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Klopp calls out LeBron James, Messi and eats salmon | Jürgen in fine form

Klopp calls out LeBron James, Messi and eats salmon | Jürgen in fine form

It’s the first time the kids
are not excited when I’m around. The hype is over.
Maybe LeBron James would help now. LeBron! Well, let’s make a test. Wow, Jürgen Klopp is around! No reaction! Very good, very good, I like it. So, if I can help, tell me. Obviously nobody likes salmon. Salmon. I like salmon. Una cerveza, por favor. I like a beer. “One beer, please.” “Una cerveza” – when German people
make holiday in Spain, and if you have no clue about the language, you at least need to have
the opportunity to order a beer. “Una cerveza, por favor.” Hello. Where are you from, Jack? Knoxville, Tennessee. – Nashville, Tennessee.
– Knoxville. OK. This is a nice place? I’ve never been there. Is it cool? You go to school there? Yeah, you have to, huh? Still a few years. JÜRGEN LAUGHS Which is your favourite team?
Tell the truth, come on. Barcelona. Barca!
Who is Barca? It’s OK, it’s OK. So they brought
you here to cook with us? Yes. They forced you to do it? No. Another Barca…
That’s why nobody reacts. Messi should be here. That’s cool. So, all the best, see you. Cool. Welcome.

100 comments on “Klopp calls out LeBron James, Messi and eats salmon | Jürgen in fine form

  1. Klopp is MULTI TALENT ! He can be Manager, Father, Santa Clause, he can be everything u asked for 🙂 YNWA

  2. I love this man 😂 He is so funny! Greetings from a Barca supporter. Hopefully LFC will win the EPL this season…I keep my fingers crossed for LFC😎💪

  3. I would walk through brick walls for this manager,and obviously am not a footballer,jus the way he can make you feel,so imagine how the players feel playing for him,WOULD YOU SEE MOANinho doing this stuff.NO CHANCE!KLOPP RUBS OFF POSITIVELY ON EVERYBODY.YNWA JURGEN LAD!

  4. Liverpool won against city by helping referee and all people watched that friendly match . what a shame match

  5. Sorry Liverpool…Barcelona is the most supported club in the world…Because they are dominance, play beautiful and can win trophies fair and square unlike Uefadrid who paid referee and Uefa most of the time…

  6. My guy said Barca standing in front of klopp😂😂😂 he has guts I'd be too scared to utter another mans player in front of a manager 😂😂😭

  7. I'm a Real Madrid fan, and my favorite manager ever will always be Zinedine Zidane. But Jurgen Klopp has the best sense of humor out of all managers. He's awesome!

  8. What is it with people STILL not knowing how to pronounce LeBron??? I mean for fuck's sake he has only been around for about 300 years now…

  9. "Wow Jurgen Klopp is around". He should say that everywhere.
    Enters supermarket…
    Enters bar…
    Enters library…
    Klopp tha man!

  10. Jurgen klopp is absolutely bonkers but ya gotta love the bloke, more jolly than any other manager in professional football

  11. Theres only one Jurgen Klopp
    Theres only one Jurgen Klopp
    With a packet of sweets
    And a cheeky smile
    Jurgen Klopp's a friggin pedophile

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