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Kids Try Dried Mini Fish?! Snacks you have to try! | Josh Darnit

Kids Try Dried Mini Fish?! Snacks you have to try! | Josh Darnit

– What is up, the Internet? I’m starving. We haven’t eaten anything
since our last snack review. And so I decided we should
do another snack review before someone calls CPS
for not feeding my kids. (Evan laughs) Today, we’ve got snacks from Taiwan. These came from Nick Stafford. Fine, I’m just gonna rip into this. We’re hungry. (Josh growls)
(Evan laughs) Hey, Johnna. – Yes? – Get in the game and read this card. (loudly exhales) Why did I make my own sound effect? (loudly exhales) – Hi, thanks for being a
bright spot on the Internet. We enjoy your videos. Keep them coming. We hope that you enjoy the snacks. Let us know if you want more of something. Nick and Anna. – Thank you, Nick and Anna. What a cool card!
– Nick and Anna! – It’s got flying pigs and rocket ships and all sorts of cool stuff on it. Oh wait, what’s this? They sent a family photo. I think. What is this? I’ve got like little sticker card things. Travel stickers. – I call this one. – First snack! And these have notes on them. Whoa! Hold on. We’ve got instructions. Dried noodles instructions. This is more involved than I thought. – Oh, let’s do the exact
instructions challenge! – With your thumb and
pointer finger in your right. This is an exact instructions
on making dried noodles! – Do that last.
– This is awesome! I’m so excited. Oh! Oh my goodness. They packed this full of stuff. This is going way beyond snacks. These are like little
buttons with a dog on it. (Johnna screams) I don’t know if these are magnetic. – I want ’em.
– That’s a bad idea. – I want it. – Oh yeah, they’re magnetic. Look. – It magnet… Wait. It’s a magnet to yourself? – Johnna, don’t you know your
skull is made out of metal? Give me that. Look, how long have you been in school and you don’t know that
there’s metal in your skull? – Wait, what? – Maybe you’re one of those weird kids that’s born without metal in your skull? – Is he being serious? – How do you? – Look guys, it just sticks to the metal. – How do you do that? – Why isn’t it working? – Let’s start simple and small. Little dried fish in so many things. Are you guys willing to eat some things that are maybe a little
bit strange to you today? – [Johnna] No. – What if I offer you a prize? – Yes. – A dollar for every
strange thing that you eat. – Yes.
– Okay. – We’re gonna try some little almond fish. – How do you do that? – Guys, looks at these tiny
little fish with almonds. – Oh, they’re so cute! – It’s a whole tiny, little fish. – It’s so cute!
– Can you see this? You wanna eat this?
(Johnna gasps) With an almond? – Okay, I’ll eat it with the almond. – If I eat the first one, does that mean that we get the dollars? – Yeah, you eat this one. You get a dollar. Just do it. People eat this. It’s a snack. It’s a little bit different
from what you’re used to, but you can do it. I just ate one. – Is it a raw fish, though? – No, it’s dried out. – Is it good? – But it’s not cooked? – You tell me if it’s good. – Can I have a drink of your coffee after if it’s disgusting? – Absolutely. – Okay, well, just have it ready, ’cause I need something to barf into. – Okay go for it, guys! Brave. (Johnna coughs) Come on. – It just tastes like seaweed but. – Chew it.
– I can’t. – Yeah, it tastes kinda
like seaweed, chew it. – I can’t chew it. – Chew it. Yes! I am so proud of you.
(Johnna coughs) I am like, give me five! Chew it. – It’s just resting on my tongue. – Oh, careful, okay. What’d you think of that? You liked it! Alright! Evan just gave thumbs up on almond fish. – Johnna just hided it. – Chili flavored hard-boiled quail eggs. – [Johnna] What’s a quail? – [Narrator] Quail. A small migratory gallinaceous game bird. – This feels like black licorice. – Oh, it’s squishy.
– Ah, I hate black licorice. – Oh, it’s squishy! – Let’s be brave together. Three, two , one. (Johnna groans) Pop the whole thing. It’s better if you pop the whole thing. (bowling pins crash) Mystery bites. You ready? We’re on three, two, one. Three, two one. Go. – I can’t get it. Oh, there it go. – Mmmm. – It tastes like a plant. – Wanna know what it is? It’s Taiwan dried guava fruit. – Root beer. – This is sarsaparilla candy. Popular snack for kids. – It’s seaweed. – What is that? – Yeah, it’s seaweed.
– Yeah. – So light and flaky. Larva seaweed. New taste. It’s Larva like after the cartoon, which is one of Evan’s favorite cartoons. This is not a snack at all. Apparently, this is for Evan. And it’s a good luck charm. It says, put the little things inside, carry with you for good luck. – There’s little instructions back here. – Oh Johnna! You got a little good luck charm too. This is so much variety. – So this is con-jack coconut jelly. Are we supposed to put it on something? Wait, you chew it? – Yes. You can go (slurps). There you go. It’s like Jell-o. What do ya think? – Mmmmm. – Do you like it? I’m gonna give it like one of these. I didn’t dislike it. Probably wouldn’t buy it. – Thumbs up. – Thumbs up, alright. He likes the coconut jelly. Moving on to the next, hey! I got some sort of a little
good luck charm for Josh. – Seriously? That’s like gold. – Now I don’t know if you
guys can guess what these are. – [Evan] Shrimp. – I’m not eating that. – I hope you’re not
ready to lose a dollar. – Yeah, I am. I’m not eating that. – Are you supposed to eat the tail? I’m gonna skip the tail. But I’m just gonna eat the whole shrimp. – Yeah, I’m not eating that. – So you guys are both
rejecting the shrimp, huh? – Yes. – Look at this little drop of
golden honey wonderfulness. Mmmm! Oh, this is good. – It’s honey. Is this honey? – It’s something awfully close to honey. – The middle. – [Josh] Mhmm. – For some reason, it tastes weird. – What’s the middle? – A middle is when you have
two things like on two sides and then there’s something between them. That’s the middle. (drum beats) It’s a Saladitos. – What’s that? – It’s like a dried plum
with salt all over it. – Ohhh! – First, can I just point
out how cute these things are with the little paw prints on them, too? Okay. It’s ground-up bumblebee. (intense music) – [Cameraman] But you liked it. – Okay, it’s just pineapple cake (laughs). You can’t eat it now? And that’s how you get candy from a baby. This is the last one. – What is that? – I’m gonna give you guys each. – It looks like cheese. – Oh!
– Nope! – So I’m gonna be the only
one brave enough to eat this? – Yes. – What about $10? – Nope. – Eating the whole thing. – Nope.
– 50. – What if you…50? Who have you been hanging out with? – Actually, I know my decision. – What’s your decision? – 40 million. (Josh laughs) – I like it. – I don’t like seafood. – If you gave this to me and
didn’t tell me it was seafood, I wouldn’t know. – Really? – Except that it smells like it. You know what it tastes like? It tastes like beef jerky. – Nope. – It feels and tastes like beef jerky. – I don’t like beef jerky. – You wanna know what it is? – Yes.
– Yeah. – It’s dried squid. (Johnna groans) He said, dried squid. You said you liked weird. – Weird. – This is maybe my favorite
thing I’ve tasted in here. – I don’t like weird. – Wanna take a little bite?
– No. – Don’t send us weird stuff anymore. Send us sweet chocolatey good stuff. – Okay, well I wanna give a huge thank you and shout out to Nick Stafford. Nick, this was one of the coolest boxes we’ve ever gotten. So many little thoughtful
trinkets and notes. And guys, stay tuned. Because he also sent us an
exact instructions challenge and we’re gonna do a
separate video of that, because I don’t wanna
pack too much into this. This deserves it’s own video. Stay tuned. I liked most of what I tried. I liked that I got to try some new things. What was your favorite thing? What was your least favorite thing? – My favorite thing was probably that pineapple cake
thing that you said was. – My favorite was that pop. – This? – And then my least favorite was the fish. – Yeah. – Guys, that’s it for us. Thanks again, Nick
Stafford, for sending this. Thanks for your comments. If you guys enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe
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