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Koi Fish Selection | Jumbo 2 Year old Kohaku Koi from Japan

Koi Fish Selection | Jumbo 2 Year old Kohaku Koi from Japan

hey I’m Eric Triplett the pond digger I’m in Upland California at the home of Mystic koi and I’m going to introduce you to Shawn McHenry now this guy is a true koi guru he’s been traveling to Japan for over 15 years and he brings home high-quality koi for everyone across the United States to enjoy he’s an international koi judge and there’s not too many people around that understand the true art of koi the way that he does let’s go meet him and learn some neat stuff about some amazing fish Shawn how are you doing Eric brother man good you see I can see you good to see you I’m great hey today I want to talk about the Kohaku oh good I just just had a Kohaku right there my favorites well you know let’s talk about the statement they say that that the koi begins with Kohaku and it ends with Kohaku yeah sure that’s a very very deep statement it means a lot of different things but essentially Kohaku is a red and white fish as simple as it gets but there are many many layers to that and once you can understand Kohaku you can start to understand all dragons right I love that tell me this I want to know how long it took them to develop the the white fish with red patterning sure sure how long that take so Hiro I saw on about 125 years ago started off with literally a red fish solid ribbon we called Benny boy and he started to notice white creeping up from the sides and so when you look at Kohaku today it’s a white fish generally with very like small red steps across there believe it or not that started off as a red fish and over the last hundred years or so they’ve got that white to creep up a small around the sides that’s that’s the kind of stuff I want to learn yeah hey can we bowl a couple and go through some steps absolutely let’s do it all right let’s do it oh all right so this is a beautiful two-year-old Kohaku from Myrtle koi farm and this is just a perfect example of what we’re looking for in an ideal Kohaku she’s massive for two people are gonna be astonished it’s crazy yeah yeah people have no idea that so very simple red and white fish but the Japanese have five or six different words for red to describe the type of rhythm five I know he that’s about it Oh akka Benny al Benny I know Benny – yeah and many of them refer to either flowers or fire showing you what kind of red it’s trying to to describe okay so what we’re looking for are typically very nice step patterns you can see that in this beautiful motor pan here this big circle on the head and then it’s followed by three very nice stepping stones behind it and if you notice this is almost like God like yeah yeah pink boat yeah it’s got a great pattern and we call it we call that you know Zoomer Jesus Ummah I like it when it goes all the way through that yeah he does not yeah that’s great all right I’ll pull her out and pull in the culture nice okay so the Tonto I mean it’s like it represents the Japanese flag right I mean yeah but it’s deeper than that I figured that much that’s why we’re asking you there you go so the Japanese flag is actually designed after the Tonto crane which is quite iconic because cranes as we all know are the mortal enemies oh boy I know but there’s a very beautiful crane in Japan it’s all white and it has a perfect red circle on the head and that’s where we get the Tantra one’d it’s so amazing that this fish originated as an all red fish yeah how through selective breeding we’ve gotten to this point where we can create such a unique pattern tell us about that the size of that red circle I mean is there an optimal size optimal position should be back farther and yeah this one’s in between the eyes a little bit absolutely we ideally want to show off this beautiful red spot and it should be sitting exactly right in between the eyes touching each eye so this is very very ideal placement it’s not perfectly centered if it was perfectly centered this would be all it’s an expensive fish as it is but if it was perfectly centered Wow there’s a nice part to just pull on them out and then just sitting right there in your hand huh yeah letting them balance yeah okay this is what I want to talk about I want to touch on it begins with Kohaku and ends with Kok because as far as I understand and my knowledge is when I’m looking for say a show or a goshiki or something like that I’m looking for a really unique Kohaku pattern within that fish whether it be songket or something absolutely okay just like you said it starts with Kohaku so we’re looking for a nice Kohaku pattern let’s pull up this goshiki because it has okay a great example of a Kohaku pattern but a different element the fins are showing you know slight gray in them is it is it is it more preference to have more gray or less gray an offense of the oshika so this is a go ski which which is a variety where things like the color of the fins aren’t too important I know as this fish develops because I know it’s its bloodline that this black will actually receive quite a bit on the fins and we might get a little bit of gray towards the center but overall all of this appeal has a quick judge that’s a one of the last things we look for we’re on a Kohaku or on a sulky we’re much more critical of those type of ideas okay what you really want to note is how beautiful the vignetting is especially as the bookies nice side shocks and you can see actually below how it’s a white fish underneath yeah I think it’s just extraordinary how this started off as a white fish entered development over the last year so she’s gotten much darker yeah she’s gorgeous all right thanks that we can let her go well that was some great information on some amazing fish I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if you’re ever in the upland area you got to stop in and see mystic koi talk to Shawn and tell them I said hi I’m Eric Triplett the pond digger thanks for watching you

41 comments on “Koi Fish Selection | Jumbo 2 Year old Kohaku Koi from Japan

  1. I got some koi that is black with an orange bottom, dont know what it is though besides a koi. Got some other fish that are said to be a butterfly but not a typical looking butterfly like my other with long nice looking fins. oh well more koi vids like this pleas!
    Also that first pond how to with Billy Jean, is there an after video that will be shot sometime?

  2. I have 2 questions

    1. When transporting the Koi from one pond/container to another the Koi experts always rotate the Koi once before taking them off the water. Why do they do it.

    2. What is the lifetime of a Koi. At what age do they stop growing.

    And ho, good information and great collection of Kois.
    I watched through the entire playlist at once.

    Difference between male and female, showa and sanke have always perplexed me.

  3. I just got my first tank. Its 55 gallon. Will 4 Koi be to much for a 55 gallon tank? This is my first fish

  4. damn that goshiki is beautiful. i don't know much about koi but if i can find one that looks like that i may start raising koi

  5. Hey Guys! Check my channel out! Helpful tips and informations about Fishes 😀

  6. Take a koi out from one section of the pond and release it to the other section of the same pond? Wtf? Showing off how he can handle a koi?

  7. ThePondDigger You don't really know your koi fish… you seem very nervous when you talk, and host the overall show. You lack social skills and don't even seem to enjoy doing the interview. It makes me cringe every time you speak to the camera because you can just tell its scripted.

  8. i just both a tancho 2 day's ago it only 2 to 3 inch , if that tancho 2 year old I guest I have to build a nice 300 gal tank for it this winter lol ….nice video I enjoy each of them lot of info , keep it up

  9. hello there I'm enjoying all your video realy interesting , now I have a question , I have a koi about 4 inch long benn having him for a fiu month now , the only thing he eat its flake food , try the pellet no way , and I notice is getting smaller like tinner, any ting I can do , and I have 2 comet goldfish and 2 black more whit him ????

  10. not all the young fish are quality breeding stock.
    So you sell them cheap to beginners or just fry them?
    You probably breed after 15 years like all enthusiasts…..
    and thousands of young every year

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