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Koh Chang Island – PRISTINE SEAFOOD FISHING VILLAGE and Spicy Curries | Food Travel Guide!

Koh Chang Island – PRISTINE SEAFOOD FISHING VILLAGE and Spicy Curries | Food Travel Guide!

– Good morning I hope you’re
having an awesome day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Koh
Chang Island which is in Trat, in the eastern part of Thailand. This is day seven of our Eastern
Thai food and travel tour. But it’s a jungle cover rustic island with beautiful beaches. We’re gonna drive around the
eastern side of the island and explore some of the fishing villages. We’re gonna get some amazing scenery, we’re gonna go see some beaches and of course we are gonna search out some incredibly delicious food. And especially some seafood. And I’m gonna share all
the food and everything that we do with you today
in this video right now so, we’re getting ready
to leave it’s about 7 a.m. (uptempo music) so it is really cool that we’re able to have our car here in Koh Chang so that we can drive around. This gonna be an awesome day. Just quickly to tell you,
we are staying on a beach in an area called, Kai Bae. And this is one of the most, this entire western
side of Koh Chang Island is the main side where
you’ll find most hotels, most guest houses, most life. But the eastern side is
known to be more quiet, more peaceful, a little more rustic. So that’s the side we’re
especially gonna focus on. But really we’re gonna
focus on the food today (uptempo music) We just drove down the
road a few kilometers. We’re just before Klong Prao, which is the next kinda beach area. But there’s a restaurant and
this is where we need to stop to eat breakfast before we move on. (speaking in foreign language) This is one of those spots where you can go down the line
of pots and open the cover and see what they have for the day. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Yesterday, we took the
day off from filming and actually we ate at this same place. We were just driving pass, I saw that lots of van
drivers and tok-tok drivers were stopping here to eat. And I knew it was a place we needed to stop to eat for lunch too. So I’m glad they’re open this morning. This, they actually
serve Southern Thai food. Like not this region, but from the southern
peninsula of Thailand and their food is awesome. It’s also halal food. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, this place is absolutely fantastic. Yeah, and I ordered actually
the same exact dishes that I ordered yesterday
because they’re so good. This is the dish. Almost everybody eating here orders this. It’s just a beautiful beef soup. The chunks of beef, the
fresh chilies in there, look at that, just
entire chilies in there. The fresh onions. Ah, okay let me just take a bit. Oh, and the crispy fried shallots. Oh, that is melt in your mouth beef. And the stock is so beefy and
so rich and beautifully salty. And then you can taste the herbs that have been boiled down in the soup, the Kaffir lime leaves,
cilantro roots in there as well. The part that I love the most is that they combine fresh uncooked onions and
chilies and lime juice, as well as some tomatoes in there. And then they pour the boiling
soup over those vegetables. So you’ve got both cooked ingredients as well as raw ingredients, which gives it that punch of flavor. And those crispy shallots as well. Man that’s good. Next dish I got is (speaks in foreign language) this is beef in a dry curry. So you can see that curry paste which is just kinda caked
up on the meat there with Kaffir lime leaves. It’s absolutely stunning. You’ve got that cake, that crust of chili curry paste on there. I love it. Another thing that’s great
about Southern Thai food is you’ve always got a plate of (speaks in foreign language) which is a plate of raw
vegetables and some shrimp paste. And I’m going right in. This is white turmeric, I believe. Yeah, that’s your wake
up call in the morning. Finally thing I got her is some (speaks in foreign language) which is dried, sun dried fish, and then deep fried. And she said she makes this all herself. Oh, look at that fish. That’s seriously good stuff. You can taste that it’s sort
of been dehydrated in the sun. But the dehydrating the (speaks in foreign language) meaning one sun, one day of sunshine, it gives it a more unique texture. Like a little bit, slightly
turning to jerky but not quite. (bright music) There’s nothing like a
7:30 a.m, morning meal that breaks your sweat of the day and just leaves you like, shirt slightly dripping, but
feeling outrageously satisfied. And now that we’ve finished with breakfast we can continue driving. (uptempo music) oh man, this side of the island
is so incredibly relaxing. We are stopping at a coffee shop. It is called, The Coffee Home. It’s right along the ocean. You can sit, you can relax. They have a garden. Oh, this is gorgeous. This is great. Coffee is okay. Now we can officially
start the day though. (uptempo music) The coffee here is okay, not amazing. But the scenery, the
atmosphere is spectacular. That is one relaxing cup of coffee. We’re on our way, next, I hope we’re gonna go
check out a coconut farm. The place is called, The
Organic Coconut Farm. It’s right on the side of the road. It’s just a beautiful little,
kinda shack type of place. So next up let’s have a coconut. (speaks in foreign language) Yes, really nice. And then, you’ll find everything there. Or I can write it down for you. (speaking in foreign language) Straight up blended coconut and coconut meat and the coconut water. Oh. Oh, that’s awesome. Oh, and the foam, the coconut foam on top. Oh, that’s superb. I like that he just doesn’t add anything, he just relies on the coconut. It froths up, it’s absolutely sensational. (guitar music) Oh, that’s outstanding. I mean, it’s perfectly sweet and a little bit sour and pure coconut. (guitar music) (speaking in foreign language) Ying said I have to come
check out the toilet. Which is back here in the coconut field. Oh, here it is in the palm branches. Oh, and of course a banana tree in the toilet that’s awesome. (Mark laughs) This is the type of bathroom
I’ve always dreamed about. The banana trees,
surrounded by palm branches. And just check out this thrown. The podium. You can do your morning
exercise at the same time. Man, he’s just an amazing friendly man. Just passionate about the
fruit that he’s serving. He will talk to you, he will take care of you
when you’re sitting here, and I fully support what he’s doing. I love it. This is great. Look at that, it’s just like jelly. Mm. (speaking in foreign language) – Delicious – Really good. It just melts in your mouth. – Yeah. – It’s perfect. Got some bananas. And in Thai this is called a (speaks in foreign language) Which is just like a wild
egg banana, or apple banana. Mm. (woman speaking foreign language) It’s so good. Yeah, it’s like orange on the inside. Wow, that is a superb banana. (speaking in foreign language) He gave us some bananas on the way out. His name is Khon Drani. Pay him a visit. He has amazing coconuts and fruit. And what stands out
even more than his fruit is how nice and how friendly he is. Next up, we are going to
Salak Khok, which is a, it’s a fishing village
in a bay with mangroves it looks amazing. We’re gonna eat some seafood there. (uptempo music) This is an old fishing community. It’s gorgeous here. We’re at the pier. We’re gonna walk around. Oh man, the peace and quiet, the fishing boats, the bay, it’s gorgeous. Can you see that dog taking
a nap on the sunken boat? And the water is really peaceful because it’s an inlet,
it’s a bay that comes in. If you go further that way,
you’ll get to the open sea. But that’s why this
water remains so quiet. It’s covered in mangroves. The mangroves are gorgeous as well. And one of the main attractions here is to kayak through the mangroves, but then also just to come here and just observe the traditional
Koh Chang fishing village. One of the ways to support this community is to go to the seafood restaurant. They have a seafood restaurant, one main seafood restaurant here, where the fishermen bring their catch. And so you can go there to eat seafood. It’s very much community run and driven, which is what I like about it. So we’re gonna go see what
seafood they have for the day. (uptempo music) This place is relaxation on another level. It’s so relaxed in fact, that we came here and the chef is actually, the chef has gone somewhere, so they had to call up the chef to tell the chef to
come back here to cook. One of their specialties here is kang. Which in English is mantis shrimp. The giant alien looking mantis shrimp, which I’ve already had a
number of times in Trat. It’s very common, it’s very popular. And so they have a fresh tank of them. Those are giant. But something else I have
to show you over here is, giant arapaima, but you look over this, look at how big that fish is. That’s like the size of a full grown man. The food has all arrived. It looks spectacular. But, by all means the center piece, the trophy of the meal
are these mantis shrimp. They’re just, they’re huge. They’re like a foot long. They kept the whole
heads and the tentacles and the pinchers on them. They’re kinda scary looking. And these are deep fried with garlic and maybe some oyster sauce on top. You can see those
crunchy pieces of garlic. Oh, it looks awesome. It’s definitely the length of your face. Oh hello, nice to meet you. And you can see that shell, but then on the inside
there that’s the meat. That’s what you’re going for. It’s kinda like lobster
and shrimp mixed together. Oh wow. Oh, the freshness. Oh, the garlic. The taste is in between
crab and shrimp and lobster kinda all mixed together. The texture is a little
bit stringy but silky. It’s sweet. They’re superb. Yeah this is the meat
right out of the tall. Look at how succulent, how
moist and how juicy that is. It’s unbelievably delicious. Another dish we got is called (speaks in foreign language) Normally in Thailand it’s called (speaks in foreign language) but here they call it (speaks in foreign language) This is raw shrimp. It’s kinda like ceviche. Raw shrimp in here, lots
of lemon grass, chilies. They put some carrots and cashews in here and then it should be
like a lime dressing. And you can see the shrimp are just, they’re raw, but they’re just
cooked by the lime juice. Mm. Oh. Oh, that’s one of those dishes that like, kinda punches you in the face. Mm, it’s sour, really nice and sour. All that finely shaved
lemon grass in there, what gives it such a freshness. There are chilies in there. You’ve got the crunch of the
cabbage and those carrots and then the cashews. Final dish we got here is (speaks in foreign language) And (speaks in foreign language) is a common form of preserving. It literally translate to one sun. Meaning one day of sun. So they hang out the seafood in the sun, let it dry in the sun for one day. And then it’s normally deep fried. So this area is known
for their squid, one sun. And so you can see it’s
sort of crinkled up, it looks a little dry
and then it’s deep fried. On second thought, after looking at it I think it’s cuttlefish. Mm. Mm. Yeah, wow. That is absolutely fantastic. It has a little chewy factor to it. But you taste the saltiness
as it’s slightly preserved. It’s like rubbery but
not at the same time. And just packed full of flavor. Oh, this makes for the perfect, like, chili, garlic platform. What a perfect little ledge. (guitar music) Or with that sauce. I’m going in for the tentacles. In Thai they call it the (speaks in foreign language) like the mustache. And I’m gonna use that
mustache to kinda scrap up as much chilies and garlic as possible. (guitar music) That’s a bit to remember. (guitar music) That was a stunner of a seafood meal. Do not let the emptiness, and if there are no people
here, just come here. It’s great. The seafood is delicious and fresh. Our bill was pretty expensive. I mean it is pretty expensive. But over half our bill was because we had those mantis shrimp. So if you don’t have the mantis shrimp you can really reduce your price. And you can get some of the other dishes. Alright and that, hold on. And that completes our
visit to Salak Khok. It’s really a beautiful fishing village. The seafood is great. It’s well worth your effort to come here. From here we’re driving down
the coast and we’re going to (speaks in foreign language) Which is, in English, it’s Long Beach. (Bright music) See, at some parts the
road was covered in jungle and kinda overgrown. Mika is taking a nap right now. So they’re waiting in the car. We were planning to swim here and play in the sand for a little while. We’ll see if Mika wakes up. But for the time being
let’s go take a look at the beach right now. Yeah it is pretty spectacularly
quiet and peaceful. The water it’s pretty nice. There’s kind of a lot of garbage though. Too bad it’s not a bit cleaner. There are a couple of restaurants, or maybe just one
restaurant, kinda bar area. People are chilling it’s
very peaceful though. Very, a very relaxing place. (uptempo music) Mika’s still sleeping so I
think we’re gonna continue on. But I’m not all that
impressed with Long Beach. It’s a nice beach, it’s nice and quiet, but looks like it’s seen better days. It’s kinda run down, it’s kinda dirty. Lot’s of garbage has washed up. I was much more impressed with Salak Khok. From here we’re driving on to Salak Phet. Which is the next bay. And we made it to Salak Phet. That was just a short drive. But another beautiful drive. The first place that
we’re stopping off here is a mangrove plank walkway. (speaking in foreign language) This is already gorgeous. But, part of the reason
it’s really cool is because maybe it is abandoned, it is really quiet. You do have to be a little careful of the missing planks
and the loose planks. Wow, watch out, your head. – Wow. – Wow You get to this certain point and the mangroves really open
up to an expansive greenery with the mountains in the background. It’s really kinda a shame though that they haven’t maintained
the walkway, the boardwalk, because it’s in pretty bad shape. My tip is that you really
stand in the center where the concrete beams are. But it’s gorgeous and peaceful and quiet. (uptempo music) Made it to the very end of the platform. Actually I thought it was
supposed to go a loop trip. Maybe, I don’t know. But this is definitely the end. Heading back to the car and from here we’re gonna go check out
one more seafood restaurant within Salak Phet. And I think that might conclude the day. But, what a fantastic
day it’s already been. (uptempo music) There are two main seafood
restaurants to choose from. One is called Salak
Phet Seafood and Resort. And the other is called (speaking in foreign Language) Saeng Arun So we’re gonna try to go to Saeng Arun it looks a little more low-key. And we gotta walk down the
little lane to get there. You would sort of walk
through their house, which is like a full dock in of itself. And then you get to the
restaurant in the back here, with the view of the sea. Ah, yes. (uptempo music) Didn’t order very much,
just a couple of dishes. I just wanted to try this place and just to enjoy the
view of Salak Phet bay. And the, yeah, just the
late afternoon scenery. And it is spectacular. We have the sea breeze. This is called (speaks in foreign language) These are little carb
cakes and then deep fried. I’m not sure if they’re
encased in tofu skin. I think they are. Mm. Mm. Hmm-mm. Maybe it’s mixed with egg, but it’s crab. You can taste the onions
and garlic in there and then kinda crunchy skin. And really what you’re supposed to do is dip it in this sweet plum sauce. The sauce is very sweet. But that does accompany well the salty, pepperiness of the sausage. The next dish we got is (speaks in foreign language) which is this type of
stir-fry with hoi-shell, which are the scallops. And you can see it’s full of, ooh, there’s some random leaves in there. It’s full of krachai, which is fingerroot. These are little small, hopefully, I think they’re local scallops. Onto the rice. I love that fingerroot in there. And then you’ve got the scallops which have a bit of a bounce to them. Oh yeah, we’ve got a hanger. Oh, it just slide off. (chuckles) Okay. Okay, I’m moving on to one more dish. This one is (speaks in foreign language) and it looks to be like
(speaks in foreign language) which is mullet fish. And it’s a sour soup. Wow, we got a bunch of heads down there. Oh, there’s a bunch of fish. Oh okay, they’re just small fish but there’s a lot of ’em. And immediately you can
smell that kinda sour I think tamarind in there. And there’s ginger too. Mm. Mm. Ooh, this soup is nice with the ginger. Mm. It could be a little more sour. It’s not that sour. Mm, but the fish broth and the ginger. The ginger actually, there’s
so much ginger in there it sort of burns going down you throat. That’s delicious. Yep, that’s mullet. Very firm. (guitar music) So that brings us to the end of this. What a fantastic day it
has been in Koh Chang, along the east coast of the island. The ending seafood meal it was okay, but it wasn’t spectacular to me. For me the first seafood
restaurant at Salak Khok that was really the more,
the awesome experience, it just had more character to it too. Another thing I wanted to tell you before ending this Kho Chang
travel, food, video guide. Yesterday, I didn’t film on video, but I took a few clips. We drove to end of the west side. You can continue along, it’s a really windy, amazing road, but then you get to a
place called Bang Bao. Which is a pier. There’s a lot of souvenir shops. I didn’t try any of the restaurants, but it’s a nice place to see as well. And then if you continue on, there’s another beach called Khlong Kloi, which is also a really chilled out, really relaxing place if you’re looking for a place
to stay for a few nights that’s gonna be peaceful and quiet, that’s also an amazing place. So that’s gonna do it for this
one day tour of Koh Chang. Visiting some of the sites and
especially enjoying the food. I will have the information
of the things we did and ate in the description box below, as well as some links
that you can check out. And I wanna say huge thank you for watching this video. It’s been a fantastic, fantastic day. And we’re just gonna drive back to the other side of the island now. So thank you very much for watching. Please remember to give
this video a thumbs up. Leave a comment below. And also if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribed now, and click the little bell icon so that you get notified
of the next video. Thanks again for watching. See you on the next video.

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