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Koi fish sushi コイ寿司

Koi fish sushi コイ寿司

First, cook rice. Boil water. Remove the head, shell, and sand vein. Put a stick into the back of the shrimp. Boil the shrimp for about a minute. Cut here and open it. You can use small shrimp as well. Cut off the root and top. Now cut the top part like this. Cut the lines in a V shape. Do the v cut on the side as well. Slice the squid thinly like this. Criss-cross cut the surface to make it look like it has scales. Cut through two thirds of the cucumber. Make sure not to cut all the way through. Cut it vertically this time, 2/3rds of the way through. After cutting the cucumber into chunks, open it like this. Make fins of the fish. Cut the cod roe and scoop the eggs out. Make the sushi vinegar. Heat it until the sugar melts. Coat the rice with vinegar by cutting it diagonally with a scooper. Shape the rice. Put on the cod roe and seaweed. Place the fin, body, tail, and eyes. Do the same for the shrimp koi!

100 comments on “Koi fish sushi コイ寿司

  1. In the thumbnail, i thought the koi were saying HELP ME!!! and

    The voice of jun sounds like ice bear and the episode of korean cooking!!! Lol
    We Bare Bears!!!

  2. He really thinks that we can do like him?
    I'm just here to watch and enjoy … I can't cut veggies or fishes like that 😶

  3. I’ve seen your videos in the Sushi Restaurant where I go.
    I loved them and I’ve searched you on YT! I think you are a PRO!

  4. When I saw the thumbnail, I was like "Wait, sushi out of koi fish? Is that even possible?"

    Then I watched and I was just blown away by the artistry. Sushi made to look like koi fish? Jun is a genius.

  5. Gordon Ramsay needs to pay jun for simply existing

    Ps I got that from a joana ceddia video

  6. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that this guy has near-god knife skills (which is especially important in Japanese cuisine) instead of just throwing everything into a mixer and adding rainbow sprinkles.

  7. Normal person: Uses scissors to cut a bag of rice.
    Jun: Uses a KNIFE to cut the bag.

    Overdoing it much?

  8. Came (back?) to this video after many others. The drone shots in the newer videos are breathtaking, but honestly, as long as Haku is somewhere in one of these episodes (preferably riding in the bicycle basket), that's all my heart needs. 🙂

  9. Hey jun, I got a litle cat food request for you, why not try to make some pasta made out of tuna like ramen?

  10. Oh awesome! I feel more like a sushi chef now that I've seen the packaging for the seaweed you buy! I buy the same kind except they were from Amazon, so it's a real company and not an American company that's using packaging that makes it seem like it's really Japanese! WOOT!

  11. This was the most amazing video!!!! How you made those little fish to look like Koi…Im amazed!!!
    Jun, you are the most exceptional chef Ive ever seen!!! Brilliant and creative with your dishes…most are just too beautiful to eat!!!! The french toast looked delish!!!! You should come to America and have a cooking/cheffing show on tv…we Americans would love to see you make these little Koi fish…people would go crazy for them and the Tempura Tree, that was so amazing and edible!!! And people like me will love your cooking show because your 3 kitties supervise your dishes…you are an amazing chef!!!! And every dish you make is fresh!!!! You are #1 Chef in my book!!!!! 😊🐾🐈👍

  12. I just don't know in what world he things I'm going to be able to cut a cherry radish like that and it actually come out right 😂

  13. 3:25 that approval wag of the tail from Haku got me💀
    Haku: "you are doing very well sir, you may continue…"😂

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