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King Salmon Flasher, Flies, Meat Rigs & Spoon Setups

King Salmon Flasher, Flies, Meat Rigs & Spoon Setups

So today is July 17th, we’re
out here on the Hour Time fishing for king salmon and this time
of year the fish are eating a lot they’re preparing to run up the
rivers and they’re pretty aggressive and they’re getting big so
what we run a lot this time of year mostly all flashers and flies. We like
these eight inchers and I’m gonna go into detail about this a little bit. Leader
lengths behind it is critical. I like to go as crazy as this sounds the length
of my arm so about 24 inches I’m guessing, and
this is important because what this thing does is it spins and it mimics a
school bait fish it attracts them in and then this is the one that can’t keep up
so you want this when this spins you don’t want it to be dead flat you want
it to move a little bit you want that flasher to whip it around so we would
keep our leaders just long enough for that to happen and this is a this
actually great rig PK Special and a genie fly and we also run some meat rigs
this time of year maybe a little later but I mean it’s always good to
run a couple of them now. Right here we run these a little longer and we run the
teasers I like to keep the teasers close so they’re they’re really whippin and
then this head behind them and a little trick I do is with the meatheads so you
put your meat in there and guys will sometimes stick a toothpick in the back but what I like to do is put beads in between that and the hook so you don’t
have a toothpick in the line so that I think it helps the meat head spin a
little bit better and that works really, really good for running these
meet rigs and as you can see these are a little longer and don’t be afraid to you
know maybe put one teaser on it or two teasers you know this is something you
can play with you don’t always have to run three teasers you can even go no
teasers if you want if you’re running meat I mean it’s all different and
nothing works better than the other. Then we also run 11 inch flashers
and these these are big that’s the same concept as a eight incher but it spins a
lot bigger so we put a longer lead on as you can see this one’s way longer and
these these work really good we run a lot of these on our are deep
downriggers, on our center downrigger. I don’t know why it’s just kind of a
thing we do on this boat and and then as you know the year goes on we have a
couple stingrays out because the baits getting bigger these a little bit bigger
spoons and we run them right now we have a couple out for steelhead,
their kind of steelhead rods but we have caught Kings on them too so these are
just examples of some of the flashers and flies and spoons we run that work
really well for us.

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  1. I've been using manual outriggers till now>>> Wow. What a difference these make. They are quality products.

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