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LA Food Truck Serves The Juiciest Tacos

LA Food Truck Serves The Juiciest Tacos

Guys, I am on my way to a taco truck that’s just north of Los Angeles called
Birrieria San Marcos. I’m almost certain I
pronounced that wrong, and I apologize. Birrieria San Marcos. A birria taco is a type of meat that has been in a broth for many hours. Six, seven. But it’s just a tender meat that has been cooked for a while. Joe: The reason I’m going
is ’cause I saw on Instagram they have something called birria tacos. I personally am not familiar with them, but they look absolutely incredible. I’m on my way right now. I’m gonna meet up with my buddy Nick. We have this tradition
where we only eat food that’s like super wet. Oh, and Sydney’s driving. Nicanor: So we separate
the meat from the broth. We warm up the tortillas with the same broth that
we have for the birria, and then we start making the tacos, and we juice ’em up! It was something different for me. I’ve been in the business
for a while, my family, and I just wanted to bring
something different to it. Different taste, you know? A lot of people were like, “How are you gonna eat
birria with cheese?” And you mix it up, and it’s awesome! Joe: Oh, oh, oh boy, it’s a juicy one! Yes, sir. I mix it all in? Yeah, mix it all in. All right, so he’s telling me the good consome ratio to taco is four tacos for one cup. All right. That is what I will have. Nick, I wanna thank you
again for joining me. By the way, I think we might
have gotten too much food. – I don’t think we did get too much food. – I want these guys to
park in front of my house. I want this every day
for the rest of my life. This is the best taco I’ve ever had. This is the best taco I’ve
ever had in my entire life. I can’t believe how good these are. You look like you’re about to cry! – It’s that good! Every part of me instantly
started reacting to this. Oh! Everything’s perfect! [Joe] I cannot stress how
delicious this meat is ’cause everything works together. OK, this is a juicy one. This is so hot! Ow, I can’t do it! Sydney: Do the other one! Nick: Ooh!
Joe: Oh man. Nick: What was too tough
for Joe to tear today? A tortilla!
Joe: Yeah… my hands! Nicanor: I like to dip
my taco in the consome. Dip it, extra juicy. Traditionally, the vide is made with goat, but, you know, we can make it with beef, we can make it with chicken. Joe: I wonder what it would be like, if it would taste better if
it was made with goat or lamb. How is a goat and a lamb related? What’s the difference between the two? – I mean, through marriage sometimes. – Is a lamb a baby sheep? Is that what that is? – I don’t have any idea. You’re asking me like I have
a lot of sheep knowledge. – Well… – ‘Cause I grew up on a farm? Joe: Do you know what the difference between a lamb and a goat is? – The lamb and a goat, I’m not sure. – Yeah, so anyway, it’s
originally made with goat.

86 comments on “LA Food Truck Serves The Juiciest Tacos

  1. One question by all Muslims who are watching this video
    Is this halal? Meaning the meat, is it halal ? If it is a halal then America I am coming.

  2. Just tired these tacos today! Let me tell you it was well worth what we paid! They were delicious and the water stand next to them is also so good. Definitely recommend them to everyone!

  3. Me cae gorda la puta gente que piensa que un tipo de comida que es tradicional en su area, todos deberian comerla como ellos lo hacen si no no sirve. Pinche gente retrograda y tradicionalista y lo peor de todo es que no innovan pero a como son chingaquedito jajaja. Psi para los que dicen que asco o pendejadas así, esos tipos de tacos yo los comí hace más de 10 años en ensenada y están de poca madre. Así es que chupenmela pero no me muerdan jajaja.

  4. That's why I'm glad I live in Texas where Mexican food is legit I live in the land were the real mexican food comes from 😋

  5. They just opened a spot in Valley Village – went they to check it out. Pretty damn good!

    BTW, sheep or lambs are mammals which belong to the Bovidae family and the Ovis aries species while a goat is a mammal which also belongs to the Bovidae family but is of the Capra hircus species. Goats have 60 chromosomes while a lamb has 54. There's your fun fact for the week 🙂

  6. Been to this place.. it’s good.. also Recommend Reds Tacos by Slauson and Compton Ave.. and Cardenas Birria on Nadeau in front of Rosevelt parks swimming gym.. of course in Los Angeles..

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