduce new anglers get the younger generation out here because it seems to be dying off a little bit you know but we’ve been doing it here now for 3 years yeah this is our third year i think and we’ve had a few hundred kids come though and we’ve had a lot of them that’s come back again thats awesome go there you go you said that they’re all fry from the specimen pool? yes they are wow so clever that is there’s a bit of a nursery pool over in the corner there ah so we would net the actual lake take out all the small fry and sort out the better fish keep until they grow a little bit bigger tell you what id love to do that yeah?
id love to net a pond ya give me 4 pounds for that? yeah yeah right! whatever! its a p.b that is for you isn’t it? bloody is do you want a go Tom? go on yeah oh look at that Toms getting some coaching would you look at that there are some big Perch in here up to 3 pounds ooh wouldn’t that be nice we mainly catch them on worms yeah there you go nice come on there we go do you want me to take the pole for ya? yeah, thank you not bad ay? thanks Steve your very welcome awesome fantastic student nice catch am i student of the day am i? ha ha ha awesome do you want him in the keep net? yes please yeah yeah competition between the coaches oh is it? oh right i see the little lad before you its his first time fishing today hes caught 7 fish and hes already asking ‘can i come back?’ yeah
that’s what you want but do you know what this is such a great place to do that because i remember the first time going fishing just me and you Sean and we didn’t know what we we’re doing we didn’t have a clue and we blanked for about 5 trips we didn’t know what plumbing the depth was we didn’t know what rigs we’re we didn’t know about the shot or anything we just literally but a bit on and tried so this is a great environment for them to…
it is, it is but i mean really the kids come here because they’re first time anglers we’ve already plumbed the depth we’ve set the rigs up we’ve already had half an hour session catching a few fish to make sure the rigs working because basically we need the kids to come down and catch the fish instantly that’s what gives them the enthusiasm to come back we can teach them, you know the different bits and pieces the different techniques and what they need to do at a later stage its getting them here getting them here and getting them catching brilliant well thanks Steve your very welcome that was awesome and enjoy the rest of your day! thank you and you guys cheers thanks Steve thank you there’s some fish up here in the canal monster mate is that a P.B for ya? oh your talking to me sorry err yeah it is yeah erm there you go yeah now i know they’re here lets get the kids up here and see if we can get some some fishing! nice release! cheers bro i’ll give you an 8/10 for that i wont tell the kids about that release naa release it properly ay it arrr awesome, how many fish have you all caught today? ermm I’ve caught 7
I’ve caught 5 i like family fishing I’ve caught 4 so how much is that all together 9 add… 4 add 5 is 9 and 7 more 16! right so we didn’t catch anything with the… we didn’t catch any fish on the lures well i caught one earlier casting out Pike lures on baitcaster for joke they’re actually doing better than i did the first time genuinely that kid, wanted a baitcaster, not an open face reel ‘na na i dont want that dead reel i want that one!’ enit! ‘give me the baitcaster’ he knows! so lets go back down to the fishery which is just behind us Sean yeah its been an awesome day hasn’t it? yea man its wicked mate these people look how many cars are here! i know, this is the fishery car park when was the last time you saw one that full? never! check it out i’m going to try and errr put a bit of branding around ya know? mate you’re going to get sacked you are just errr shhhh mate you’re going to get banned you are which one? you ain’t going for the big one? i’m going for the main sign bro na you’re not na you’re not what you’e going to do is, you’re going to take a ‘picture’ of me by the sign and i’m going to (pop noise) oh alright ok yeah yeah yeah i’ll pretend, i’ll get my photograpy one on yea you do that na you’re going to get you’re some graffiti arti…(laughter) put it in the ‘O’, put it in the ‘O’ na i did think about that (broken laughter) (more laughter) mate you cant even tell really there we are kid Snagged Bro, Get Fishing! do you know what, its a great event and you can see all the enthusiasm and everyone getting into it and its awesome that’s what its all about its all about families coming down being introduced to fishing, enjoying it coming back as many times as they want building up their knowledge and becoming anglers yep
that’s what its all about really yep thanks Dave i appreciate it mate i’ll see you’s later cool man see you later see you later Dave
see you in a bit there we go then yeah what a good day enit Get Fishing, Snagged Bro yeah and not only was it just a great event of loads of families and getting parents involved with the fishing as well its also this fishery man you know, they’ve got it locked down you got the airaters in the water solar panels around its kind of self sufficient
you got the cafe you can come here and you don’t need to bring anything we’ve seen people just on the canal and they’re like ‘lets just go for a…’ yea people are popping down, popping into the cafe guys thanks for watching merch is available link is in description as always
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