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L.i.v.e Stream : NHL , San Jose Sharks – Arizona Coyotes Tuesday, 12/17/2019 FULL GAME

L.i.v.e Stream : NHL , San Jose Sharks – Arizona Coyotes Tuesday, 12/17/2019 FULL GAME

it hurts with me neither with no different I find it hard to commit but you don’t even try I’m better with them without you [Music] do you see the college I can’t do you wanna be you don’t need to be prince charming [Music] you [Music] [Music] we’re on the steel whatever it is keep a lot you know what is love that’s why I’m back away [Music] do you see the college [Music] [Music] Knight of Columbus [Music] it is zero blame this shit oh by the way welcome to the stream guys new hero doesn’t look that dope skin the first one looks better in my opinion redesigned on the shield looks way better to design the chest and the hair okay I’m going to see ability of hands ability effects difficulties all right so let’s see what it is that’s it actually activates the Maxima permanently reduce the final damages you buy oh this is say that she retracts himself into the shield and accelerates forward when reading an enemy he will deal magic damage whatever to enable me studying the hill I was lucky enough you just kill a little on back she upwards so that he can draw obstacles to this hero and nearby enemies stunning the hit target for one second slightly knocking other enemies [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] then one boy how you doing Kim Chiu okay it’s my band we will have her cool now we have Goshen all right so Goshen is the first place nice new hero Helena yes bro a big vida just just two minutes ago to anticipate later it looks dope damaged car Fiesta is like kukaku possess a damaged body for a 10 coastal damage water but it’s not tiny hey any patent Imogen all right why is my phone why is the game laggy lagging you a game to me I do baby Colette sino que ellos no static number Allah Ta’ala I collected eight kbp by playing against bots to get that hero a hero 232 this HR it can eat again three pass so you had 20 20 22 24 K right right right you had 24 K so you collected eight nice Minato you study em a mirror battle points cambogia a clock one lakh twenty Pattabhi 84 oh yeah then let’s see in a way this is not correct one lakh mahadji Mira I should be at one leg but I’m not because because I had to spend that yo bra fish Alex team welcome to the stream because I had to spend the money to buy the new hero new hero current image solid by such a leg a a be a CSI OJ Mary pass good luck again Jai Bharat Jai Batra Kali brooch I mother Kali official ex king Thank You Selina nice skin cell in Agra just kiddin something different you see 84 kid thank you sir yeah cream Oh purse America’s battle points key card I experienced card said superhuman gaming DVD welcome to the stream how are you doing array made up made a very other game a facility with a keep bitch bitch pearl wrongful yeah boner we are mean remarks at a gamer now that facility with a key may send cursor cool BP more than five like 1k other per day at least 1k rock Magina 1000 per day per table if not like Java are you doing Joe Timmy’s is very less respective against this new tank I don’t know my first match kill garage this is my first match I’m doing good men what about you made I should have gone top solo there our fifth covered Hawaii Hasbro miracle copa-data it’s this remake a minute that’s why I did not scream that day otherwise wouldn’t be swim cap de magellan a give you the other birds wish turnable you don’t love hate zindabad oh how did you remember the juban booyah donatina oh yeah he was friends – I dunno what I was only one or two episode I didn’t watch friends after that enemy letterhead yeah what friends friends is a series grow good idea except me memory by gaming you didn’t like poker is that what you’re saying bro sorry Larry Popp over the paintings on television I hide a G below game is how you gotta kick in the Sammy [Music] [Music] come on come on you can do better than this it najih be announced telephone where are 660 bien [Music] you’re a mod now you’re more Americans are so rich they buy all skins like nothing they they are not rich bro capitalist or currency is very pissed they have a good currency value to get one Kajol market value sorry that was a good game good game good game could be could be good all right give me a minute okay I need to focus because this match [Music] Juden Juden because our mm has no support oh I’m gonna sell my condo just by its cuteness skin say how many skills do you have what is the wind rate etc a Bari a panini 61 skins epic skins legendary skins hair do you have some epic nice Dennison you can sell it for very good price though I think you should start with 10 start for all the Spanish thus the star Canopus because that’s the lowest price you can go I don’t think 61 skins is very expensive so to make it like a penny how much do you spend in the pussy subset game today epic Roger phantom all you romantic 265 – epic skins that would be that would be little bit steep so epic hair with not old approximately cuts a good now got three four you spend three four with other skins in the game included jockey free milk a risk of a problem there copy skin swab a free so if you consider those things in check first properly then [Applause] it’s all because of this yeah go ahead and defend the top lane are you brain dead or something yeah superhuman you can sell it buttered unbind it unwind it from your main enemy which you have it what’s what’s the logic here what’s the coordination what’s the combination here there’s nothing literally zero zero sense I mean seriously man seriously why do I carry the game so hard let a Gaussian version like in never my first game of the day we are going to relax okay we have 92 percent star points we will raise it to even raise it well blade of Saleh MVP time will be like a red to sink our nominee Shan Mei 48 percent are pushing Marion ampere MVP like a gas you move or logo you must be mark I made new account to be India top ever got started playing jumping – that’s a good idea though that’s a good idea jump and die but look a mess them up in the air remotely and djaro FML a bitch a bitch a portal in ER at top lane boy Haney free farm mythical together they add for Java concerning win legend to move a meeting point over PA for 3 against 2 put him on computer again ok hey 3 bands – we’re gonna team a team a quahog a mythic Mary Olivar Bo so time there will be mythic independency bottom shorts other dude coming I am human drama or no shit they don’t care yeah right they don’t care so let’s let’s check this out right we have slightly can you see something I’m going to just fold for this side now you check some other you ol okay pass me is here so I don’t want to pick much men I’m not sure about this rank Nicola Durga Puja with too hot gotta move a AC Dubai don’t bend while it okay okay this is going to be the first match I’m going to play super aggressive okay now watch me watch me in the match all right I’ve had enough because I’m frustrated from the last match so I’m going to take it out on this match on the opponents because your opponent Sehun pain in Kaluga last match the team starting with you Gaultier Itano who perform the K Oh looks with the ring Ellie Toby first station Nicaragua it’s an aggressive hello gasps hello co pham been a do not open it go opponent is not going to get formed as long as I’m here I want a hard raiga to make my to sit big just wait and watch ha it’s an aggressive you know Ghana yellow dark a merry pichi pichi hunting a miracle deck type its Anatomy oh hi boozer last night bitches Caracara Vijay is a Vedic daresay there’s a pitcher hiding in surrender naka date na na I am scared surrender luck and they put it mark my words I will enter the match and I will destroy I say build 100 nice and then family hunting knife is starting me about useless soda bro because it is cheap I understand it is cheap cheaper H ahead but with na bouge starting my cheap build nature yeah because I want a high damage build don’t worry don’t worry I got this vampire bullet I will try it I will try it but I got this much I got this match so then II will go top lane crystal dust some hungry what is vampire mulac theorem will it come at current is talking about your bullet Kansai Tamil Nadu in the port of Rio in the pora I will destroy that Umbro my memories can damage near a queue Marathwada multi scan image copy damages [Music] I’m like a mu J dot you get damage guru puja do harm don’t mess with me I’m Mardan of good mood in this matter [Music] nobody want anyone to do something wanna mess with me did off mu J but uh both harsh emboss welcome to the stream edgy character yeah character let’s go boy come on come on boys come on I’m on like that one did you think it’s goodbye say all right we almost there but we are almost there we almost there sighs you yes pranks right we are friends so purify I forgot my bulgur well lop we ask in bada Hebraic are sorry I forgot he has purified forgot forgot forgot I’ll keep in mind next time I’ll keep in mind only one person marksman marksman has purified you want don’t mess with me don’t mess with me a nice big Bush check the board you have to go play a little bit more aggressive toriel hindi in your way alright I’ll do that do that let me get a good match right now okay let’s let’s make a good match what do I do when I’m playing Joe I will put everything in that but I need you guys to share all right I need you guys to share a magic example avocados eating you need it again cheating a bronzy tangy one zero no you can’t go forward right now he doesn’t have support Lolita go for him Lolita just go for him a br it thank you I’m coming on my way on my way [Music] geez GG come on come on come on come on man I can admit ripple Gill market you like a dump in locos nigga barrio God is the FK o so much me again you know what man children we need the turret we need the turret give this what is back destroyed destroyed destroyed Selena got destroyed destroyed Moscow got destroyed don’t mess with me [Music] all right that was a good match those are good match one efk I have to report God although he came back later but I have to report him idling going offline I was good that was good that was good continue continue all right some nice content a some nice content a one of your cycle of 1,000 matches to 2% don’t mess with me I’m gonna use this final selection then export you can mine explore where you can bend so you can seven initial word easy people rank who they think they are gods take your precious time North America yeah yeah I understood I earned this with a nigga what look that’s good but just don’t trash-talk might wanna promotion Thalia room a little bit of promotion little bit of promotion not bad one bad match kill the other gt2 a child which I think we will win I think we will and this fingers crossed I don’t want to lose this match this match is going to put my MMR and wings down my restaurant number seven Cyclops link link link link link about space link is not working just put link other link it on earth with itself link now they do he didn’t need a promotion all right I’ll do that because dick honest opinion Amira I hardly think there are goods follow Joe players yes I think I can make some good content unexpected is a solo job layer so solo players can demand a child row because Padma the boy begins at their triple that’s the worst [Applause] [Applause] okay let me solo let me solo you guys play together let me so I should burn as a enemy pits and our pressure is what we need lose hope like that that’s the problem right I can’t commit that’s my problem screw this mm men this mm has no idea what he’s doing this mm has no idea what he’s doing you

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