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Kuttikkanam Grilled Whole Fish | Panchalimedu & Madammakkulam | Whole Fish Grill – Carp

Good morning.. Today I am with Keya. We are on the way to Kuttikkanam. We have stopped in a place called Panchalimedu. Very beautiful place. It is not just Munnar and Thekkady, there are so many other hill-stations, unexplored places like this. Kuttikkanam is a beautiful place, I studied there. I studied BBA, in the first batch of Marian College. So we are going there, for seeing Kuttikkanam, and exploring some food items too. Now we have stopped in Panchalimedu. We will explore here a bit, and move to Kuttikkanam. We have reached the top of hill in Panchalimedu. This is the awesome view you get from here. There are people coming here. But unlike Thekkady and Munnar, here it is not crowded, and not that popular also. Panchalimedu has lots of stories, and myths attached to it. We are not getting into those stories here in this vlog. But in our blog, Food N, you can read about all those stories. In all our travels, food is an unavoidable part. So now from Panchalimedu to Kuttikkanam, see some attractions of Kuttikkanam, and then, either buy some food item, or cook something from there. So let us move on to Kuttikkanam. See there is one bird in the sky, it is not flying away, just balancing in the air, maybe in search of some food. Panchalimedu is not just for walking people like us. There is group of bikers here, they kept their bikes and came walking. Where are you from? Pandalam. They have come to explore Idukki. Let us hear their names. So this Panchalimedu is a bikers’ paradise also. Then, Parunthumpara, and via Thekkady, to Kambammedu and all, that’s your plan, right? So enjoy.. Before returning from Panchalimedu, let me tell one more thing. This is like Kurishumala. There are many crosses kept on top of the hill. Those who want can pray before them. And there is a temple also here. Those who wish to pray in a temple can do that. So if prayer is your agenda, that is possible here. If it is adventure, that is also possible. There is a Munimada here, now it is not open. Adventure tourism is coming up. Then they will start trekking facilities to there. Anyway, now it is time for us to go to Kuttikkanam. We traveled from Panchalimedu to Kuttikkanam. We had good parottas from Kuttikkanam. We had it from a small restaurant, Ricebowl. It was a roadside restaurant, which didn’t charge much. We had tasty parottas with green peas curry, and had tea also. We paid eighty rupees, for me and Keya. After that, we went to our home-stay. We kept our luggage, and went to Jacob sir. He studied with me in Marian College, now he is teaching. We went to his house, and came in his car. He also has a Duster. Now we are going in that.. to see Madammakkulam. We will keep the car here and walk. This is the way to go. If we had a four-wheel drive, we could go in that. Once we had gone this way, in a jeep. Now we’ll keep the car here, as it is own vehicle. There is a small stream here. We have to cross this while going. People usually come here for off-roading. They come in jeeps, for off-road trips, but four-wheel drive is a must. There are people who come in bikes also. I also wanted to come by bike, but Jacob sir didn’t let me. He said.. Ebbin, don’t go by bike. So we are going by walk. From the place where the car is parked, it is almost half an hours’ walk. We should have come a little early. Now it is hot. In Kuttikkanam, climate is in extremes. On hill tops, when sun shines, it becomes very hot. When there is no sun, it is very cold. That is the specialty of Kuttikkanam. These are places where it becomes misty. Walking is also a good experience.. if you come with friends, it feels good.. revisiting the old times.. I have lots of tales to share with Jacob. Jacob’s wife, Lisha is also our batch-mate, but not class-mate. So we are walking with the olden tales. It is a very pleasant walk here, but you have to be careful. If there are kids with you, hold their hands and walk slowly. Don’t try to go very fast, be slow. It is a good view, we can see rows of hills. There is a waterfall also here. Now it is not likely to be there. There is a pond below the waterfall. That is the Madammakkulam. This is the waterfall that I talked about. And this pond below is called Madammakkulam. There are reasons why it is called so. In the days of British rule, they used to take bath here, it seems. We don’t know the exact reason. Anyway, it is a superb waterfall. It is difficult to get down with kids. So they are staying on top. I have come all the way down. There are people taking bath. I think it is safe for bathing, not sure. There is no board displayed over here. Not very deep, I think. There are some folks taking bath here, all the way from Trivandrum. Youngsters from Trivandrum. Is it safe here? In the sides, it is safe. But in the middle, it is deep. Only for those who know swimming. I’ll tell what they said. Only for expert swimmers. It is not very safe, so step in carefully, or it is better to avoid that. Isn’t it so? We should take care of our safety. They are energetic people, let them enjoy. So we are going back after seeing Madammakkulam. It is drizzling, so we need to go back fast. When you come to Madammakkulam, if you can walk more, see that rock over there. It is a nice view from there. We can see Vagamon from there. This time I am not going there as it is getting late. We will go and catch…no just buy some fish and do some nice fish preparation. Last time, I had gone till there. I will share some of those footage with this video. Now we are going back. Jacob told me that we will catch fish. But here, there is someone who is doing fish farming. So we are buying fish from there. He will catch, and we will prepare, right? The interesting part is that this person has made small ponds all around his house, and he is growing fish in all of them. He is very fond of them. So we will get fresh fish? Yes, sure. So after buying the fish, what we are doing today is fish prepared as a whole, stuffed fish barbecue. Stuffed fish grilled? This is the place. There is ornamental fish also. This is the person, standing with Jacob. He is Eapen chettan. We will go to the backyard. This is the pond where fish are grown. How many are there? An approximate? Hundred only now. How many can we put in this? We can put around 300 in this. Ok, around 300. We bought the fish, now we have to prepare it. We didn’t eat lunch also, only the kids had food.. We will have food only after making fish. That’s it. Let us prepare fish then. Jacob is planning to light the fire. This is a method to light it fast. Keep the net on top, and light from below. This is the fish we bought now. It is kept as a whole, after removing the fins. Thorns and the inside parts also removed. Now what we have to do is..just cut this slightly… and add the ingredients..not many ingredients.. then we will barbecue this. Jacob’s wife did all this for us. I am just doing the cutting and barbecue. Because this fish can be cut like this.. there is space inside, to do the stuffing. There is space in the belly, to do stuffing. We are stuffing some things in this. We will take the needed things. Onions, green chili, then, green peppercorn… break a few pieces and stuff.. garlic.. lemon is also there.. a few of these.. we will stuff. No we will stuff some more onions.. It is filled.. No we will smear some salt on top. A little salt has to be added inside also. Fish is a thing that highly absorbs salt. So add salt well, outside also. I am using my hands, in our local way. Foreigners might not do like this.. they might sprinkle it.. We are not doing that.. And they powder black pepper also in the grinder.. and it will come out nicely. Now again one more lemon and onion, and stuff it in between. Now we will do the other side also like this. Now we will stuff these curry leaves also. That will also be stuffed nicely. We are adding curry leaves because it is a local preparation. Otherwise, we could add some other leaves. many other spicy leaves. Now it has to be kept on the ember.. After that, this will be grilled nicely. I am keeping it on top. It is very hot. After keeping, it is good to add olive oil. When we keep this only, we get the smell of roasted curry leaves. This is an easy to make barbecue setting. This is an aluminium tray. A rubber sheet dish. Yes, a tray for making rubber sheets. He has put ember on this. And on top, half of the grilling tray. We won’t press this from both sides. Or you can use a net if you have. Let it be done, it is very hot. So it will be done fast. We won’t keep it for long. It has started to roast. Now we will brush a little olive oil and turn it around. Now we have turned it upside down. The skin has burned off. There is no skin left now. I have added a little more lemons and onions. This is not to be overcooked, just to be grilled well. The flesh will remain soft. It has been grilled nicely.. Cooked well.. We can see the color has changed.. The fish oil has also come out.. We had brushed olive oil too. All the lemons and onions have also been cooked well. Only cooked, it is not burnt. They have not changed color, but the taste has blended well. So our fish is ready. As usual, we will start with the kids. We will give a little to them. Thorns are there. Now they will tell how it is. Kids… please say it is nice. Okay, try giving them They are not even waiting.. How is it? Kids tasted, now we will also try. See this, I will try a small piece. I didn’t expect it will come out so well, it is superb! The taste of fish oil we can make out, and it is slightly salty, slightly sour, then the flavor of all these ingredients. This is something you should try. There are many more things to try. That will be in the coming videos. I am sure you will watch. I know you are always with me, thanks for that. This video is ending here. Keep watching. Be with us always. Bye

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