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Last Ice Fishing Trip 2018 ( New Jigs, Sickness, Beard Hair Jig)

Last Ice Fishing Trip 2018 ( New Jigs, Sickness, Beard Hair Jig)

EatnLunch on the ice possibly the last
time a 2018 I got some jigs to try out all right fishing buddies I don’t know
what that was it’s a nice morning a little bit of a
bittersweet morning I have a feeling that this may be EatnLunch’s last ice
fishing outing of the year supposed to warm up today get real windy and get
much warmer in windier throughout the course of the coming week therefore I
have a feeling that by the time next weekend rolls around the edges at least
are gonna be gone and that could be it that could spell the end of ice season
for ol’ EatnLunch you know this is actually my first time
ice fishing this year without the old without the old face hat but luckily
those of you who’ve been watching my channel who subscribed to my channel as
you all should you may suspect and you would be correct and your suspicion that
I brought a little piece of it with me a little piece about this big here’s where
we’re at it’s nice and rocky out there and many
different species cruise through throughout the course of the day I’m
gonna go fishing now here’s my sled I’m somehow able to bundle everything I need
onto this sled I’m not even done setting up but I’m marking fish right away so I
don’t even had a chance to tie on one of my new jigs I gotta get something down
there in a hurry all I’m marking these fish at least one
rod down there that’s Shawn that was fast
I hope that’s a sign of things to come please be cropping my little channel cut
and it is a little crappie it’s a little guy but that’s a good sign first fish of
the day a little tiny crappie alright let’s keep it going drop that guy down
there I’m gonna get to work tying on some of my new jigs that I got you
haven’t seen the video of me getting some of these nice
jigs from some of the other youtubers out there supporters friends pals
fishing buddies recommend you check it out good info there I’ll put a link to
it I’m not sure what to try first with my new jigs I’ve got quite and I’m ready
to choose from I think I’m going to put one pole on with the new crappie jig
that I got from fishing and stuff I’m gonna try that black color and then here
when I get a chance on to put out another one with one of the new ice
fishing jigs from 39 camper and then if it turns out we’re getting actually
getting some action I’m gonna try on the beard hair jig we’ll see how we do with
that no idea what to expect but I did catch the first crappie within 30
seconds of dropping my first line down the hole let’s hope that’s not the only
crappie I catch today I gotta finish setting up my shacking brand-new Rompson
pliers courtesy of Mike Chavez let’s see if they can handle the strength of
this 2 pound test boom that’s amazing they do feel good in the hand now I’m
gonna put when these black bodies on this 30 second off jig I try it all by
its lonesome at first see if we get anything going and if not maybe out
there on a crappie nibble or a wax hear something on there with it who we got
where we got another little crappie oh we got off right at the end oh he got
off right at the end crappie are in town ok that’s promising
and they seem fairly willing to bite so that’s good I like that another fish song run school a cropper
here gang oh that he’ll get note when he’s on ok
unless I’m wound up Oh Alan’s a channel cat and of course he got wound up in the
other line I can do this boy I’ve got a mess here what did you do ok so we know
there are some actively feeding fish I’m still not fully set up at the Fisher
bite and so I’m gonna keep going with this but I’m getting tempted to time
beard hair jig getting tempted call me crazy but I am in the Hawkeye State so I
think I’m gonna go there’s a little black and gold it’s really yellow but
look how black and gold like Hawkeye colors crappie nibble to this guy see if
that makes a difference who wants up okay something’s looking at
my jig over here all the way down at the bottom Oh miss curious no I don’t have a
springer bobber on this particular rod smell those cheap oohs I picked up at
the swap meet yesterday I should have put a spring bobber on this one because
it has a pretty stiff tip I should have put a spring bobber around like what I
got here how is it even possible that came out
going on what’s going on around me folks could that even fit through there
these kind of late season mysteries just have no place with me I don’t hold no
truck with late season ice fishing mysteries it does fit through there
mystery solved mystery solved gang don’t worry okay
mystery number two where’s my wax he’s at but I’m waxing get a little blowin in
here it’s getting to blow in here I didn’t have a heater on yet I don’t even
have the doors closed yet I’ll tell you though weather report supposed to be a
very nice day today get up into the mid 30s mid to high 30s sunshine sure is
Purdy out here today he’s supposed to warm up
and when it does abut that we would pick up to once ice fishing is over and the
ice is no longer safe I want to melt immediately fast as possible
Plus this year I got a brand new boat which y’all haven’t seen yet I’m anxious
to show it to you thinking about calling it The Persuader it’s used it’s a
seventeen and a half foot tracker I’ll give you more details I’ll show you the
boat later on but I’m looking forward to using that this spring I’ve got to make
a lot better time around this Lake then I could on the old fat lip and I’m here
on the fat lip was a great boat but this one’s just a little bit longer I think
it’ll be set up better for both crappie fishing and catfishing late-season ice
fishing 2018 eating lunch on the ice you know I love it I love you guys but I
love fishing more I’d be fishing here even if you weren’t here with me to be
truthful I’ll go I’ll take the offense at that it’s a fact so yeah I’m gonna
finish setting up here get comfortable I gotta get comfort I’m getting old on
her and I maintain some comfort you know my hams my ham start to get cold on a
cold morning like this once your hands get cold man it takes all day all day to
warm them back up because heat rises and the hams meaning my buttocks sink they
don’t stink they sink they’re lower than the heat in the shack science ice fishin
science keep your hands warm babblin already awful early to babble
okay I gotta have some of this hot coffee man
had a bit of a cold my chest is phlegmy I spend loosen things up gotta loosen up
my chest okay something’s on the perimeter got a perimeter breach very
slight detection on the sonar sound the alert sound the alarm what’s gonna
happen that trigger strike looks like my aggressive jigging must
have scared it off must have been a female Pooh yeah well fishing it’s tough
I’m gonna change jig bodies the black one is not drawing a strike yet to my
knowledge although I do believe that these jigs and these bodies are gonna be
awesome when I start shooting docks this spring
I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do the opposite now and I’m gonna go to
one of these white bodies let’s go to white gonna go to white try and get a
bite maybe that’ll be a new feature on my channel every time I make a joke I’ll
go that way everybody knows that I’m joking I found that sometimes in normal
life at least people have a hard time knowing when I’m joking so maybe I’ll do
that in real life – not just on my videos that’ll make me seem normal
alright I’m gonna drop the white down there all alone with no extra bait on it
if I can’t draw a bite on it like that and then I’ll stick a waxy on there with
that white tail see what happens first I need another small school to come
through see my jig dropping down there right at the bottom hit the bottom
somebody just showed up that’s a fish right there
he probably watched and watched my jig fall down so now I’m raised and that one
jig up this right here is a fish coming over to inspect my my other jig and see
when it turns red like that it means he’s closer bigger getting a better
stronger signal on the sonar so I’m gonna watch the spring bobber here see
what happens they’ve gone away let me see if I can
bring them back a little bit of jigging action it’s just not interesting I don’t
know must have been another lady whoa well eating lunch has a tendency to
scare off the ladies I’m gonna quit with the whole whoop-whoop thing it just
doesn’t feel sustainable too big then 50 Oh another one of these
little cats another one of these little channel cats sometimes this crappie mix
them with them but a lot of times once these boys moved in the crop here not
not along for the ride got a bite on the boobie jig a minute
ago 39 camper see if that can produce the boobie jig right now Oh overplayed
in my hand dang come on baby come on it yes oh it’s been
a while then a while but we’ve got one on the boobie jig and it’s gonna be a
little channel cat that’s my guess yep baby channel cat on the boobie jig a
little channel count on the boobie jig little cat on the boobie little camp on
the boobie but it was fun and it was a while top with water fish buddies here’s the deal it is a beautiful day
outside I’ve been trying to stay upbeat but catching a few fish they’re all
small the fact of the matter is I’m actually pretty sick I’m gonna bore you
with the symptoms yeah well sore throat swollen glands
years I don’t know how to describe that ear pain headache chest congestion seems
like a cold described as I have a cold but I’m a little torn so nice out and I
don’t want to waste you know what could be my last opportunity ice fishing this
year at the same time I can barely keep my eyes open my body just wants me to
rest so I think what I’m gonna do is make one I’m gonna make a last-ditch
effort what I’m gonna try to accomplish is this
the beard hair change you don’t know what the beard hair jig is all about check out the video link Nikki’s a
little champ cat are active enough that if I take the beard hair jig cram a
couple wax worms on it my billet picked up a little channel Kelly
that’ll count as a success for the beer their jig if I can pull that off I can
catch a fish on that I think I’m gonna call that today essentially even calling
it a season the fact of the matter is I just kind of want to lay it down I love
ice fishing and I love being outside I can’t stand the fact I can’t stand the
idea of wasted a day like this being at home sick same time though that long
work week ahead I know I work from home but I work hard man I worked a lot of
hours my part of the problem is that I worked those hours sitting at a desk so
if you give up my house I’d time my outdoor time I leave my time in Fiji
I’m gonna pound some coffee tight on the beard hair jig I’m gonna try and catch
a channel cat with it alright I’ll hold up we’ve got some fish
approach that’s right on all right
this here beard hair jig
made out of my own beard we got more activity I’m a beard hair big or on the
booby jig booby jig yes fish all on the 39 camper jig
pretty sure it’s gonna be another one of those little channel cats it is just
another one of these little fiddler cats if I had any energy today boy maybe I’d
go ahead and smoke some more up I did that one day smoked catfish is delish
I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try and focus all my efforts
catching a fish any fish with the beard hair jig just got my own brown gray
silver beard hair tied up with great thread I have a feeling this this jig
may not last a day but I got plenty of beard hair to make more attempt to catch
any kind of fish that I can on this beard our jig and then maybe I can feel
like it was successful enough and I won’t have to feel bad about going home
early cuz I don’t feel good I will put a lot of meat on to make it enticing right
you’re just beard to beard to beard that’s going to take that hungry fish to
try and make an attempt at this should probably try it without the waxy
before and that beard hair is stiff it doesn’t like move at all well give a try
luckily channel cabs are not to choose I’ll put her down there banging around
see if I can find a channel cat willing to bite on the beard hair jig

32 comments on “Last Ice Fishing Trip 2018 ( New Jigs, Sickness, Beard Hair Jig)

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