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Lampwork fish

Lampwork fish

Sorry for no sound…don’t know why it didn’t record… we’re going to make a fish like this, except going the other direction.. I’m using 96 coe glass frit from called “Prism” I’m warming my 3/32″ rod using a Minor torch, 4 lpm LP gas, and 5 lpm oxygen concentrator I’ve gathered a blue transparent rod for fins, white for body stringers are: white, blue & black for eyes; red for lips here’s my nifty home-made frit tray from bent galvanized metal warm your mandrel so the glass will stick, then warm and apply the white when I create a tube bead, I create a round bead at each end then fill in the middle start with a nice tube bead – then build it up when you are building it up, keep the bead cool and the rod hot the rod is getting short and my fingers are getting hot! keep your mandrel turning so the glass doesn’t slump white turns transparent when it’s hot and back to opaque as it cools – the camera just didn’t pick it up get it nice and soft then roll in the frit – sorry the frit tray is behind the camera melt it in as soon as possible otherwise it will pop off need more frit! spot missed – heat that spot then dip in the frit use the marver pad to help sink in the frit it’s a really pretty frit – just can’t tell when it’s warm now figure out where to mash it – the little white spot is going to be the belly don’t mash all the way to the mandrel or the bead with crack. make sure it mashed evenly by turning it in the mashers the set-screw also keeps my from mashing too much heat to remove the chill marks now to “read” the bead for where the top & bottom are and where the fins are going… also is it going to hang vertically or horizontally this one is going to hang vertically, so I’m adding a blue stripe to add the tail later I always finish the rods back so they are ready for next time next the eyes: white, blue for iris, then black for pupil I use my Minnie paddle to press in the nudge the dot if needed I got the mini paddle from Harbor Freight – comes in a set – I use it all the time! blue eyes to match the fins! don’t forget to keep the other end of the bead warm while you work on the eyes Now the fun! Swooping on the fins! bottom fin swoop – top fin! another swoop – each side… until you think it’s done glass is great because you can’t over-work it you can add or remove as often as you need to ok, not liking how these fins are looking… I like to swoop glass… got a little carried away… what to do… blah…. off with thee! into the water jar yee go! remember – I LOVE glass – it’s SO forgiving! it’s ok to change your mind as you make it… let’s try a different fin – pinch -pinch – pinch I like that – away with the swoop and on with the pinch… let’s add some side gills – dab on, pinch, then flatten Finally some red-hot lips! still fiddling with the tail – gonna add some glass a couple more dabs of blue and a pinch will do the trick! normally I don’t spend this much time on a fish – this one was stubborn! add a couple crease lines for the tail fin I twirl it in the flame to keep it heated through ta-dah! into the kiln

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  1. sorry for no audio – I did add closed captions – I'll try to figure out why the audio didn't record and re-record this soon

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