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Lasiodora parahybana (Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater) Care & Husbandry

Lasiodora parahybana (Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater) Care & Husbandry

99 comments on “Lasiodora parahybana (Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater) Care & Husbandry

  1. Thanks for checking out this video and leaving a comment. And thank you to all the people that suggested this species as one they would like to see me covert on Tarantula Tuesday. I really enjoyed making this video. Be sure to leave some suggestions down below on what species you would like to see next. I have a couple different ones in mind that I am going back and forth on doing next week, so your input will be very helpful!

  2. I have a juvie of this species, it just molted into more adult coloring and is so pretty!! Absolutely love it. I’m thinking of getting another 🙂 As usual it’s a fantastic eater but can be very skittish and messes up the water dish. I’ve had it teleport once to the top of N. chromatus’ enclosure and I had a heart attack!

  3. My LP sling is showing Goliath bird eater colors (kinda dark burgundy ) is this normal for an 8 month LP? when should i expect adult colors?

  4. Another great video!!! Glad I took my break early to catch it live. I couldnt figure out how to get to the chat… Tech isnt my thing. But Ts are! So thank you for another wonderful tuesday!

  5. I think I found my birthday present lol. Now to convince the hubby lol. My daughter would like to see the Colevolt blue tarantula. That's one of her favorites. Thanks Richard.

  6. I Love your videos . They offer such great info and advice of course Beautiful T's. Keep up awesome work. Love C

  7. Gotta love T. Tuesday man.😎 another great video. B. Vagans or a cobalt blue would be my choices. If u dnt mind. 😀🖖🤙🏼

  8. I have a LP(pink salmon birdeater) too lol it’s still unsexed and can you do a Costa Rican zebra if you haven’t already! Love the videos and contents you have. Keep it going!!!

  9. I really love this format, great shots, good edit and most importantly you keep it brief with the most important information. As someone just getting into the hobby, it would be useful to know the size/age distinction between sling, juvenile and adult for each species. I know it isn't an exact science, but a rough idea would help. Blue fanged tarantula would be my vote for a vid 🙂

  10. It's very interesting that everyone says these are such fast growers, but I think mine is broken. Lol. I got mine as a 1" sling back in december 2016, and she only molts about once a year. I've gotten four molts from her in the entire time I've had her. Same with my L.klugi, and my second LP.

  11. Great video as usual, Richard. Love my LP sling. Got it as a 1/4" freebie from FNT with my first ever T order. It's now molted 3 times for me and I just upgraded its enclosure. This T is sort of my barometer for how I'm progressing as a keeper. Can't wait until she's (I hope) a big beautiful gal in a 10-gallon tank.

  12. Awesome video dude.
    Would love to see one of these about the Coremiocnemis Hoggi if you have experience with them.

  13. This is a extremely helpful video, since I have one (slingish) but I’ve tried taller with more substrate enclosure and also shorter/wider with less substrate and my Teddy never digs nor does anything but has made a home under the fake tree branch I added. Teddy is growing fast & extremely calm 🙂 I absolutely love my LP! Thank you for sharing, as always…love your videos and always look forward to them.
    If you could can u please do a video on Megaphobema Robustum or Vietnamese black bird eater (can’t remember the scientific name but it’s mean and crazy, so I’ve been told but mine is calm)

  14. I’d love to see a video on any of the theraphosa species. Ps. I love the quality put into these videos very enjoyable

  15. I would love to see a video on the type of substrate you use for various species, as well as if you have any bioactive enclosures.

  16. LP is my first tarantula. No regrets. Mine's super chill. It's like she's equipped with all the scary defense mechanisms but choosing not to use em

  17. What great production quality and great information! Just binged on most of the videos and they’re amazing, hope the channel really grows!

    Very curious about your adult enclosures, they’re decorated and setup really well, could you do a video on those?

  18. Nice work on the video bro. The footage and info was presented awesomely, and all the different species of Lasiadora at different sizes was impressive to see with all the nice setups as well.

  19. Hi. Im a new subs. And also a new T keeper. I loveeeeeeeee your Tarantulas Tuesday soooo informative and enjoyable to watch. Super unique !!!!! You'r like Mr. Tom Moran !!! Hahaha. Knew him?. I already hit the bell simply b'cause of thr Tarantula Tuesday hahaha. More power and godbless. Sending love to your eight legged babies !!!!
    Btw did i mention im from Philippines? Hahaha.

  20. hi I have been out of the hobby for many years , and have recently bought a male LP and is 6-7cm, how old do you think he is, also it ate well for about a week now it keeps him self hidden do you think he is in pre molt ? he has got darker in colour,,,,thanks

  21. Hi everybody. Do any of you guys have any experience with LPs being super active and hugely entertaining? Mine is forever doing something. Hunting, digging, chewing the background and tidying too😄 By far my most active T

  22. A fantastic informative video. I love my LP, who is approx 6 inches now and is the most gentlest of all my T’s. I’ve now subbed and look forward to watching more of your videos.

  23. We just got a 3 year old Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater in the office where I work. I've always been a little scared of spiders because we only have very small spiders in Norway. But now I find it a little fun and want to learn about this species. We also got a Brachypelma smithi that is also around 3 years old.
    Enjoyed your video.

  24. This is probably my next pet if it's still at the pet store when I get by there next week. Thanks for the info. I look forward to exploring your channel for more videos. Just heard of you from Tarantula Haven

  25. I really like how informative this video is. Had to make sure I am subscribed. I have a Lasiodora Parahybana for about a year now. Not growing that fast, but the little guy wasn't a great eater at the beginning. Now it's much better though my spider is still shy, so there is usually some time between opening the container and moment he actually gets his meal.

  26. Man my LP is one of my slowest growers in my collection. Some of my Brachys have outgrown it. Very surprising as I have heard that they are very fast growers like you said. Anyways awesome video bro.

  27. Thanks for letting me know I'm not a bitch because I complain about the hairs a lot – best care guide on the species I've seen

  28. We just received our little Salmon Pink Birdeater from Fear Not, and she's 0.5". Already, I see growth happening even after just a few days. She appears to be nearing premolt with her darkened abdomen, but she's still very active. I just love these beauties and am looking forward to having her for a long time to come. We say 'her' in the hope that she's female so we have her longer.

  29. Just recently got a mature male who had unfortunately lost a leg to a botched mating. He was not on display at the shop and didn't seem to have much prospect at getting a future home…The guy thinks he matured 18 months ago, how long could a male live? 😎❤️🕷️

  30. Love these videos but as a person with bad ADD the music is so distracting. I am glad I found this channel though !

  31. My little brother (16j)opend thé enclosure when i was at a party he was scared and he said my l.p. goed away in my room any tips 😔😵 thé t is 1.5 CM now

  32. To me the hairs are like a mild fiberglass, I've been haired enough that i had just disregarded it as a real hazard. WELL, one time i was cleaning an empty LP home… next day it felt like a tiny grain of sand got in my eye… you can guess where this is going. It MESSED me UP for at least a month. Couldnt drive fore two weeks. It felt like a rusty fish hook after a couple days. Im good Now, but i read it can even cause permanent eye damage. 10/10 would not recommend.

    Funny side story… get ready to facepalm… while getting checked out (I went in RIGHT away to be safe, but nothing they could do anyway) I had to explain, to an adult human, who went to med school, "So… what is 'Tarantula'?" I literally could not compute and just sat there with my jaw open. Even "Big hairy pet spider" didnt ring any of his bells. I had to look up pictures on my phone then explain the evolution of urticating hairs cuz he apparently has never been outside and seen a freaking Spider before.

  33. I can attest to how tough these guys are.
    I used to have a LP that had a bad shed. It lost 5—yes, 5 legs in the process. I kept it in ICU for 3 days thinking it won't last long. The stubborn thing stopped bleeding and even ate a pre-killed Dubia Roach while on its back.

    Couple of weeks later it shed again and was actually able to move on 3 legs which is kinda freaky to witness, especially when attacking prey.
    The little fighter actually kept getting better until it regrew a full set, but I noticed that its growth was stunted as a side effect of the injury.

  34. Could you please provide the metric dimensions for your enclosure sizes please🙌🏻. Love your videos aswell, just bought myself a salmon pink birdeater as a sling 😅

  35. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic, that u have so many Brazilians spiders, and here in Brazil we can't have any as a pet. It's Ilegal. We can have a python but not a tarantula.
    Obviously breeders try with the resources that we have. Facebook groups are the most used, we post, disclose and exchange information about our species, but unfortunately everything outlawed.

    However, our hobby and love for what we do, do not let that outdated law impale us.
    I found your channel recently, and I loved it. Keep it up! Greetings from Brazil, Belo Horizonte.

  36. hey tarantula collective my LP take down the pray and after a few mints it let it go i try crikets all of it and she refuse it what to do ? all my other tarantulas eat normaly sorry for my bad english i am from the netherlands hope u can give me some advise i think she is almost aldult

  37. Just got one of these and an Arizona blonde a few days ago as my first tarantulas both are slings. Seeing your video I'm definitely thinking of rehousing the salmon birdeater, love the info keep it coming

  38. Sphaerobothria hoffmanni. I can’t find information on this t. I’m thinking about getting one of these. Could you do a video on these? Tia

  39. Great info, just picked up a sling today.

    Do you have a video on the Brachypelma Baumgarteni?? Can’t seem to find info on the newly baumgarteni sling I added to my collection

  40. Your videos are the best on YouTube I’ve watched loads but yours are always very informative instead of some idiots deliberately aggravating their tarantulas for The benefit of the viewer.. anyway keep up the great work mate

  41. I have a m balfouri do u have any tips? I don’t see him/her much but it has great enclosure and care.. I know they live in communal but is it wise to introduce any in juvenal stage?

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