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Korda Underwater 7 FULL DVD Part 1 | Carp Fishing

Korda Underwater 7 FULL DVD Part 1 | Carp Fishing

If I’m looking
a little bit dishevelled, it’s because I really am. I’ve just gone through
the most amazing experience of my angling career. Mother Nature has thrown
everything she possibly could at us. We’ve had Siberian weather even
though it’s the beginning of spring. We’re at the Linear Complex
in Oxford. We’re fishing St John’s Lake but there are lakes spread
all around here with big fish in. But St John’s in particular
has got some real characters and some monsters as well. We want to see those
on the underwater cameras and we want to catch a few as well,
so sit back and enjoy the ride. What we’re doing at the moment
is adjusting so that both cameras are looking at exactly
the right place on the bottom where the rig’s going to be lying. So for the wide camera
we want it in one position. The close camera that’s going
to zoom right in on the hook, we want it in a different position. So these adjustments are very small
but they make a big difference when it gets out there in the water,
and once it does go into the lake, because we’ve got
no horizon to look at, it doesn’t really matter if the rig’s
lying that way or that way, as long as it’s in the middle
of both shots now, it’s going to be in the middle
of both shots when it goes out there. So little adjustments at the moment
but you’ve got to get it right because it’s going to sit
on the bottom for two weeks. So the effort now
makes all the difference. We’ve been here
about eight or ten hours and we’re finally going to cast in
but not with a hook on. Just a boilie on the end of that,
a pop-up, a bright one, and all I’m doing now
is marking the distance so when the fish
do come in and start feeding I’m already
clipped up at the distance so hopefully we can walk round there,
chuck a little bit of bait in, scare them away and get the cast in
almost first time. And that is key in this situation – is getting the rod out first time
as many times as we can. We’re only casting into an area
that’s probably three foot square. Normally if you’d landed six foot
from the float, you’d leave it, but in this situation
that’s too far away. We’ve got about a three foot square
we’ve got to cast into so getting it right now makes all the difference
when the fish are in the swim. Ali’s obviously going to direct me
to let me know where it is. Okay, Al, it’s going in now.
I’m going to try and go past it and then draw it back
in front of you. The rod is in
and it’s well past the camera so I’m going to drag it back now. Hopefully you should see it
come through the shot. Right, I’m going to clip this up
and go and have a look. Make sure it’s where I want it. There’s a bit of weed round it. – Yeah, I see it.
– Beautiful. – That will do, won’t it?
– Yeah. We’ve got quite a lot of distance
the other way as well. I’d guess at seven foot.
Maybe a tiny bit more. Yeah, that seemed
very close to the camera. How far away do you reckon we are?
Let’s go down to the base plate. That’s the base plate, there.
The clarity is amazing, isn’t it? – Yeah, better than we expected.
– There’s our pop-up. Yeah, a lot better than we expected. No carp in there, though,
so if they come in and stir it up… It will be fine. – That will do, won’t it?
– Yeah. Do you think I’ll catch one on that? Yeah, you might need a hook on. It depends
how confident you’re getting. Right, I’ll clip it up.
I’m going to do a few more so it’s dropping in that same
position. Really I want it out here. But that’s good for distance,
near enough. That tubing looks pretty good,
doesn’t it? Yeah, and the cog looks amazing. There is a bit of weed round it,
though, isn’t there? Yeah, I thought
you’d picked that up on purpose. – Good, okay.
– That’s mega. The camera’s in so what we’re doing now
is preparing the bait for the spot. Now after the last underwater DVD
that was a success a few years back, people wanted to find out
more about boilies. How do they react
to just boilies on the spot? So that’s exactly
what we’re going to do. We’re just going to be putting in
boilies but we’re going to vary it because there’s more than one way
to skin a cat. So we’ve got whole baits
that are going to go in here but the first thing I’m doing,
I’ve got a mixture of 15mm cell and 15mm New Grange and I’ve just got
them going through the cutter tool so I’m getting
a few halved baits first. And what that’s doing
is breaking the seal of the boilie so it’s letting out more attraction,
more leakage, so hopefully luring them fish down
a lot quicker. The first thing we want them to do
is get confident around the camera because that’s something
totally different to the spot. They’re not used
to a camera rig on the bottom so we’ve got to get them
coming in around it, feeding confidently
and getting used to it. So by making the baits a bit more
attractive by cracking them open, that’s going to have
a better leakage rate and hopefully those fish are going
to be enjoying it a lot quicker. So I’m probably going to do
maybe a kilo of halves. It’s so easy to do in this cutter –
just push them out like that and you’ll get a kilo
done in no time. Just keep them going through
like that. Then I’m going to do some
with the crusher as well because that’s very important. These are going to go down
to a fine crumb. So if fish come in
throughout the night, it’s going to keep them busy
on the spot for a while. They’re going to be sieving away
and ‘shnuffling’ on the spot, coming right along and that
will keep them busy on that spot and hopefully keep them occupied long enough for us to hopefully
get a visual of them feeding. And even if they do clear out
all the whole baits, again,
you’re going to have this sediment, it’s going to sort of hold into the
silt and the gravel on the bottom and it’s going to keep them
coming back for more and more. So even when they do clear you out, believe it or not,
with a bit of crumb on the spot, it’s amazing
how long fish will stay there and it’ll look like
they’re eating nothing but they are, the smell and
everything that’s in the swim will keep them coming back. So that’s an idea
of what we’re going to do. I’m just going
to add some whole baits. You can see there, there’s the
New Grange and the cell, in they go. Another big handful. And we’re going to put this
right around the camera but also up the tree line as well because I want it to be
as natural as possible. Where the fish
are used to coming up and down, I want them grubbing around there. If I give you a look at this now,
there we go. If I give you a handful now – halves, wholes, crumb,
it’s all in there. All we’ve got to do now
is introduce it to the spot and hopefully those carp
won’t be too far away and having a good old feed
on this lot. So I’m just waiting for Mr Fairbrass to park himself
in the seat inside the tent and radio to me when they’re ready
for me to start putting bait in. This will be the first time that we’re going to introduce
some boilies, crumbed, chopped, halves and whole
onto the spot at St John’s and hopefully those fish
won’t be too far away. But it’s cooling down now
and this is the shallow end so it could be through the night
or by the morning, but I’m hoping
in the next ten hours of darkness that they’ll come
and have a little mingle and party. Right, here we go. So there’s the lovely chops
that we’ve dampened down. So they should
be leaking beautifully. Right, it’s going to go
all over the base plate and where the camera is. This is going to get them
absolutely tearing it up, I hope. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
It’s raining boilies. I love listening to him
on the walkie-talkie when we’re baiting up.That looks like loads already.That looks like loads already.
I’d hang fire for a minute.I thought I was the new bait baron.
I was going to load it up. How much do you think
you’ve put in now? Four handfuls, and you know
my hands are pretty little.Yeah, we don’t want
any more than that in the swim.You wouldn’t believe how much bait
that looks like on the bottom here.You just wouldn’t believe it.
It’s totally carpeted. So the rest of your bait
wants to be spread, not the chops and stuff. I’d just put the whole ones
up and down the margin and off of camera. Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’ll spread the whole 15mlers
along this tree line for about ten yards and
down towards us for about ten yards so we’ve got a nice line of bait
for them to come in on.Bait the trail
going out into the bay as well,just into the weeds and stuff
so it spreads,say you were going to have two or
three rods fishing out in that bay,bait up over all of those rods.Okay, yeah, I’ll take a little line
off the margin as well. I’ll throw it
as far as I can get it but not a lot. Okay, that’s brilliant. You wouldn’t believe how much bait
there is lying in the swim. The crumb
is still just gently floating down.I reckon that crumb’s going to be
falling for the next ten minutes.It’s properly smoked up from here. You can really see it.
It’s really coloured up the water. Come and have a look, mate. Oh, yeah. Does that look a lot of bait to you? That’s looks like
a mainline feast of boilie. It looks a lot, doesn’t it? For four handfuls,
that’s properly littered, isn’t it? That crumb will keep them busy
for a good time, as well. Through the night
they’ll be coming back, hopefully, they’ll be coming back
time and time again. Yeah.
That’s opened my eye straight away That’s four handfuls. Yeah,
and that looks like too much to me. I know it won’t be because
there’s loads of fish in here but I reckon in the end
we’ll be putting half an handful in around the camera. When I did the Thinking Tackle here,
it was like the more bait you put in, the quicker the bite’s got
which is weird. It was almost like
a small amount of bait they’re not nervous of
but they feed on and they disappear. A load of bait,
a load of them come in and just smash it to smithereens
and you get a take. We shall see. Now it goes dark, that’s the time. They get used
to the camera being there. It gets light tomorrow and
hopefully we’ll start seeing them. Time for us to feed. Yes. It’s the first full morning. The
camera’s been in the water all night. We had some problems
with the computers this morning but we finally solved them. The weather is absolutely savage
at the moment. It’s showing six degrees
on the weather app that we’re using. This time last year
it was 26 degrees on this very day. So it shows you how much colder it is
for the time of year. We’re seeing odd fish just coming
through and just having a look. Some bait has been eaten,
not very much at all, but we’ve thrown a little bit
of extra bait in around the camera, just a few chops and stuff because the fish are definitely
attracted by the sound as well as the smell. Ali’s put a few boilies
up the margin either way just to draw fish back into the area but this is not the weather
conditions for this swim at all. We hoped
it would be bright and sunny. If it was flat clam and red hot,
it would be full of fish. But the way it is now
I’m guessing most of the fish are up the other end of the lake
over the deeper water. So we’re going to carry on
watching the cameras. The weather’s expected to break
later on this afternoon. With warmer temperatures hopefully there should be
more carp in the area but we’re going
to watch intently for now. You never know, they might
start coming back in again. Treacherous down here. And as you can tell,
we didn’t really want rain. But that’s
exactly what we’ve been getting. So, just to give you
a little run down of why we’re going to do
what we’re about to do, we’ve got the boilies down there and, to be fair, the carp
should be coming in and eating them but we’re only getting odd ones
ghosting past. So what we’re going to do is just try
to maybe accelerate the situation, just giving them something different. In fact,
when we were testing the cameras at Kev Knight’s house in his pond, we had pellets down there
in front of the camera and then put some corn in
and the fish started feeding. As a result, they ended up mopping
everything else that was around it. So I’ve just
emptied a tin of corn into here and then got some of that
awesome Corn Twist Goo and just added that in. And it gives that corn
a little bit of extra substance. Lovely taste, lovely aroma
and a little bit of colour as well just to haze it up a little bit,
not that we want to haze it up. But I think the odd fish
that are going over the top, one might just tilt down and fancy
the corn instead of the boilies and as a result hopefully
they’ll start churning it. So I’m going
to radio in to the gaffer, let him know
that we’re about to put the bait in. Dan, we’re just about
to throw a few handfuls of this corn in, so are you ready?Yes, mate, recording now.Great stuff. Right, so not a lot.
Again, it’s a tin of corn but probably
won’t put all of that in. Get it in my left hand,
my favoured hand. So here we go, have a look. See there just a bit of fleck
of the colour on my hand. I’m going to throw this in. Hopefully
the wind won’t blow it into me. Can you see the little bit of Goo
coming off them – looks amazing in that clear water.Dan, I’ve put two handfuls
on the spot.I’ve just put one to the left.Are you all right with the amount
or would you like a bit more?I think we’d all like a bit morebut I’m happy
with the amount of corn.Great. So we’re just going to put
another handful just to the right. Just over there. And if you think
that’s a tin of corn, we’ve probably put
half a tin of corn out. All that Goo on it,
loads of taste now in the water and if any carp come ghosting past,
it might just be a new dimension that could get one feeding,
so let’s see what happens. We’ve been hampered
by the weather massively. It’s poured down with rain
all day long which is the complete opposite
of what we wanted for this part of the lake. But in spite of that
we’ve seen fish in there regularly pretty much all day. Just fleeting glances sometimes, other times two or three fish
will come in together. There was a very interesting bit
earlier on where there were
two or three fish in the area… Oh, there’s one coming in right now
so I’m going to record that. Right on cue. That is the small common, I think,
that we’ve had coming through. There’s two in there now. That is literally
two or three minutes after Ali’s put some more bait in. A couple of fish
have come in to investigate. We’re seeing them
showing out in the bay. Earlier on we had two or three fish
round the camera and a mallard dived down
and started picking up baits and we’ve had problems with the ducks
all day long on this shallow spot picking up baits. It completely spooked the carp away,
they hated it. And it took quite a while
for them to come back in and right on cue
there are two back in now. No, there’s three back in now. It’s amazing how the swim
can go dead for an hour, you throw a bit more bait in
and the fish come in to investigate. We’ve not seen anything feeding yet but this is very encouraging
behaviour from the fish. We never really expect
to be casting on day one. We’d like to see them feeding and
I’m sure that will happen in time. There’s lots of fish
showing out in the bay so we’re going to keep watching and hopefully tomorrow
we should get a rig out there. The wind has changed,
there’s less rain. A little bit of rain during the night
but not too much. We saw loads of fish
in front of the camera last night just before it got dark. We even saw
the big plated, we think. But the camera was so slow
at that point because it was so dark, we couldn’t tell 100%
but there were a lot of fish around. So we put a lot of bait in
before it got dark all around the camera
and all around the area as well. Just like you’d bait up
if you were fishing. This morning we’ve turned the camera
on, no bait in the swim whatsoever. They have eaten everything. So there’s obviously been numbers
of fish feeding there in the dark. We put some more bait back in
first thing this morning and a few carp came in
and just sort of looked around but nothing’s actually fed. So Ali’s just been round there again
a minute ago and put some more bait in
over the top of the camera and either side of it as well
to hopefully draw fish in. The sun’s out now
and that’s what we need. For that bay
we need the sun to heat the water up and the fish will start drifting
back in here again in numbers. The afternoon we’re expecting
to be the best time of the day, so from one o’clock
perhaps until it gets dark, hopefully we’ll start to see
some fish feeding. Once they’ve fed confidently
then we’re going to put a rig in. But for now it’s just a waiting game so I’m going to join Mr Hamidi
back in the bivvy and just keep watching them fish
and hopefully as time goes on they’ll start to feed properly. Well, it’s the afternoon of day two
and after a pretty frustrating day the fish have started to come in. It’s now just before 6 o’clock. We think we may have seen the big
plated, we’re not 100% certain. There’s a duck
just eating some more bait. He’s very excited. I am. 50 hours
these cameras have been in and when the first one tipped down it was like in slow motion
as it came in and the minute its angle changed
you knew that was it. It was a beautiful moment. Since 2007 we’ve been waiting
to see one feed again on an underwater camera so I can’t quite explain
the relief that we’ve had. You start thinking all sorts, like is there
something wrong with the cameras? Is it giving out a feed? But really it’s just a matter of them
getting comfortable, isn’t it, Dan? It’s putting the camera
in the right spot on the right lake at the right time of the year…
There’s the old duck again. Daffy’s having it. It’s just a case of patience now. We’re going to let them
carry on eating this food. They’re coming in in greater numbers
now which is really important and fish have started to feed
in front of the camera with the camera turned on
in the daylight which is really important. So we’re just going
to let them have this food today, put some more grub in later on
and, hopefully, tomorrow morning conditions will remain the same
and the fish will come back in again. It seems to be
afternoons and evenings is best in here at the moment. But you never know –
it’s all very encouraging. We’re going
to put more bait in tonight. Absolutely. Well, things are really
hotting up out there now. There are numbers of fish
coming through and that’s the important thing. We’ve got groups of fish
we haven’t seen before. The bay
is clearly filling up with fish. As more anglers turn up
around the lake, it’s helping to push fish in here. It’s still
not the most ideal conditions but the fish don’t know that. They’re coming in now and
they’re taking more and more bait. It was an absolute revelation to see
them feeding in front of the camera for the first time. We were worried there was
something wrong with the camera and it was stopping the fish feeding. That’s absolutely not the case. Ali’s trickled a little bit
more bait in in the last hour or so and the fish have just
kept coming back, kept coming back. We’re seeing new ones all the time. Some real characters,
some beautiful linears, some big long ones,
some dark commons. There’s loads of fish
out there now feeding. So we’re going to carry on
putting more bait in, loads is going to go on the spot
and a lot all the way round it, just like we were fishing, and hopefully we’re going
to keep the fish there overnight because last night the fish
completely cleaned us out, there was no bait there
in the morning and there was no fish there either. So a lot more is going to go in
and then hopefully tomorrow morning we’ll be able to put a rig in. Well, many developments
since last night. We absolutely leathered the bait in
last night all over the spot and all round it,
they’ve eaten virtually all of it. There was still a little bit left
which is what we wanted and then most importantly
there were fish here this morning. There’s lots of fish drifting around. We’ve seen one just dip down
and have a little bit of a feed. So we’re going to get a rig out there
but what we want to do first is actually scare them away
before we cast a rig out. So Ali’s creeping round there now. He’s going to show Tom
who’s just turned up where to put the bait in because we’re going to have Ali in
here watching the screen as I cast, Tom round there chucking the bait in
to scare the fish away and then me
hopefully getting one on the spot. So I’m going
to start recording on this so we can see that bait falling in. And let’s give Ali some instruction. Al, are you ready
to drop the bait in?Yeah, mate. I’m ready to put it in.Hang on one sec while I turn
the volume down on this thing.Got to be
as stealthy as possible out there so he’s turning the volume down. Loads of anglers turning up.
It’s Friday morning so it’s getting busier and busier.I’m ready if you want us
to walk down to the water’s edge.Yes, please. If you bait up now,
we’re recording now. There’s lots of anglers turning up
and that’s going to help us because we’ve got four swims
that no-one can fish in this bay and the lack of lines is probably
going to help push them in. That’s lovely. That’s going out
just beyond the spot into the gloom, those first couple of bits.This second lot should be goodand I’ll put another few
just a bit closer if you want.The second lot were perfect. If you spread it
left and right now of shot, that same sort of range
from the camera but left and right so it’s not just a
line directly in front of the camera. It’s well off to the left
and well off to the right. Actually not to the right because
that’s where the line’s going to go, but off to the left,
down the shallower bit there, a little bit on that, please.Yeah, that’s what I was going to do.
I won’t put anything to the right.Do you want me to do what I was doingand just scatter a few in a line
up that margin as well?Give them a little trail.Absolutely, mate,
a bit of a vapour trail. Are you just putting chops in the
swim or are you putting whole ones?Just whole. Just whole baits at the
moment, that’s all I’ve taken round.Okay, just a few up the margin,
that would be great. What we’re trying to do is create
a bit of a trail into the spot but not from
where the line’s going to be. From the other end of the bay so the fish come in and hopefully the
first thing they encounter is the rig and not the line and that’s
really important in your own fishing to not bait over the top of a line because you’ve got fish feeding
right on top of the line, they’re touching the line,
that’s going to spook them, you start getting line bites,
not ideal. You want them coming in so the first thing they come
in contact with is the hook bait, not the line and the rig system. So this is the rig
that’s going out there. What I think is going
to suit the spot first of all. So we’ve got a size 6 Kaptor Kurv
there in brown to match the gravel. One of my all-time favourite banoffee
hook baits fished on a D rig. That’s 15lb IQ2 fluorocarbon with a little tiny bit of putty
wrapped around a small sinker just to hold it flat on the bottom. And then the all-important
lead system. I’ve got a 3oz flat pear cog lead. So the fish is picking the lead up
from the heaviest point, again, in brown,
and then a brown lead clip as well. And then the gravelly colour,
Dark Matter rig tube and I’ve flecked that up
with a brown marker pen just to break up the straight line. And when we chucked that out there
originally to mark the distance it blended in fairly well. You can see it
but we’ve got to start somewhere so this is what
I’m going to cast out first of all. I’m going to wrap
a little bit of foam round there. When it drops into the spot, Ali’s hopefully
going to be able to see the foam and if I’ve overcast it a bit, I can
drag it back to get it into position. I think from the sound in the bivvy
that might be bang on. Is the foam still on? Right, perfect. Okay. Right, I’m going to let the line sink
under its own weight. We’re using 12lb Kontour fluorocarbon which is very heavy
and very hard to see. We’ve found if you just let it sink
under its own weight and not actually tighten it up,
it lays better on the bottom. We can do that at the moment
because there’s no wind in this bay. If we had a big crosswind I’d have to be putting
the tip of the rod under the water and letting it sink that way. Yes, mate? Right, I’ll come and have a look. As bad luck would have it,
the only stick in the swim and, look,
they’re coming in big style now, and we think
the hook has gone round the stick. It took me three goes
to get it out there bang on, and we’re not
going to muck about with it because it is black with them
out there at the moment. They’re all charging around
getting all turned on so we’re just going to see… If this gets picked up
and it doesn’t hook the fish, then it’s one of them situations
where you’re sitting behind a rod thinking you should be catching
and you’re not and something like this has happened
that you could never know. So we’re going to leave it
for a little while and see what happens. If it gets picked up and it won’t
hook a fish because of that stick then we will redo it. But that is fishing
at the end of the day. Right, let’s just turn that down. We’ve just seen what we think
is the Box Common in the swim which is over 40lbs. We’ve been discussing
the lay of the rig and the fact that the hook looks like
it’s round the only twig out there. So what we’re going to try and do is something you couldn’t do
in your normal fishing but because we can see the rig
we can do it. I’m going to try and tweak
the rig back ever so slightly and just see if I can get it
past that twig. Because it looks like the hook’s
right over the top of it. If it looks like it’s snarled up
on it we’re going to wind it back in and cast it out again. For now, the way to pull it back
seems to be point the rod at it. – Ali?
– Yes, mate. I’m just tightening up now. I’ve zoomed out as well on the tight. Talk to me
and tell me when it starts to move. – Okay.
– Stop. – Are we safe?
– We’re safe, mate, yeah. Come and have a look at it. I’m just going to recheck the bobbin. So just that tiny tweak
has moved the lead, pulled the hook
away from the twig, hopefully. I’m just going to have a look
in a minute but reset that first. Just in case it goes off. Turn that back on so we hear it.
There we go. Right,
let’s have a look in the bivvy. Right, we’re cooking on gas now,
aren’t we? That was worth doing. Well done, Tom.
Good suggestion. We’re seeing loads and loads of fish
in front of the camera now. Big groups of them coming through and the debate is on
as to what we do next. Personally I want to hang fire.
You want to do what? Put some more boilies out. Not
in shot, just up and down the bank to get them feeding off of there. That’s what I’d do
in a normal situation. – Right. How many would you put in?
– A kilo. A kilo of boilies is quite a lot. That’s 500 baits
at the size we’re using. He’s turning.
Go for the banoffee, son. Look at that big old
black belly on him. Black Belly,
that’s what we’ll call him. They’re properly circling now. And it’s edge of your seat stuff
at the moment. Hamidi? Just unbelievable, mate. Yeah, but what are you going to do?
What would you do now? Well, we’ve had a couple
of heated debates about it because I think
when you’re on a longish session you’re willing to wait. But I think
if you’re on a day session and you can see the spot
like we can here I would be inclined
to put a different type of bait in because
when we first got them feeding we had the boilies in,
we had some corn in, we had some pellet in
and obviously some crumb. When they came in yesterday evening,
they started feeding. The difference is now, from the morning we’ve got loads
and loads of fish going at it and I don’t believe
they’re still not ravenous enough for the amount of fish
that are in the swim. So it’s a decision process
that we all have to go through and that’s why it’s brilliant that
we’ve got three different opinions. I’m not opposed
to putting more bait in. But I don’t want to put pellet in,
I don’t want to put sweetcorn in. I wouldn’t do that in a session.
I would wean them off it. But we’re on a 14-day session, Ali.
We’re on a 14-day session. We’re not just fishing today. If you wanted to get a bite
off of that spot today, the best thing would have been
to have not put any bait in and just have one hook bait
sitting out there. Then that’s the only thing
that can get taken. I think they love the bait, though.
They love the sound of the bait. Would you put out pellet if… No, in this situation
if I was building it, what I’m talking about is… Look, they’re coming in all the time
now and picking baits up. I think an hour looking at this,
as well, is a long hour. It’s brilliant, mate. We’re seeing
everything that’s going on… You’ll look as old as me
by the end of this. I’m not talking about
putting in a bucket of pellets. I’m talking about
putting in a handful of pellets, just something
to put a different scent or taste in the swim, that’s all. – But…
– Line up. Did we see that move or not? – Did you see the line move?
– No, I haven’t. No. Oh no, tench! Go away, Satan! Dean Macey, Dean Macey!
Where are you? Where are you when we need you? Oh, leave it out. It’s got a really beady red eye. You haven’t caught a tench since
the very first one, have you, Dan? The tench is like
the scourge of the Underwater. They love a banoffee as well. It is epic, though. That is why I love it
when you sit here and you’ve got three experienced
anglers… Well, two and one… Have a slap. But it is interesting because
I think we would all tweak it. But I think the neutral one which
we’d both probably agree with a bit, just at some point putting in more
to maybe build that… With all these fish in the swim would you now spray bait
all over the area when there’s so many fish
swimming around in the area? I would have been putting bait out
constantly anyway so putting a bit more bait out… What are you saying about… Oh! He looked
like he was going to go. We’ve just had a fish
very close to it and amazingly
we had ducks diving in the swim and I just cast a spod out there
with a little bit of water in it to give it some weight and put it
too far and put it in the tree, flicked it back out and it landed
almost on top of the camera, scared the ducks away
but the sound of that happening has actually
brought the fish back into the swim and there’s another one going down. That’s another one
that we’ve had feeding before. He’s about six inches from the bait. No less than that. His head’s there.
He was two inches away. Amazing how the sound of a cast
or a spod or whatever has actually
brought them back into the area. Just that. The dinner bell
on top of the spod. Unbelievable. They’ve all just come back in. I think there’s two things.
One, the ducks are scaring them away. When they’re diving
they’re spooking away. And also the sound
of the spod going in which you’d think
would scare the carp, is actually scaring the ducks
and bringing the carp in. So we used that to good effect. But we’re also considering putting
some more bait into the swim just to try and turn the fish on because if we were
fishing out here normally we wouldn’t just have bait
in a very small area, we’d be baiting all up and down
the margins and out into the lake like we have been at night. So we were going
to put some more bait in the swim to try to turn them on a bit but it looks like
the spod has turned them on. They’ve just come back
in the swim and fed. There’s more fish feeding now
than there was an hour ago. Absolutely. There’s one coming in. We’re now getting a feeder
like every couple of minutes. They’re properly feeding,
they’re hovering. Some of them you’ve seen
are not actually eating anything. They go down and then they go off. But these now are stopping,
aren’t they? And I think it’s… That was the sound,
a million percent that was the sound. Yeah. That is typical
of these day-ticket lakes. It’s the sort of thing where
nothing’s happening in your swim, one spodful back over the top
or a few boilies back out there can be enough. Even the ducks going in there
might scare them off straight away but I think after, when
they come back then it sort of… Look, they’re properly coming in now. The rig’s now been out in the water
for a couple of hours. There have been fish moving around
all over the top of it. We’ve managed
to pull it away from that twig so the hook’s all sitting perfect
and fish have fed around the spot but nothing’s
really fed with any gusto and the general consensus is
we need more bait out there. So not necessarily on our spot
but all up and down the margins. Ali and Tom have fished here
for the Thinking Tackle show, they’ve had loads of fish
by putting lots of bait in So what we’re going to do now
is wind the rig in. I’m going to try and position it
slightly further away from camera because we’ve noticed fish feeding
on the edges of the spot rather than
right in the middle of it. So by dropping it
a couple of feet further away the fish are clearly not scared
of the cast going out there because when I’m scaring the ducks
with the spod it’s actually
attracting the fish into the swim. So I’m going to get it clipped up,
get it repositioned and then spread some bait up and down and see if we can
really get the fish feeding. I’ve clipped up before I’ve done
that so I can’t cast too far. I’m going to check the point
of the hook to make sure it’s sharp before I put it back out. So, rig all perfect. What I’m going to do,
just holding my thumb there, that’s digging
into my thumb instantly so the hook is still nice and sharp. Another bit of foam’s going to go on and we’re going
to get it back out there. The general consensus is
the rig is in the wrong position. It’s a little bit
too far away from the camera and although
it looks really good for a bite we’re not going to see a lot. It’s so clouded up
out there at the moment plus a combination of things – the fish are feeding in the weed on the bait that we’ve chucked
around the spot but not on it. They’re obviously
feeding on the spot as well but there’s a load of water
pumping in from a pipe that’s coming from the lake next door
and that’s obviously stirring it up so brilliant feeding conditions but
very difficult viewing conditions. So when they started to heavily feed
yesterday at about 5 o’clock we figure
it’s better to reposition now, get it absolutely bang on the money and then we can just leave it
for the evening and hopefully
then it will generate a bite and we’ll be able to really see it. I’m going to get the rig out –
it’s no mean feat. I’m getting
severely stressed out doing it but we’ll have another go and see
if we can get it bang on the money. How’s that? Close to the camera, mate. Hang on. Too close? It’s landed in a right old…
a right old heap. Hang on. Yeah, it’s a bit too close, Dan. I’d say you’re about a foot
and a half away from the camera. Is it on the right line, though? It’s a little bit
to the right of the spot but it only took me one flick
on the pan and tilt to get to it. Right, okay. It’s so difficult doing this,
getting it bang on the money. We’re trying to drop it in a two foot
square to get it bang on the money. All of the casts
that I’m putting out there in a normal fishing situation
would be right but because of the cameras,
they’re not. So I’ve just got to keep my cool
and carry on doing it. Dan, you couldn’t
have hand-placed it better. I don’t know
if you can hear from the bivvy but that means I’ve got it bang on. A bit of a jammy one but it’s
out there, that’s the main thing. Right, let’s get the line sunk
and go and see what it looks like. Dan, why didn’t you place one
right in the centre of the screen? Oh, you just did! What we’re doing is Ali
has gone round to the camera again and he’s
just chucking in a few chops all over the spot. The witching hour is close by. Probably an hour away before they
really started feeding yesterday obviously
without a line in the water. How is that, Dan? Yeah, that’s good, mate.
It’s an incredible amount of flow pushing it to the right. I think you need to throw it
even further left than that because every bit is coming down
right-hand side of screen. But it’s a good spread. That’s quite
a lot of chop that I’ve just put down so I think that’s plenty. Okay, we’ll leave it at that. There’s
fish coming in to investigate already so we’ll leave it at that
and see how we get on. It’s the end of day three,
the first proper day of angling and we’re pretty stumped
as to why it hasn’t happened today. It all looked so good this morning but the wind changed round
halfway through the day today to a north-easterly
and it’s gone very cold. Personally
I think that’s got more to do with the way
the fish have been this afternoon than anything else. Gentlemen? I’m inclined to agree
that the conditions have changed through the day
and that’s put them off a little bit but I think we’ve stuck to our guns
with the type of bait we’ve put in. We’ve had loads of debates with that and I felt that maybe if we just
introduce some different baits, maybe some corn, some pellets,
even some hemp, just to give them something
different, that’s what I think. When they’re not having it, there’s always something that might
just lure one down to start feeding and then others might follow. And later in the day
we’ve put some pellets in… Didn’t really
make that much difference, did it? It did make
a little difference but… I will admit I was against it and I think it did, in the long term,
provoke more of a feeding response but because it’s so gloomy out there you can’t see
if they’re just eating the pellets or if they’re eating the boilies. Maybe the light was dropping
and that caused them to feed. It’s the first day,
we can’t forget that. There’s a million and one reasons. We’ve never caught carp
on the first day before either. – We’ve come close-ish.
– We’ve come close-ish today. So because the fish
haven’t picked the rig up we can’t really say
the rig’s not working at all. So the same rig can go out tomorrow probably with a different
type of hook bait on and then
we’ll have a talk in the morning as to what bait
we’re going to put in. We’re going to leather the boilie
in again tonight all over this bay because there are definitely carp
still in the bay and showing and everything. More bait on the spot as well and
then you can join us in the morning and we’ll let you know how it’s gone. A frustrating day
but there’s always tomorrow. As you can see from the bedraggled
look of myself and Mr Hamidi here, we’re well into day four – it’s all sort of
blending into one at the moment – but when we turned the cameras on
this morning there was very little bait
left in the swim and we had leathered it in last night in spite of the fact
that it had gone cold. We wanted to keep the fish
in the area if we could which obviously worked. There were fish
drifting around over the bait and having just a little bit
of a feed this morning. So we then decided to put some
more crumb in the swim, which we did. Only crumb, no whole boilies. And it didn’t really elicit
any response at all, to be honest. Odd fish drifting around
but no real feeding. So then the middle of the morning
we put some pellets in. We’ve got some mixed pellets and they’ve got some of the Goo
put over the top of them – Raspberry Plume over the top… There’s one just coming
into the swim now actually. And within a few minutes
of that going in, we started to get a feeding response
and the fish started to come back in and that built and built and built and in the end we had four
or five fish in the gloom. That’s the most we’ve ever had. There were five of them on the
boundary of the spot coming in. Just coming out of the gloom and you
just see them on the edge of the spot and a couple
were getting more and more confident and you were starting to see them
much closer to the camera. But we’ve still not put a rig in because if the fish
are not feeding in full view and we can really see
what they’re doing, there’s no point having a rig there because if we have to have a rig
right on the edge of the spot, you won’t see anything,
we won’t see anything, and it’s a bit pointless. So we want
the fish feeding confidently, really close to the camera. So that feeding went on
for probably an hour and a half, and it was going really well and then as usual the ducks turned up
and started diving and that spooked the carp away
and they never really came back. So probably
an hour after nothing happening we mixed up another mix
of everything now. So we’ve got hemp, corn,
chopped boilie, more pellets, Goo into it as well,
really mixed it up. So a real pungent thing that’s
going to form a cloud and everything. Put that into the swim to try
and create some more feeding and they’ve started to come back in
and have a bit of a pick at it. We got excited because one went
over the top and went right across and then went straight down
and we’d not seen one do that. Almost put the brakes on
and start feeding. So you get excited
but the last couple of days you just think you might
have cracked it with them but then the conditions, I think,
are what are killing us along with that camera. That’s the thing we’re forgetting
is that it does take time for them to get confident
in front of the camera and we’ve only had them in there
feeding for an evening and a morning and then the rig was in. In hindsight
that was probably a mistake. We should have let them
feed all day yesterday and get confident in front of it but as soon as we saw them feeding
we put a rig out which is probably
what anybody would have done. But now today we’ve had no line
in the water whatsoever and the fish are still
being very cagey around the spot. They’re building in confidence
but then they’re going. It’s a north-easterly wind, it’s like
eight degrees, it’s the end of April, it should be 20 degrees now nearly. I’m sure that’s what’s having the
effect on how the fish are feeding. So we’re going to leave
the line out completely today, keep watching what’s happening now
and then play it by ear from there. But until we get prolonged feeding
close to the camera personally I think it’s a mistake
to put the rig in. Yeah, I agree with you. I think that spot,
like I said to you yesterday, if you fished exactly how you did
without a camera in the number of fish that went past, you’d have caught
five carp there yesterday. I’ll take your word for that because
I’ve never fished down that side. But the way you fish and those baits
and everything you’ve done you would have caught five carp. From your experiences on Thinking
Tackle and everything else… Yes, seeing that spot. The number of fish
that are coming in, but the camera
is where your rig would normally be and it’s right in the middle
of that spot and that’s an alien object
that wasn’t there a few days ago. So it’s about building them
and getting them confident and that’s the side we never see. We deal with those frustrations
but it’ll be worth it in the end. There’s a fish feeding just… I can just see his tail
on the right of the spot. He’s flanking.
He’s coming in to shot now. He’s eating, he’s eating. Dan, they’re looking confident. This weather
has made such a difference. It is like the switch has gone on. The water temperature
must have gone up half a degree and they’re now getting involved. They’re not feeding
four or five at a time but it’s just the numbers of fish
coming to the spot and feeding has just gone through the roof. Roof! Yeah. Oh, here it comes,
another biggie across the lens. Bosh, bosh, bosh.
About to feed on the kill zone. Three feeding in the kill zone, Dan.
This is the best it has ever been in the middle of the day
when it’s supposed to be rubbish. Quality. Quality, quality, quality.
This is what we were waiting for. A bit of good weather and it’s like
a transformation in the lake. You’ve got the biggest fish in the
lake just off the side of the screen. I keep seeing the back of it
come back in, having a feed. We’ve got four, five, six fish
constantly feeding I think the Big Plated
is about to enter the building Is that you? Is that your head? No, I don’t think that’s you.
It’s just another big fish. It’s unbelievable now. The water
temperature must have gone up now. We’ve had, from about 8 o’clock
this morning, it’s now 12.49, and the water temperature
has had a chance to warm up with that sunshine coming through. The rain the previous few days
has totally killed the spot. We were only having
one or two fish come in and feed. And obviously it’s getting better
and better as the day progresses. But now it’s starting
to be what we expected. We’re in the lap of the gods
with the weather and we’re doing all we can
from a fishing perspective – putting the bait in, giving them
what they want in and out of the day. I think, though, if we get a rig in
we could have a very good chance. It’s there again in the back
of the spot. It’s there again! It’s there again. The Big Plated
is in the building and having it. I just radioed through to Dan and he’s said he’s just pulled out
the sharpest Kaptor in the packet ready to nail it. It is right
in the centre of our screen. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it looked like
the world was going to end. We took the water temperature,
it had dropped by two degrees. It was like mid-March
water temperature. I’ve just got Mark Palmer,
our runner, to check the temperature and it’s gone up to 12.5 degrees. And in a few hours you can really
see the difference that’s made. That is like a switch has come on. The carp are feeding,
the water’s coloured up and you’ve got
the biggest fish in the lake, the one everyone wants us to catch,
bang in the centre of frame. His head is right in front of me.
Look at that! That is unbelievable.
I think I’ve wet myself. I have, actually. I’m sorry.
It’s just absolutely legendary. I’ve got his scales
filling the screen. This is TV gold. And, I’ll tell you what, you don’t
see the trials and tribulations. Yesterday we wanted to hang ourselves
laying in here because it was cold, we were stuck
inside the tent the whole day, but now I wouldn’t swap this position
for anywhere. Loving it, loving it.
Absolutely loving it. You’ve got the biggest fish
in the lake. You’ve got the Box Common
floating around as well. We need to get a rig in. Good times. Talk about pressure. There’s about five or six people here
all in the background watching. Ali’s got the two cameras underwater. We’ve got three other cameras
rolling on the bank and I’m supposed to be dropping
this out there in a crosswind, first time, right next to the camera. They’re having it big style out
there. The Big Plated’s in there. When you’re tying a rig and it’s
going to be in front of everybody and you’ve got
them big fish out there, I was shaking just tying a rig up. But that is the fella
that I’m casting out there. So we’ve got an IQ2 in 20lb
to 25lb Supernatural combi rig, a little bit of Dark Matter putty
round the join in the two which is just coming out the end
of that stick there. A size 6 Kaptor Kurv shank
in the brown with one grain
of the slow-sinking pink maize which is flavoured
with squid, octopus and a few fruit flavours as well.
That’s in the new plastics range. Then moving down to the lead system,
we’ve got a 3oz cog lead there, so you see I’m picking the lead up
from the heaviest point first onto a lead clip that’s hopefully
going to dump that lead as the fish charges off and then some of the Dark Matter
rig tube just to hold it all down. I’ve just flecked that with a pen to try and break up
the straight line on the gravel. So that’s what
we’re going to start with. We were going to fish boilies
but the fish seen in the daytime are really preoccupied.
on the small items That’s why I’ve got a bag on
and one grain of plastic maize. Hopefully we’ll be able to use
boilies at some point in the future but we’re a week into it now
and this is the best day we’ve had. The wind’s calmed down
a little bit now, most importantly, it’s not raining and the water’s gone up
by two degrees today. So that’s made a massive difference to how confidently
the fish are feeding. So I’m going
to get this one out there. If it doesn’t go right first time
I’ve got a load of other sticks tied and I’m just going to keep doing it
until it’s bang on the money. – I’m up here, Al.
– Yeah, do it now, Dan. Oh, yeah! It’s close. Slightly… It’s very
good. Come and have a look at it. It’s your call. He says it’s close
so I’m going to go and have a look and see what he thinks. Mate, you won’t believe
what just happened. – Your rig’s landed…
– Oh, it’s there! Your rig has landed, it’s all perfect and within seconds
the Big Plated has come in. It came down, it had a shnuffle… Look how many there are in the shot. It had a shnuffle to the right
of the rig as you look from here and then it’s had a chew
up off the deck and then he’s gone left,
and to come that close already… It looks good,
that bit of pink maize. It’s small,
a slightly different colour. Yeah, not blatant. Not yellow. If we get one on that I think I’ll
be putting a little pink boilie out. This is just too nerve-racking. Oh, Common really close. Really close.
Feeding right on top of the rig. Right on top of the rig. – That was close, wasn’t it?
– Yeah. That was really close. What will be interesting as well
is now you’ve got something pink… There’s a shnuffler.
That’s Big Plated! Oh my God! Now you see why I’ve been
wetting myself for the last… Look at it, look at the size of it. It’s like a bus
going through the swim. Words can’t describe it. That Common’s obviously
like his fall guy, isn’t he? Plated is sending him in. The Plated looked like the fall guy
for a while earlier, the little ones
were sending him in. Sparky the Trojan
was in there eating… I’m starting to name all the carp because they’ve all got
real characteristics. Like one sits on the spot
and chews and chews and chews and we named him
after one of our mates. Well, he’s the Trojan,
he’s the party Trojan, he’s the catalyst
for everything to happen. And he sat on the spot
and he was like a fish magnet. He’s the life and soul of the party,
isn’t he, Sparky? So they were in feeding
and feeding around him. So, let’s see. – Oh no.
– That is the Big Plated again. He’s coming in
from the right angle, isn’t he? He’s just going over
the top of the tubing now. That is a sight to behold that,
isn’t it? – He ain’t even bothered.
– He’s not bothered, no. He’s eating the boilies. Can you
believe it, he’s eating the boilies. Look at that.
That is an impressive carp. You can tell they’re massive
because they waddle, don’t they? – He’s eating the boilies now.
– Where’s the cakes? Can you believe it? If I’d had a banoffee out there
I might have caught him then. I think for a bite, what you’ve
got out is a very safe option at the moment. Well, them two boilies in there
were closer to us than the rig. But what I was going to say was it will be interesting
with what you’ve got out whether it acts as a magnet for them to keep coming back
to that same area. Because that’s what I’ve seen before. Once you’ve got something,
they’re not put off by that pink. It’s not like a yellow
that they might think is dangerous. But they see a fish
repeatedly coming to this area where they’ve been feeding
all dotted around, and it might
just be catching their eye. Big old A Team coming now.
Big old A Team. Make a note of that, mate. Dan, get ready, mate. Get ready. Oh, he spat it out! Spat the rig out. What happened?
I was trying to get rid of the ducks. Basically Tatty Tail
has just come from… The fully scaled? No, it was a bit of an old warrior. I don’t know if it was that
old warrior, it came in that way and I was keeping an eye, and
it went there, shnuffle, shnuffle, took the rig in, shook his head
and it just came straight back out then it swam off. Welcome to day-ticket carp fishing. Welcome to underwater carp fishing. Well, it’s not unusual for your
best thing to get totally rejected. – Here’s a nice one.
– He’s a big Common, mate. I think that’s the Box.
That’s the Box Common, 40+ Common. He likes a little bit of pink,
I’m sure. Go on, the Box Common.
Everything happens for a reason. Oh, mate, that’s massive.
That is massive. He’s circling. We’ve just had the Box
and Big Plated today, yeah? – Yeah, that’ll do.
– Two bites. That’ll do to start off with. The rig’s been taken and rejected,
let’s repo the rig and get a boilie on. This is a good day, isn’t it? We may not have weather
like this again for a while. Exactly. You’re dangling, mate,
your call. I’m open-minded with it. You do what you think you want to do and then
we’ll suck it and see from there. I’m going to put just
a bottom bait on on that same rig and put it out there and I’ll try
and drop it a couple of foot closer and see what happens. Are you putting a single dingle on
or are you putting a bag on again? I’ll put a little stick on as well
just for extra weight. It seems to be easier to cast
with a little stick on. And at least it’s masking the point
of the hook as well at the start, and the leaves
a little bit around it. But exactly that same rig.
I’ll just put a bottom bait cell on. Dan, don’t wind it in. Dan, get ready, mate. Get ready! Oh, he spat it out again. That was Sparky. – What happened, mate?
– Sparky has done us, hasn’t he? Definitely in his mouth? Totally in his mouth.
Totally, totally in his mouth. Buried, and he just shook his head
and it came straight back out. The cog has stayed still, they’re
not hitting the weight of the lead which is just typical of particles
down on the spot, isn’t it? He had it in him,
he was moving as well, but he’s moved towards the lead
rather than away from the lead. But you’d still think with a lovely
sharp hook on and everything, it just shows you how many times
that happens before you catch one. I’ve been here before and I’ve seen when I’ve put some
particles to try to get them feeding, just how hard it can get. – On that very spot.
– Where your rig is now, mine was and I sat there for a whole day
pulling my hair out while Tom was hauling on boilies but we had to put that bait in to get
him confident around the cameras. It’s achieved that but all along we said
we don’t want to fish over them. And you can see exactly why, mate. – Look at him. He’s lovely.
– He’s a Trojan. What a beautiful fish that is. But the hook bait’s working. I’ve got a boilie with almost
identical attractors in it and the identical colour which is obviously where that plastic
has been derived from is our top, top boilies recipes. I’m feeling that. I’ll put the pink squid
with a fruit boilie on on the IQ D rig
and we’ll see if our fortunes change. I think the great thing
about that D rig is it all drops and there’s a lot
of separation in the nation. Worrying that you can have
a very stiff hook link, 20lb IQ2, the exposed braid
I reckon is about 3ml long, just so the hook can lift. Your sharpest Kaptor
with a cog lead as well… You’ve got your best clothes on,
haven’t you? I’ve got my best clothes on, I’m on
the dance floor with my best kit on – And you can’t pull.
– Can’t pull. Busting all my best moves out,
lunges, the lot, everything. This is number two. Pink boilie
flavoured with squid and fruit. A home-made one that I made
for Gigantica for last year. Then an IQ2 hook link, 15lb,
same style of hook, a size 6 Kaptor Kurv shank, a little bit of putty
on the hook link to hold it all flat. We hope that having that D on and having IQ
all the way down to the hook with that hook bait is going to help and is actually going
to turn a pickup into a bite. So that is rig number two. I’m going
to put a stick on it as well just to mask the hook
from the gravel when I cast in, give it a little bit more attraction. And we’ll see what happens
when this one goes out there. Hang on, mate. We’re right of shot,
Dan, but I’ll tell you what… That is it, isn’t it? Hang on. I’m going to pan right. The tension is unbelievable. Yeah, Dan,
that’s shy of the edge of the spot but I like it there.
That’s looking good. He says it’s looking good but
I’m going to go and have a look. Where is it, mate? Oh, yeah. – Have you gone right a bit?
– I have. Basically, before, you were there
right in the centre of the shot but think
of the previous frame where we were, you landed right of the shot
and I’ve panned the camera right. So you’re on the edge
of our baited area. That looks good, though, doesn’t it? – Absolutely perfect.
– That slow sinker is just nice, it’s just slightly lighter
than everything else. Not blatant. That’s a nice colour. We’ll take that. I’m going
to set the bobbin and everything. Oh, here comes another one,
here comes another one. He’s on the right line, definitely.
He’s on the right line. Happy as Larry. And here’s the Ghostie,
every inch a 34-pounder. Has he eaten? I haven’t seen him
eat a single thing yet. They’ve properly
come back here now, though. There’s one in the gloom now. That is just perfect positioning,
that rig. Nice Common, that. That’s got a big patch
on the end of its tail. Oh, he’s in the right position.
He’s in the right orientation. Going through. He’s on the right line, definitely. He’s eating something. Go on, go on! You’re having a laugh. Do you know anyone
who wants to buy any fishing gear? They’re all over us now. Look how many… What’s that one? That’s the Big Plated. No, that’s the Little Plated! – It’s alive.
– It’s 41lb. It’s not been out for two years. This is just amazing, isn’t it?
Oh, man. I can’t believe you made me do this. – Is that the first time…
– That’s the first time we’ve seen… It hasn’t been caught for 18 months. Chris said it hasn’t been seen
at all or anything. Well, it’s still alive anyway. – That is it.
– Apparently it does disappear. A million percent. – He’s going for it.
– Yes, he’s got it. – Oh no!
– That’s terrible. I’m just distraught. – You’ve got to smile, though.
– That’s my best two. – Yeah, but your hook bait’s good.
– That’s my best two. I ain’t got anything else
in the locker, that’s it. Welcome to day-ticket fishing. Cog lead, super duper sharp hook,
nylon all the way through, D rig, slow-sinking bait
with extra attractors in it, done. Yeah, but they like the hook bait. You can’t mug the hook bait off,
they like that. – The particles are killing us there.
– It’s not, mate. I think 99 times out of 100
when you go fishing, that is happening numerous times
before you actually catch one. That’s the rig that’s caught
all those big carp out of Gigantica. Pressured fish nailed like
they were never going to come off. It was around for so long,
it wasn’t in and out. – Three pickups.
– Here we go, here we go! Oh, it’s the Big Plated.
He turned away. Mate, pink is the colour. If you were just sitting here
and we had that cast out, and you’d known
Big Plated was that far away from taking your hook bait… You wouldn’t be able to go fishing.
Couldn’t have fish every day. They’re now really mixing it up
and really feeding hard in there. The colour’s definitely right.
There’s no doubt about that. Three pickups in one hour 20. Really? Right, okay. Stato here giving you
the correct stats for the situation. So we’re going to fish on through
with this rig. If it gets picked up a few more times I’ve got an idea
of what I’m going to do next. But I think
this is what we’re all encountering. When we get it right
and the spot is right and the baiting situation’s right
and the hook bait’s right, this, I think, is what’s happening
to pretty much all of us. Because those hooks,
I could not pick a sharper hook. It’s on a very short,
very aggressive hook link that’s going to turn
and catch hold really quickly. The one that’s out there now
before the lead’s even really felt, that should be
springing about in their mouth and yet still
they’ve got away with it. He’s a nice scaly one. That’s the one that
just missed your hook bait earlier. He’s going to take it… And his face fell there
the last time as well. That is a lovely, lovely carp. This is so exciting. I hope you can get that
from our commentary. The fish in here, some of them
are absolutely stunning and they’re
monstrously big carp as well. Here we go. – It’s Big Plated.
– Go on! – Go on!
– He’s taken it. – Move, Dan! You’ve got him!
– No way! No way! We know for a fact we’re hooked
into the king of the lake on our very first take. Three pickups this morning,
all blow-outs and then the biggest fish
in the lake, the one we came for, the one we dreamt of hooking
is on the end. And as you can tell by the gaffer… – It’s rolling on the line.
– This is just a joke. Well, it doesn’t matter if his
best rig got blown out by others because the best fish in the lake
has picked it up and got nailed. – Let’s just pray it’s out there.
– Just pray. Everybody, just pray. Mama, pray for me. Just to put into words
what’s going on here – the pinnacle to get
an English 40-pounder on camera is pretty amazing,
but to catch one underwater will just be
the greatest icing on any cake. There it is. Calm, boys. Nice one, lads. Oh, man, this is just a joke. It’s rolling on the line so much! Tommy, get me my shades. – Oh, God!
– Stay calm, bruv. It’s just rolling on the line
all the time. – He’s not ready yet.
– That’s fine. I’m just… He’s not ready yet. There he is. There he is. Get in the net, get in the net! Yes! I can’t believe it! Come on, son! Oh, my life! I can’t believe it. It’s the biggest one in the…
I just can’t… It’s the biggest one in the lake. You’ve been swimming round… Mate, I just can’t believe it. I love you, Infinity. Unbelievable, mate. – Put one on there, bruv.
– High five! Yes! Don’t ever make me do these again. That is the most amazing experience
of my entire fishing life. I was absolutely crapping myself
that was going to come off. It was meant to be, mate. What did you say?
This shoot is cursed? – Let’s have another one.
– That’s a good curse. Even though you saw the fish
take the bait underneath the water you still say,
‘Is it it? I don’t think it is.’ Right,
Dan’s already zeroed the scales but before we get this marvellous
creature out of the water it’s important
to just go through the key principles of actually getting them
onto the bank. Now the first thing, a lot of people
try to unhook them in the net, in most instances
that wouldn’t be a bad thing but with such a big fish we’re going
to try to get this line into here and leave the hook in
and try to transfer it that way. So I’m going to leave
loads of slack line so when we do lift it out, there’s
no tension on the hook point and there’s no chance
of tearing the mouth. So once I’ve done that,
I’m just going to fold this net and just roll it up. Just like that. And you can see
those beautiful big plated scales. I’m just going
to bring the sling under it making sure all the pecs are flat. That’s the most important thing, that
the fins are flat against the body and I don’t actually need to lift it,
get your arms wet. It’s more important you look after
the fish than keep yourself dry. Everything’s in there. Pecs are flat and I’m
just going to drop this in there and I’m going to lift the fish up,
checking everything’s flat. It’s such an amazing creature,
you’ve got to make sure it goes back in in as good
a condition as it came out. That’s everything’s good there.
Checking this side. And another important tip even when
you’re carrying them out in a sling, just try
to support the body a little bit so it’s not pushing
right against the sling itself and that just
takes a bit of that pressure against their sensitive lower. That’s all good. Here we go.
That is a very big carp. Look at that.
We’ve been seeing him all morning. Unfortunately he’s lost a scale
but I’m told they will grow back. That’s been like that
since before we caught it. That’s one of the reasons
we recognised it coming back in. – Has it come out?
– No, it’s still there. Take that hook out. Cheers, mate. Right, just zip these up carefully. Just make sure his tail’s not
anywhere near where the zip is. It’s a big old long fish, this one. Okay. Cheers, bruv. Right, you read it and I’ll hoist it. Just check his fin’s flat
underneath the fish. – Yeah?
– Yeah, good. Feels heavy. – 44.12.
– 44.12, get in! – Amazing, mate.
– Amazing, yeah. Right, can you take those? Don’t be scared of them.
Just cradle them. If they’re off the ground like this,
they can’t do themselves any harm. Too late now, fella. It’s all happened. And there he is, look at that. Absolutely unbelievable. There are just no words.
What an amazing, amazing carp. And I have to say thank you,
I know it’s a bit corny, to me old mate Hamidi because
I really didn’t want to do this. Five or six times
we’ve been to France, five or six times it’s failed, and it was only his enthusiasm and
persistence that made us come here. He picked the spot
and everything else so this one is dedicated to him. It’s the most amazing capture
of my life. Awesome. Okay, before we return
this stunning creature, I’m just going to roll him over. Where he’s lost that scale
or she’s lost that scale, I’m just going to dab it dry
for a second and then just apply
a bit of the Carp Care just where that is. It’s just like an antiseptic
that will help it to heal better. That scale will eventually grow back. It certainly won’t look like that
for very much longer. Then while I’m doing it, if I roll
the fish back towards me again, there’s just a bit of redness
on his mouth there. I’ll just dab that,
just apply a bit more. Look at that. How about that for a day-ticket carp
that anybody can fish for? Wicked, absolutely wicked. Off you go, my love. Am I clear to cast, Ali? Yeah, you’re clear in a second, mate. It’s landed in the same spot
as last time. Hang on,
I’m just going to pan over now. Probably about a foot and a half
away from the camera. You’ll get a bite there. That’s a really nice
scaly one behind him. Big Common, that’s the Box, isn’t it? That’s the Box. How about that
for two bites in a row? How about that
for two bites in a row? Leave one for us, Dan. That’s not Gums, that’s… – That’s the Warrior.
– He’s going to get caught. The Warrior’s
going to get caught by someone. Did you put the bag on
for attraction? I am actually finding it easier
to cast with a bag on… That’s a big fish, look.
That’s long, isn’t it? That is long, that one.
That’s 47.05, Al. We’ve had a big fish over the top
of the hook bait three times now and three times it’s pulled away or looked down
and then pulled away from it and that hook bait is only
millimetres from the bottom. Looking at it now,
there’s two coming into shot. Two real nice ones. That’s high up like
that tester we put out yesterday, it’s sitting slightly prouder. Yeah, there’s probably
a bit more buoyancy in the bait and it’s just sitting,
rather than the hook laying flat, and plus it’s the way
it’s ended up resting on the bottom, rather than sitting totally flat
it’s just sitting up a little bit and they seem to be spooking off it and we all reckon –
no-one ever does it – a bright bottom bait,
no buoyancy to it whatsoever so it’s just sitting
with all the other ones but it’s got that colour to it. It doesn’t have to be brighter,
just different. Different, yeah.
Like that pink is a good colour. Cream, white, pink, that real
dull yellow you were talking about, not the real fluoro colours
but just enough different… Reds, pink, those less used colours
that… You like that… That’s the Box Common. That is the Box Common,
a million percent. Turn around. It’s this way. Greed is good. Forget stains, trust pink. I’m surprised that is sitting up
as far as that because it’s quite a small bait and you’ve got
a micro rig swivel up inside it plus the size 6 hook
so it’s almost like having two hooks attached to it
for the amount of metal there and it’s… It’s sat on top of the bag If a fish takes that in, the hook’s
sat really proud, isn’t it? It’s going to really nail them,
I think. It’s cocked. I’ll make a prediction
that as the light drops I bet we get a bite on that. Right on the death
of when we can’t film any more I reckon that will go. And if we left it out there tonight,
100% that would go. It is a magnet, that colour.
They are investigating that area. I’d much rather have a hook bait on
that they keep going towards than one that’s just
a needle in a haystack. Absolutely, yeah. When the Big Plated took it,
he took just that, didn’t he? He went straight for that. It’s like there’s
a couple of men there with rope just pulling the carp towards it. They do favour going towards that. And they did it
with that pink bit of corn and they’ve done it with that. Oh, fish coming, Dan, fish coming. It’s going for it, Dan. It’s got it, Dan!
You got a take, you got a take! That is epic. Well, we’ve got a complete
washing line of weed here. Ali thinks it’s a fish
we’ve nicknamed Gummy. Did you hear me radio through to you? – No, I didn’t hear that.
– You couldn’t hear me? No, no, I did actually, I did. That line’s all properly… I can’t wind any more.
No, I can, I can. It’s all right. Tom’s there. Talk about team effort. Don’t lose that.
That’s Big Plated hook bait. Well done, lads. Should be putting
a few more of these pink ones on. What an awesome colour. It’s got to be good
if Spooner’s catching on them. Only joking, Spooner. We love you. It’s rucking, this one. Nailed. Get in my net, get in my net. Yes, come on! Two in a day. Get in! Don’t leave me hanging. Right, same procedure as always. This time we’ve taken
the hook out in the water, smaller fish,
little bit easier to control. It was actually nailed in the top lip
but really nailed. It wasn’t ever coming off. Dan would probably have played it
for the rest of the week. So, just rolling it up,
checking the fins. Everything’s flat against the body,
really, really important. That’s what I hate seeing
on day-ticket lakes, people not treating carp
like they should be. So I’m going to lift this out now
and take it to its captor. Just off the mat. How big is he? 40… No. Just hold it still. – 23.12, mate.
– Nice. How about that for a torpedo of a
carp? Beautiful, beautiful colours. Almost his winter colours still. Lovely and dark. A perfect end to a perfect day. Beautiful St John’s Mirror. Absolutely stunning. Torpedo by name, torpedo by nature.
See you in the morning.

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