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Korean Elephant Fish

Korean Elephant Fish

It’s time for Food Adventure Program for Awesome People! The Elephant Fish edition! I feel like it’s really confusing to tell it’s an elephant fish. [S] Well it’s not an actual elephant fish. [M] It’s actually quite thin. This is the biggest fish that you can get here in Korea. We’re gonna have a giant trough that they usually feed horses with- *horse noises in the distance* -but we are gonna eat out of it as humans. Na na na na na naaa! Alright, we got some pretty baller side dishes here. We’ve got fermented crab. This is fermented in, like, a soy sauce, so it’s actually technically raw? We’ve got some fresh seaweed. And, I can’t tell if that is- -Mmm! Crunchy kind! This is my style! *inaudible cutesy talk about current dish* But these ones look like they’re spicy, they’ve have like some, uh, pepper flakes on them. Which is nice with rice, it’s kind of salty on it’s own. My favourite of kimchis- -uhh, spicy cucumber kimchi. And here’s something that I have NEVER had as a side dish in Korea- -they gave little pieces of donkaseu, which is like a pork schnitzel. And omaegi-tteok, which is a special kind of tteok that is very famous in Jeju! And this is for dessert, this is pretty intense. I think omaegi-tteok sounds like a super villain. *Simon and Martina with creepy voices saying “I am the omaegi-tteok!” “Bow to me!”* Oh, oh oh oh! Whoooooooooooooah~ And the reason why we are doing this is because this is what Korean broadcasting is usually like whenever they have food! They usually like, yell at it! Like, really really loud in restaurants. So, in the spirit of Korean broadcasting, we’re gonna yell the same way. Whoooooooooah~ *Simon repeatedly saying “Oh, oh oh!”* Whooooooooooah~ So what we have here is a galchi (cutlass) jorim (stew). The fish that we’re getting here is very famous in Jeju- -it’s a cutlass fish, and they’re really expensive as well in Jeju? Jorim is a style of cooking that is when they take a fish, they simmer it in like a very little amount of broth and it becomes really thick and saucy, and they cook the fish in there, and it’s my favourite way to eat fish in Korea. Here we’ve got some squash, we’ve got some thin mushrooms, we’ve got some onions on the side here. Here’s a gigantic fish that goes all the way from here to there. Radish, right here. These are the best part of it all. [S] I love the radishes here. [M] Mew. Potatoes here as well, and this is where she chopped up all this little ddeok right here. This is going to be sweet and spicy, kind of like yangnyeom chicken, if you’ve ever had that before. It’s got that, both sweet and spicy taste to it, so this is PHENOMENAL. And Martina’s already going at the crab. [S and M] Wh-Whaaaaat? [M] How do I… [M] Okay, wait a second… [M] It’s actually… still.. [L] All one piece… [M] Like, in one… I’m like, unearthing, like a fossil. [S] How do you grab this… [S] Is this all one piece? Where’s the back of it. Where does this begin and where does it end? [S] Ohh, this is so tender… look at how soft these pieces are. Oh, that is phenomenal. This is so tender. See, the problem you usually get with grilled fish is that sometimes, it’s TOO overcooked and TOO crispy, This is all soft, juicy… [S] Mmm… [M] It’s a really great tasting fish. [S] Oh yeah. [M] The flavour of the fish is just like… You know, some fishes taste sweet?And some fishes taste like, really, solid fishy? [M] This is more of a sweet end of a fish. [S] Yeah. [M] Y’know? Oh my god. This fish. I love this fish. This is one of my favourite Korean meals. I forgot about how good jorim is. [M] Okay, so see how this comes fully boned in? And you’ve gotta like, remove the bones? [S] FULLY BONED IN. [M] Fully boned in, oh yeah! [S] OH YEAH. When we first came to Korea, it was like, impossible for us to eat something like this, because we were terrified that we would choke to death on bones. I mean, bone-in fish is just soft and more tender, and fresh. While like, a lot of western-style fish just ends up being dried up. So… apparently, also in France, they’re like “why would you debone ze fish?!” [M] We’ve been, we’ve been doing it wrong. [S] *inaudible, maybe “French don’t speak like zat!”* [S] How is it? I, I really wanna try a piece. [S] Duckyyyyyyyy. 🙁 *growling noises* [M] Oh my god. [S] Is that good? [M] That is some great- [S] SHARE WITH ME. [S] Share, ducky, share with me… [M] -fresh- [S] Oh yeah. [S] Do they just make this here? I-I think they didn’t buy this. [M] It’s absolutely fresh. [S] Oh man. [M] Isn’t that nice? [S] Ah. That is PERFECT. IT’S SO PERFECT. So, one of the things you might notice about the background behind is us that… I don’t think anybody under the age of 55 is here in this restaurant apart from us. I’m not sure if this is an old people food, but this place is bumpin’ with senior citizens. We are the youngest people here. [M] We had to wait. To get a seat. [S] I know! It’s nuts! [M] Have you tried the pumpkin yet? [S] No. [M] It’s crazy. [S] Feed me. [M] Eerrgh, but it’s my pumpkin… [S] Lovinglyyy. [M] Sunbabunduduwa….egh… my left haaand. [S] Oh wow. [M] Isn’t that nice? It’s actual pumpkin. It’s infused with the fish from here… oh man, this is perfect. SooZee, nooo, you dropped the handle! [SZ] Hooooo! [M] Can’t take SooZee anywhere. [S] She’s just so irresponsible sometimes. [M] I think we did a pretty good job. This is all that’s left. [S] There’s still some meat on, but not much left. [S] I’m picking at it. [M] Ours is pretty much just the tail end here. [M] And we have the fish head, which doesn’t have a lot of meat on it. [S] Yeah, got a fish head here as well. [M] And that’s it, this is all empty! Four of us polished off two of these fish. [S] This was supposed to be a five person meal. But here at Eat Your Kimchi, we like to eat. [M] Whaaa, don’t tell people that. [M] We don’t f**k around, is what I believe you wanted to say. [S] So that’s it for this week’s Food Adventure Program. I don’t know what to say. [S] I’m so full, I’m ready to sleep right here in the middle of the street. [M] Hmm, there’s a park around the corner. [S] Oh my god. [M] Now, we just talked about the kind of fish that’s kinda stewy? But if you wanna see what the gooey fish, like the fried one is, you can actually click over here, and we have a video that we did on that. [M] I feel like it’s a really old video where we looked quite different. [S] Very different. [M] I swear it’s still us. So subscribe if you wanna see some more delicious food videos, as well as some special videos out of Jeju. [M] Yeah, if you haven’t seen our hok dwaeji video- [S] You’re missin’ out man. [M] Black pig of Jeju. [S] You haven’t eaten this good. [S] I’m gonna sleep. [M] I’ll carry you back, okay? [S] Carry me ducky, carry me. [M] Lets go. [S] Why are you so little. Carry me. Carry me.

100 comments on “Korean Elephant Fish

  1. I must truly hate myself. That squash looked sooo good and I'm trying so hard not to eat right now because I'm like 5 seconds away from going to bed xD UGH

  2. Where in korea can you find this? And I was wondering if you could find it in many places around korea and ep in seoul 🙂

  3. I love the guy in the background with the striped shirt XD he's all like "…….crazy foreigners. I must watch them to study them."

  4. +Simon and Martina you are my new favorite youtubers. I told my boyfriend that the way he eats food it looks so much better, and like him you guys make it look sooo much better. drools

  5. I am Korean but I haven't tried this one, including some others. Living in Toronto doesn't offer this much variety of Korean food 🙁

  6. I love how there's some seemingly casual customers in this establishment. Than you have these 2 overzealous weebs with the manners and behavior of 3 years olds with ADD.

  7. I ate Korean food for the first time today because you guys make it sound amazing. SO YUMMY. Thank you for opening my mind to a whole new type of food!

  8. In this day of turmoil and political craziness… It's so refreshing to see two intelligent people, doing their own thing, without remorse or inhibitions … You can just see how much these two people love each other… It's the best part of the channel… the content could be anything…. it's nice….

  9. I still come back to this video because I still forget that join is also another word for stew instead of just jjigae (I pray I spelled that correctly)

  10. when he says they're the only ones under 50 in there and the person directly behind him is more than likely maybe 20's

  11. Bizarre Foods has nothing on you guys. Then again, I haven't seen the Korea episodes yet, if there are any. This huge trough of galchi jorim looks similar to Japanese Hot Pot, which is either clear dashi broth or spicy broth with thin slivers of meat and chopped vegetables that you cook in it over a kotatsu table or at least a communal dining table.

  12. Even though these videos are older. Your food videos are so comforting to me when I'm having a shitty time.. thank you guys so much. Sometimes these videos are the only thing that comforts me..❤️️❤️️❤️️😙 I hope you guys had a wonderful new year..

  13. He says that there is literally no one under the age of 55 is there except for them and yet at 5:04 there is a little girl >•<

  14. It wasn't Korean, but you guys did encourage me to have whole fish for the first time while on vacation. And it was DELICIOUS!
    Seriously, the best fish I have ever had. I can't wait to find it at another place and try it again. Ty for showing I don't have to be afraid of fish bones lol! <3

  15. So how do you guys eat fish that doesn't have soft bones? Or even if it's soft how do you eat it? I love fish, but the one problem I always have is I'm scared of swallowing a fish bone. It's happened before and it was so painful to the point I avoided fish for years but I wen't back because I missed the taste.

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