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Korean Fish Waffle Custard Ice Cream – Crazy From Kong Review !!

Korean Fish Waffle Custard Ice Cream – Crazy From Kong Review !!

Aboong Cafe Custard Fish Waffle Sundae Spencer you’re back well that’s great for running the
Timothy Dalton fan club in singapore what was that like magnificent it was being I loved every
moment of it how do you but you had a mustache the whole time you were there
too I didn’t have a mustache for a while
yeah i know in fact is he had a mustache you have a catchment others of my bus
that really I would catch food keep a bear and then you did it on when you
have two numbers reveal again yeah guys we got a basic out of the way back
reviewing the stuff we found it weird snack eating like a lot of stuff you don’t say
it doesn’t look like Timothy Dalton in any way which I know that disappointment
to you I’m so this is what it all looks like a
fish though looks a lot like a fish eating an ice cream yep and a Chieri on top I don’t know I
think it’s find out we’ll find out let’s buy some let’s do it all right so he’s dipping it in there
that’s really cool he’s putting the goal i guess in that a waffle fish maker
machine I like that fish graphic / they do all
the way in Asia when you use this kind of stuff that’s really cool hold down for three minutes more crispy
for cool down for three minutes all right that’s good I so it’s amazing i’m so excited about
it Spencer I look at this so it’s still hot and it’s got like a
little marshmallow this is frozen yogurt we got nuts and chocolate old country
it’s steaming hot the waffle thing – all right Spencer here we go we got our
together a fish it’s pretty warm it’s pretty crispy if
you see the design that’s definitely a fish that’s official right surely this
is a korean place apparently eating korean fish love ice cream but yeah I heard it the frozen turkey
Mike’s I want to do it mm that’s why you gave me the first ones
you don’t want it melted yeah I hate melted ice in our literary
is terrified of melted ice cream so frozen yogurt okay i’m gonna eat my little lab
marshmallow here with the minute that frozen yogurt on it yeah number one wow gold brain freeze little girl Spencer County cold ice
cream at all do this time for my first bite of waffle call
you pretty something very smooth pretty cool
guy man so I’ve gotten down into this stuff this is kinda like the custom
writer this is pretty damn good like it’s all pretty high quality I like
it and I’m coming out of a petition my hand I got a little bit i’m healthy is the
whole place will blow over it thank you so much yeah yeah what’s your
name by the way let go Thank You lego really good like oh I
like this a lot are amazing really really good huh Spencer’s eating
like a little girl oh thank you thank you oh we’re eating it like a little girl
look at that what a mess what are you doing you’re not even singapore what was going
on there because the singapore comes back for more – comes with government let’s go get
your mouth it’s very embarrassing laughing in the ground now easy you look a mess though then I’m
going to talk about any such laughing like a bad man in the middle of the soil welcome back to the show and beautiful
so what are you doing that laughing at himself again you’re standing outside of the store
laughing the guys going to be nice you’re ruining his food so embarrassing of are you laughing at
something that’s not very thing all you done now the filthy flopping again so Spencer that was pretty good I’m is
it like a normal human being you consumed it laughing and like made a
message I think so embarrassed line is we have
to work on his approach for coming back to see ok it’s not his fault it’s very difficult for me I’m a little
out of practice a little a while so embarrassing thankfully our friend lego
he was nice enough to give you some tissue is a lot of issues a lot of 2 3 4
around the eyes but I got cleaned up and up and waiting tissues I thought it was
pretty damn good yeah I love tableside really great i
thought the ice cream is good yogurt ice cream is not too bad for you compared to
regular ice cream I’m you know we had that cool fish
design the waffle and the it was the custard inside those pretty good so I’m
gonna give it two thumbs up yeah I’m gonna say it was but it was
like a little adventure you keep eating it more stuff comes out more ever it’s not evolve a snack of all it was
great yet two thumbs up for me too there we go boom cafe custard fish was
sunday two thumbs up yeah hey guys if you liked this video check
out the other videos on our channel and don’t forget to hit subscribe like and
comment below yeah

15 comments on “Korean Fish Waffle Custard Ice Cream – Crazy From Kong Review !!

  1. Yes, Spencer is back! And on top of that, he came back for a good two-thumbs up review! However, I feel like Arne was roasting him a bit too much lol

  2. Hey Spence is back! Not that the guys haven't been holdin' it down like Bosses, but it's nice to see him back nevertheless. The ice cram looks really good too. When I read the title I thought it would be fish flavored. lol

  3. I'd definitely like to try that. Also I like the style of how Spencer eats, it's the same way I eat >.> ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  4. lol Arne keeps calling Spencer a girl and Spencer just luls as Chinese people looking at crazy white guys great vid.

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