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KP Tour 2016 // Dry Fly Fishing

KP Tour 2016 // Dry Fly Fishing

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re there. 10 days. 10 days. Finally home. Just enough for tonight. Howdy folks! No welcoming committee outside? Well, we didn’t get the time. You just jumped out of the car and came running in. Good to see you buddy. You too! This is awesome – check it out! Aaaaahhh!!! There is a trout just below me. It’s very close to the bank. I can see the fish. I will tell you if it takes the fly. You are 2 meters short. That should be a good cast. Leave the fly there. It takes the fly!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!! It’s a pretty nice fish. Oh yeah! My legs fell asleep big time. It took me 45 minutes to get on my feet! It’s time to land the fish. No!! Where is it? Haha – well done! Alright! Øksa is bringing home the bacon! Oh my it’s pretty! Ready for the release? Yes, I’m ready. Come on. Ahhhh beautiful! Goodbye. Yes, I can see the fly. Oh yeah! That’s awesome! “..freakin’ awesome, man..” That’s a pretty one. Mr. steamfisher! Real naughty fishing, there. Show it to me. Then the release. It went back to the bank. Don’t go that way little buddy. You have to go this way… …back to where you belong. Yeah, yeah. That is a rising trout. Now the fish is really close… Yep!! I’ve got it! Oh, this a good fish. It is going downstream. Coming down towards you. “Lamson reels. Never lets you down.” Haha…Wow!!! This fish is… Nice netting!! Oh my! What a fish! So pretty. Just let it go. So, how was yesterday? Good, good. All good… Hehehe – damn good! Lots of fun. Huge hatch. Nothing happened. Loads of green drakes… …insane amounts of green drakes. Loads of rises and big trout… …nothing happened. Right next to your fly!!! My behind is pretty sore.. I think mine is the sorest… …I managed to break a rod too. So that is perfect in every way. Yesterday evening we tied up some new flies. Some green drake imitations… …which we hope will lead to some better results today. There was a rise by the opposite bank. Looks like a good fish. Yeah, yeah! That is art! Øksa, the net! Pay attention! Nice one. Quite nice indeed. Damn…very nice actually! Maximum pressure – straight in the net. Took the fly on the first cast. Smack! “You’re on the mic with Mike.” Funny to see those “small trout” actually being of that size… Hehe.. yeah, they’re supposedly small, but they are really not. Yeah, that is a beautiful cast. It is a bit further upstream now. Oh yeah… Yes! That’s so well done. Awesome. Well, the fly is working great. Tied it myself and everything. Ok! This is getting serious? Damn, that was hard work! Well, then it’s… ..”adios amigo”. Brew and loose snus (tobacco)… This was very well deserved. And what kind of fly did the fish take..? Klinkhammer! Size… 16! 16…really?! No, actually 17. Of course, 17. Ok…where is the fish? Here it comes! Took something quite big. There is a caddis fly right over him. He goes for it. If you manage to present your fly in front of him… …he will take it. He took it!!! WHAT!?!?!?! He is still there. It didn’t bother him at all. …ok, deep breaths… …as you know, I’m totally cool here. Jez… There it is rising again. Probably took a caddis. The fly is going to pass right over his head. Don’t pull… right above him now. Takes it!! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah! Oh, this is a nice one. Here he goes. Damn, he’s fat! One in the right… Oh yeah? Ahh.. one in each leg. I need one more in my casting arm! Cool if it takes the fly… YEAH! F%#!! What happened? Well… Perfect strike.. Someone else go catch a fish….damn. So the fish went for it? The fly? No, the leader! Yes, this is… …NOOOO!!! There is going to be a bad mood back at the cabin. Yes it will… …because the leader snapped. It broke? Yes, it snapped. One should never snap the leader! The mood is great here back at the cabin! Just one evening left after this one. Damn – just one left! A drop came out, actually! Alright! KP Tour 2016 Let it go, let it go. Come on… We can confidently change that fly. I don’t know if he saw it. I’m pretty sure that fish is seeing everything going past. In the Jez… There! Come on! Right over him. Yeah! …darn! Looks like he’s still there. Lucky bastard! He looked at the fly again! [screaming for assistance] This one is big! Shit! He does not like me. Look at you. Is it big? That was a lot of work! Look at this! It’s so freakin’ fat! That was awesome. It’s still got power. Ok, now he’s going back. That’s beautiful. Yes, that is so pretty. And it’s wide as a barn door. Here he goes…bye, bye. I’ve got a nice fish! It has already made a couple of runs downstream. Wow! Good fish, right? Yes, that’s a damn good fish. On the light, 3-weight rod. Always that rod catching the big ones. Look at the rod bending like a straw. Be careful! What a feeling! Ahhh, check this out! This is bigger than the one last year. Freakin’ hell this is pretty! During our last hours in the river. That’s the way it is. [International fly fishing language] Check it out, mate! Check…it…OUT! Just get some life back into him and he’ll be off. Look at pretty Miss Piggy! …maybe not a pig, but still a nice fish. It’s healthy, it wants to go. Yeah…yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh, it’s a nice one. Hey! Don’t go into that rock! F#&$! So, I’ll just net it. Awesome job! Haha.

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  1. JA JA! JA! JHA JHA! 25 vel brukte minutter! Det er dog litt dårlig gjort å slippe filmen når det er så lenge til sesongstart 🙂

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