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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


we’re in Michoacan, Mexico and we’re
here for some crazy good food we can’t wait to get into the street food here and also
sample a ton of traditional indigenous foods the state of Michoacan has a
vibrant and varied food culture this is our first video from Michoacan and we’re
in the town of Patzcuaro the food culture here is influenced by its indigenous
peoples, its geography and has a unique identity we eat corundas a local
staple fresh fish from picturesque Lake Patzcuaro stumble onto some killer tacos
and eat the local specialty of pasta flavored ice cream in this huge Mexico
series we’ll show you some of the country’s tastiest food from rare
indigenous recipes to delicious street food you don’t want to miss this series
get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat Patzcuaro is such a beautiful little
town what we’re going to be doing today is just zipping all around the show
and eating a bunch of street food as well as some really traditional dishes
of this town and of this state so we’re just um at our first stop for a street food
called huchepos we’re outside the Basilica here it’s a really lovely part of town
and huchepos are a type of tamale which are indigenous to this region and
they’re made from fresh corn we’re just um at this stop here and we’ve got the
big pot which usually signifies that there are tamales cooking hola buenos dias es esto corundas si and es esto huchepos? tamales ah si
alright so I thought that the lady was selling huchepos which is the tamal
that I was telling you about but she’s actually just got normal
tamales and also corundas but corundas is one thing that we wanted to try while
we were here so we’re gonna order a couple of them dos corundas por favor
um so corundas are another type of tamale but they’re a triangular tamale
again really unique to this region so she’s just got a whole stack of tamales and corundas in there we’ve ordered a meat corundas so you can see that it’s a
triangular shape she’s just unwrapping it right now it’s pretty hefty pretty big in
size wow delicioso gracias con crema y salsa, si, si gracias so she just asked me if I wanted salsa and crema on the top I said yes perfecto gracias the
lady also has some atole cooking up here atole is, atole con leche, ah si, una
gracias so atole is a drink which is made out of corn dough it’s really thick
this is um also got milk in it I believe so corn dough and milk and it’s
a really thick hearty drink that you often drink for breakfast or late at
night so we’ve ordered one of those muy rico gracias got our mug of atole let’s go and get into the food this is a really lovely atmosphere
right outside the church sitting under this tarpaulin and eating communally
so this is the corundas and I’ve been really excited about trying this so
what it is is this corn dough which is shaped like a triangle you can see and
then it’s been stuffed with meat what I’m gonna do is just open it up for you
to see whoa look at that so it’s got all sorts of meat in there
and cooked in sort of maybe like a tomato and chili sauce I think it might
be pork actually and then what she did was she doused it in salsa and then
also some crema which is sort of like a Mexican thin sour cream and then to wash
it all down we’ve got this atole which is that corn-based drink let’s
just get into this corundas so I’m gonna make sure that it’s coated in all
of that salsa it’s really really good it’s very spicy has a really strong
chilli kick the meat is beautiful and tender I didn’t really get much of a bite
of the corn dough there so I’m gonna get some more of that the masa is really really soft because it’s been steaming away
it’s just melt in your mouth it works beautifully with the salsa let’s give
this atole a try this is another thing that Patzcuaro is really famous
for its atole so it’s water with a corn dough mixed into it so
it’s really thick and creamy and she said leche which is milk so maybe
it has a bit of milk in it as well it’s so sweet and creamy mmm so good so this
type of food as I was talking about is traditional indigenous food of the Purepechan people so Purepecha is the biggest indigenous group here in
Patzcuaro and we’re gonna be eating a ton of their traditional dishes today that was a really good start so tamales
are interesting because you generally find them in the morning and in the
evening but not in the middle of the day so that was a great way to start our
day now we’re gonna go find a really unique street food for this region
we’ve gotta find a bus though and we have no idea where the bus goes from but
we’ve got to find the bus to get to a lake to get this street food we managed to find the right
collectivo to get us down here so it’s basically a minibus it’s a van you just
pile in and they take you wherever you need to go so we’re down by the lake so
this beautiful lake and what makes the street food pretty unique that we’re
gonna eat now is it comes from the lake to the stand which is right here so this
is pretty damn fresh hola buenos tardes so oh muchas gracias so these are what we’re eating today so these are charalitos which are the tiny fish from the lake right there and this lady’s got
a ton of charalitos cooking up in the oil as well as some bigger fish so
I think we’re gonna order these small ones, una charalitos por favor gracias she’s adding some Valentina hot sauce on
top of them perfecto gracias and also some lime this is a really neat setup
because she’s got her big frying pan she’s got her fresh fish and she’s frying
them up muchas gracias Senora look at these crispy fried fish ohhh they’re
gonna be really good the lady has let me come up and have a go
at cooking these little fish so we’ve got ours covered in the hot sauce look
at them just bubbling away in this really little thin layer of oil she also
does these big fish as well which definitely look like a freshwater fish
so they’ve totally come from the lake as well and these little guys that we’re
gonna eat up now muchas gracias it’s a really nice atmosphere down here so all these long
boats you can see parked up they go out on the lake cruises bands jump on
there’s some lovely music coming from that one that’s just popped out we’ve
got our little snack and while I find why I find these pretty unique is that
fresh seafood cooked right by the sea is pretty common like you see that all
around the world but I don’t think I’ve ever seen fresh seafood from a lake
being cooked right beside the lake so I think that’s pretty neat so got these
tiny little fish covered in some hot sauce let’s just get that one because it’s
nicely covered in hot sauce yum they were just floured chucked in
the shallow oil fried and they’re really well fried so they’re they’re cooked
right through so they’re chips basically oh my god super crispy nice and
salty nice tang from the from the hot sauce that is one hell of a snack and I
love that they come out of this lake and this region of Mexico is stunning you’ve
got these amazing mountains all around you there’s beautiful birds all around
here it is a really neat snack in a really neat environment Patzcuaro is a really beautiful
colonial town and its really easy to navigate the central historical district
on foot we’re just in the zocalo at the moment there’s beautiful music playing from
speakers all around us it’s a really lovely atmosphere we’re now going to go
to a restaurant which is really famous for traditional dishes Purepechan
dishes and as I was saying before Patzcuaro has a really strong indigenous
culture Purepechan people have been well their civilization has been
around for a thousand years so the food culture here is really strong let’s go
get some food we’ve struck a bit of a problem this happens sometimes when
we’re filming that there is the restaurant so we ain’t getting in there
the restaurant’s closed so this does happen sometimes because Google results
for when places are open are just not true so that one we cannot do which is a
real shame because we really wanted to eat those super traditional foods but
there’s plenty more food in this town so let’s go find some more stuff to eat we’ve come to the local market to get
some food now if you’re searching for something to eat in Mexico the local
market is a really great first stop because there’s always going to be a
little torta stands and taco stands and small fondas which are
family-run restaurants we’ve had a little look around it’s not really the
indigenous food that we were after but there’s a really busy tacos stand up ahead
so we’re going to go there, one thing if you’re after food just from any
random street stall and you’re not sure where to go always go where the people
are this place is really busy so let’s get some tacos two seats have just opened up at this
taco stand oh sorry disculpe so we’re just going
to grab a seat in front of this huge pot of meat which is just
frying up I can see chorizo and there’s some onions on the side there’s
intestines all sorts I don’t study dos chorizo dos tripa por favor gracias con todo? Si con todo so what I’ve done is ordered two intestine tacos and two chorizo tacos with
everything which is con todo so you’ve got this big pot which is just
filled with lard and what not and they’re just the meat is just bubbling away what you do is you sort of eat a couple then order some more eat a couple order some more okay so look
at these tacos so we’ve got two chorizo so two of the spicy sausage and
then two of the tripa which are the intestines and we got them with
con todo so everything on top there’s onions you can see coriander or cilantro
and then a red salsa to go with it on the side there these slow sort of
roasted onions they’re really really tender and then a squeeze of lime and
what’s really awesome is that the tortillas have been bathed just bathing
in that lard so you can see them bubbling away there and they’re just soaking up all
of the meat juices and fat so what I’m going to do is just grab some of this
lime and stick it over the top give it a good squeeze and then this this
onion here is my favorite so I’m just gonna add that to my taco so this is the
chorizo taco okay that is so good
muy rico amigos muchas gracias so good the tortilla is a little bit crispy
it’s got so much flavor because of that fat and then the chorizo is really spicy
the onion is tender this is a perfect mouthful look at this tripa one so this is
the intestine so I love how it’s all covered in the salsa already oh man oh that is killer good love how those tortillas
have got the fat on them so they’re nice and juicy
the intestine is cooked perfectly this is a brilliant stand
I love these types of places because the environment is great you’ve got it all
going on in front of you the smells of this cooking right here the sounds of it
cooking the smells of it cooking you order chucked in front of you dive in whilst it’s hot, perfect it’s turned a bit cold and rainy in Patzcuaro
at the moment but that’s not gonna deter us from our next street food and that is
nieves, nieves is a hand churned water-based ice cream and Patzcuaro is
really famous for a certain flavor of nieves and that’s pasta flavour this
next spot has been around since 1905 so let’s go and get a pasta flavoured
nieves dos nieves por favor, una pasta y una chongos, si, gracias, dos chongos y perfecto muchas gracias these nieves flavours look
really good we actually ordered two muchas gracias so the pasta flavored and
also chongos I can’t wait to get into these two giant cups of nieves so we got
the pasta flavor now the pasta flavour nieves is famous in Patzcuaro
people come from all round Michoacan to eat this flavor nieves so the pasta
flavor is actually almonds vanilla and cinnamon so really looking forward to
sampling that and then this one here is the chongos and chongos is a
dessert made up of curdled milk and cinnamon you can see all those bits of
curdled milk in there so I’m just gonna put the chongos one down and then get
into this pasta nieves you can see the consistency is so soft and almost icy alright whoa that is super super creamy ohhh the vanilla flavor is the
overwhelming flavor it’s very creamy sort of a little bit sticky almost this
is good I have just tried that pasta flavor as well it’s unreal
it tastes just like condensed milk it’s very very sweet but very good now time
for this chongos and this looks crazy look at all those chunks in there so
this is a dessert a regional dessert but this has been made whoa it’s so hard
this has been made into Nieves and I really like the little stand it’s been
really busy every time we’ve walked past it today and when they’re scooping the
nieves you can see that the the stainless steel cylinders that it’s in
are sitting in a bucket of what will probably be iced salt water so keep them
really chilled and you see the buckets bobbing up and down as they scoop it out
let’s get this down whoa, whoa that’s amazing, ohhh oh a bit of an ice cream headache whoa
that’s incredible so that that sits more on the dessert side than the ice cream
side it’s texturally super chunky so the curdled milk element has that cheesy
element it’s got a little bit of bounce in it and it’s thick so a lot of it is
that I was expecting a little bit of that with a lot of the ice cream but
it’s not it’s a lot of that curdled milk the cinnamon flavor is very strong on
the sweetness side this compared to the one Sheena had not even similar this
tastes like there’s no sugar in it compared to that there is a quite a lot
of sugar in it but it’s much less sweet super interesting let’s get some more hmm oh there’s big chunks of cinnamon bark in there look at that I’ll just get a bit
with the cinnamon whoa and that’s gone all soft
this is absolutely utterly amazing it’s very very good


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