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LA’s Best Take Out Is In This Guy’s Driveway — Dining on a Dime

LA’s Best Take Out Is In This Guy’s Driveway — Dining on a Dime

I’m very excited about the place we’re
heading to right now we are in the Watts neighborhood of South Central Los
Angeles we’re going to go visit a man named
Keith Jarrett. Keith has set up a small restaurant in the driveway of his home
on one hundred eighth street called All Flavor No Grease. he’s in an incredible
personality if you’ve ever seen his Instagram, All Flavor No Grease “On the Ocho going up right now so all you
gotta do is pull up and come to get your meals right he’s sort of a natural born showman I’m
really excited to see him doing his thing and to try some of this
delicious food I really want to hear this story about
you selling breakfast burritos in the sixth grade.
-Can you tell me about
how that all started I’ve never been small I’ll start there
so nevertheless I was nine times out of 10 very hungry, you hear me? so when I bring my… they look at it begging for a piece like OOOOOO but about the time you can piece it up
for everybody, it’s like… starting time to pack a couple of extras and everywhere too big… but
yeah a couple extras added up yeah your friend was
saying five dollars for your burrito -Make sure my mom wasn’t trippin first.
like “why you need all these burritos for?” tell us, did she get suspicious a little bit but you know you keep a
big smile going so she really not trippin too much. she like okay it’s all good.
You sharing — sharing is caring that’s her favorite line -well so now you were just saying
about how you wanted to do something for yourself so when did you decide you know
what I’m going to start doing this business. i’m going to start to get into
business for myself? after high school I was trying to just
figure out what I really want to do asked friend about the situation
sincerely for about a week straight I said Lord I don’t want to do this no more. no 401k
in it I don’t want to give my mom’s house rated
it’s not it’s not right PERIOD i need something better they said do what you learn how to do in
school? The only thing I learned how to do in school was to sell candy. BING I opened up a candy house. So we started the candy house right here on the front porch we down the street chillin. holding small
talk they throw a joke in the air: You
down there selling candy — you should start selling tacos laughs – that’s another bright idea. so I
capitalize on the joke one tuesday, sold some taco my first two
days I made 50 bucks. i say what? i said a profit the first day? I said all right
i’m a blow this up well now who taught you how
to cook?
– Mama -yeah? she cooked tacos growing up?
-yeah the way she
made him lettuce tomatoes cheese sour cream ketchup hot sauce I’m like okay that’s not a traditional
taco. -Lettuce Cheese sour cream and Ketchup? -yeah! Boy that’s bomb boy, you better hit that! I’m trying to tell you something boy
-never had that before! I had a dream all flavor no grease came
in a dream just a name right before I woke up I woke up in the middle of the night, three four in the morning. All flavor no grease, like what the hells that? so then about six seven AM I tell
mom ALL FLAVOR NO GREASE! first thing she say that’s catchy! So I tell my friends All
flavor no grease so then i’ll get another small voice
sayin’ make you an instagram page with all flavor no grease I only promote three things: Food promote God and promote positivity I’m like all right it’s not gonna be too
hard. are different gangs, rival gangs everybody will come here don’t get along but they gon’ have peace right here hmm rather they hate each other they get right here they’re
here they say we got peace for five minutes ok that’s exactly what happened yeah how long you been coming here for? I’ve
been coming here for as long as I’ve been trapping and that’s a while -ok.
-when I come i ain’t goin lie i get special
orders I even get delivery.
-you get special treatment?
-no not special treatment I’m justl like ayy — tomorrow or sometime this
week can we get some lobsters and shrimp? like what can you do for me? he’s like you know what? I could do that sometime this week. NOT today but sometime this week. -That’s his favorite line.
-No but he comes through, he does. so you think is the best food in south
central right here?
-The best food in South Central? Psh, America. the best food in America!
-Thats a strong pronouncement from… what’s your name?
– Shay.
-from Shay you heard it here first. the best food in
America and the order is prepared so let’s start
with this little taco right here. a little bit of smokiness from the BBQ sauce, a
little bit of sweetness, a simple dressing of sort of a creamy cilantro
and onion sauce It’s great. chefs out there i would like to
see more BBQ chicken tacos in the future thank you very much. I am very much looking forward to trying
this lobster burrito out (Car Noise) I don’t even… I didn’t even see what
happened behind me but it sounded like it was going about a hundred sixty miles
per hour or so.
(Sirens Ring) And now I hear cops. which is not a surprise this looks great we’ve got a big hunk of
meaty lobster just sticking right out of here we’ve got the pico de gayo the
onions cilantro tomato mixture. Chipotle take notes, this is what you should be
doing. the first thing that hits you is that buttery lobster flavor. kind of
tender, pilant, chewy of the lobster meat you get this wonderful buttery coding all over
the lobster. really nicely complemented by the acid and sour notes of the pico
de gayo you’ve got the kind of melted cheese which is sort of all over it and
then what’s nice is I haven’t always been a big fan of rice and burritos but
I think in this case it works really nicely as kind of like a grounding force
because you have such a rich meat — and having that nice basic starch prevents
it from being totally over the top. we’re going to start eating all of the meats
here in this Triple Threat quesadilla which features steak, chicken, shrimp,
cheese, pico de gayo, onion cilantro sauce, and sour cream I haven’t yet developed like the food
vocabulary to describe exactly what’s going on in this quesadilla it here right now
because its many many meats they all are distinct and you can
definitely taste all of them but they sort of come together like voltron, ready
to form the Voltron a super robot that will dominate the galaxy. I’m going to be frank it’s a complete
mess. and it looks like it but it’s super delicious.
-Shrimp taste okay? -it is real good! I really hope you
enjoyed this episode of dining on a dime from all flavor no grease in Watts if
you’d like to watch more please click here. back in the day like thousands of years ago up in the
mountains of Lebanon just exactly what there is there a man and his wife she’s
making the bread spreading it out and he’s going on that saj which is like that piece of metal to
make it thin and cook it

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  4. Keith seems like a wonderful guy who lives an honest and clean life. But I was struck with a question, there are little kids all over America having their lemonade stands shutdown because they don't have a proper license or sanity food service conditions. How does Keith avoid that situation?

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