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Korkers Hatchback and Darkhorse Wading Boot Review – Fly Fishing Gear Review

Korkers Hatchback and Darkhorse Wading Boot Review – Fly Fishing Gear Review

hey how’s it going to Kevin from Hatch’s
so want to talk a little bit today about waiting boots first off these are the
devil’s canyon corker boots the ones I’ve been wearing for the last couple
seasons so you can see there the worn they’re used to holding up great really
strong boots so on top of that the new boots
first off is the Dark Horse kind of the more classic styling of a waiting boot
you can see that it’s got the BOA system in the front opens up huge so you can
sit your foot in there and if you kind of look in you can see there’s that
bright orange little cuff in there and what that is
they call it their three PFS but practical terms what that means is
that’s going to be almost like a heel lock it sits around your Achilles tendon
and it makes it so your heel doesn’t lift out when you’re in the boot they’re
really burly toe cap on these so you can see that there’s no stitching upfront
really super super strong rubber all the stitching’s recessed triple stitch these
boots then one nice thing about the material too is that it doesn’t hold
water so I think it’s called hydrophobic where
it’ll still hold some water you’ll be wet but if you step out
everything drains out of the soles and these boots will dry super-quick cool
little styling thing that’s kind of like a camo embossing there on sides lots of
support panels so you can see there’s some up here on the ankles so the part
that’s inside there to hold your your healing really cool boot but then you’ve
got the hatchback which is something that I think is probably one of the most
revolutionary pair of boots or something the newest thing I’ve seen in a long
time is they’ve moved the laces in the boa system from the front to the back
you’ve got a rear entry boot kind of like a ski boot and what this really
does for you is adds a lot of support and stability so you’ve got this nice
piece of plastic rubber here on the front and allows you that whenever you
go to push it on looks pretty good and you can see that it doesn’t Bend you’re
getting a lot of stability as you’re hiking still a super lightweight boot
that’s not going to wear you out and it’s going to come to aware all the time
but it’s got that same rubber toe cap triple stitch but it’s really going to
be a nice stable front on there with that with the ruble the latest to
the back so just like the other boat systems pull out open up slide in their
locker room put your foot in close them up and cinch them up so really a neat
pair of boots and the nice thing about these is if you have other workers bleep
you’ve had in the past they have that same on the track system which is here’s
the clip that’s kind of fit in so you can we’re going to take off your boots
you can change out the sole super quick so you wear a pair of soles get a new
one you want to buy a new pair of boots these two new ones come with the
cling-on rubber here and they also come with a felt sole I’m a big fan of these
bars so this is the cling-on rubber but you can see that it’s got an aluminum
bar built into it these things really grip and stick to rocks if you fish in
bedrock so any type of like big flat rocks where you might get around on some
spikes these things are awesome another pair of really cool spikes are doing is
these these are the V broom or Vibram how you pronounce it but they vet
doesn’t so you see this super super chunky log drum here like you can the
gripping they’re really nice and soft and go but they’re pitched studs that
are super strong again if you have any any of these old souls or if you have
korkut boots in the past these new boots still fall that same on the track system
so they’re good to go yeah cool new ones these are the hatchbacks with the rear
entry you got the dark horse with the nice stability around the ankle thanks
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technical specs you can order direct from them or from your local fly shop
but also check out some these other videos that I’ve done I got some fly
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6 comments on “Korkers Hatchback and Darkhorse Wading Boot Review – Fly Fishing Gear Review

  1. Had the KGB's. Wanted to like them but found them to be way too stiff. I had the Vibram studded soles and lost a handful of studs. These newer Korkers do look pretty well built though. Nice vid Kev. Keep em coming.

  2. Few questions?
    Can the shoes be use as daily shoes?
    I works in food industry. Is the body of the shoes build to last a few outsole??
    My size is 11us 4E, will Korkers fit me??
    I really a pain the look for shoes in Asia
    My contact :

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