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Koi Spawning Demonstration 1: Selection of Fish for Spawning [CC]

Hello everybody. Now we will seine pond for koi spawning. Now I will show you how to select good fish breeders for spawning. Here you see several females, different colors. So first of all, I want to select fish. Here, for example, very good white female. You see, female not so large but abdomen is soft and swollen. This is good female. I select. You see, abdomen pretty swollen and soft. So this is good female for spawning I put fish in basket. This is three-color fish called Sanke, white body with red and black patches. This is larger fish but abdomen also large and swollen. Good fish for spawning. Very good fish, relatively small but very round swollen abdomen. Beautiful female. This color is very specific. It’s called ghost carp. Ghost carp is actually the hybrid between metallic koi and wild-color type carp. Because other colors, white and red, they are recessive. This one, called design, some design on the head, pattern yellow and also stripe along dorsal fin. This is dominant trait. Ghost carp, so called, have pretty grey body, but this is very visible. So we take this fish also. Here female is not so good. I mean color is good but abdomen not so profound. You can see female is relatively large, soft abdomen and nice color pattern. So we take this fish. This is another one. We take this fish for spawning. Another large good female. Very good large soft abdomen. Very large fish This is good, this female. I like it very much. Not large female but abdomen is pretty swollen and soft.
This female is very good for spawning. Now we select males. You see, this is good Kohaku. White-red fish with bright color. Males do not have large abdomen but if we push here, you will see drop of milt. Now it’s pretty diluted but after hormonal injection males will spermiate good. Now you see here ghost male. Now I press on abdomen and you see drop of sperm.

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