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Do we caught someting Vallentine’? Oh …yeah for sure litlle ones It is something for sure. We wish you beautiful catches on year 2020 We are proud about the fishermans that are doing something to increase and multiply the numbers of fish Look how many little one’s are here From here ,we catch it and release it in another fishing lake We already done it a few times before Lets see what we have here??!!! We have “Carrasius”(Caras – in romanian language) very good for multiplication

Exactly-for sure Yes we will go and put them in another lake in our town

Lake Ostroveni -“Cacacioasa” Look here Bro” ,we have a lot for everyone The multiplication of the fish at Ramnicu Valcea We have even Carp I will give it to Vali the bucket Are you Ready??!!!!!! We need more whater This is how looks when you are getting involved as a fisherman ho wants to make the difference Who want to make a change And they are doing really something about it I have there in that spot ,a tree under the water ,where i catch fish. 5 meters deep Are you talking about that from there ?! where we hang the fishing wires We put the barrels of fish in the car. We go to release them in the lakes And let’s try to come again one more time if we can we need to break the ice the lake is frozen We are on the North lake of the city It is completely frozen We make a hole so we can release the fish It’s enough Lets START slowly and carefully Look how beautiful they are Carassius(Caras) and some carp, Empty the whole barrel please That’s all Have a nice life……!!!! we hope…… For a better Future in which we as fishermen try to do something for the future of fishing If fishermen I would do something….. This 1% Percent One remain there…. oh…..yeah,is one more there…… Whit all the fishermen that we are………. This will be like 50% percent ,cover and done All the fish survive I brought them here to the lake in Ostroveni We also broke the ice here We wish you beautiful catches on year 2020 The barrel is empty For a better future Here we arrived for the second time.,Lets start again……..cheers They ran away from here, but we catch again some……. Only one We arrived for the second time here To catch the fish Caras Among them, other species of fish are also mixed on We wait that the fish is turning back ,near the shore To be able to make again 3 full barrels To fulfill the goak for today The Second Time of Releasing the fish We bring one more barrel We are still on lake Ostroveni(“Cacacioasa”) Look….. Come on boys……lets play -Grow big and beautiful! After 2 years(ani) To have ,what to catch -Look ..?!what we have here……how nice they are…… Beautiful,we have even several carps among them -Still are there….. still two are inside please release them whit the hand This lake has a huge tourism potential but even also from a fishing point of view,itis a gold mine. Here you can do a lot of events With the barrel on the Ostroveni dam for fishing – Fishing with the Barrel This is the Future of Fishing If we want to have fish….. On the lakes…. We need to take the problems in our hand The 3 part of the Event ,we Change the dam, and we Try again Yeeeei -Better than nothing….:))) -Let bring the barrel closer. -No worried ,we make gym :)))))) -We burn the fat It begins to be better COOL If only the other fishermen would do the same …… the next year…. -If is possible ,even only to protect …..what we have…….. The 3 Part of Releasing -You can do it,please?! – Ok,thx lets show the babies Look here Subscribe to our channel ZideZi Fishing Channel by Dragomir Mihai click on the bell to subscribe Lets give them Polenta(italian) food,to have what to eat the fish To grow Bigger

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