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Lavery Library – Working with PubMed@Fisher & Finding Full Text

Lavery Library – Working with [email protected] & Finding Full Text

In this short video tutorial you will learn
more about working with your results list when searching inside [email protected] In particular, you will learn how to access
the full text of articles you would like to read. Once you’ve narrowed down your results and
you’re ready to review the articles you can find a synopsis or summary of the article
by clicking on the title and viewing the item record. Let’s look at results number one: Health-related
quality of life after pancreatic resection for malignancy. For the summary look at the Abstract. Notice the abstract for this article is organized
and broken-down by Background, Methods, Results, and so forth. Once you’ve read the abstract you may decide
you want to download and read the full text. To find the full text first look in upper
right-hand side of the screen for full text links. Notice for this article you have two options;
Wiley Online Library or Get It @ Fisher. Let’s first try Wiley Online Library option
by clicking the link. Notice a new tab opens and you are directed
the publishers website. Sometimes you can access full text for free
from a publishers website, and sometimes they’ll ask you to pay for access. Let’s see what happens when we select the
Get PDF link under Article Tools. This publisher asks you to pay for access
to the full text, don’t pay! Let’s go back to the item record in PubMed
and see if the Get It @ Fisher link is able to locate full text in one of the library
databases. Notice once again a new tab opens. It looks like this article isn’t available
through the library databases, but you are able to access it through Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary Loan is a free service, and articles
usually arrive within 24 hours. Let’s head back to your results list and look
at another article. Select article number three. Notice again the abstract is broken-down into
sections. Let’s once again look at the full text links
in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Here I see: Free Full Text. One link looks like it will take us to the
publishers page, another will take us to PubMed Central, and once again we have the Get It
@ Fisher link. Let’s try the Free Full Text link to the publishers
website. It looks like we can access the full text
here by selecting PDF, and in fact, the full text of the article does download when I select
this link. Back on the article record page I want to
draw your attention to the: Send To options just next to the full text links. Here you are able to email the citation to
yourself right from PubMed. Which comes in handy if you want to save the
article for later. Finally, on the right-hand side of the screen,
did you notice the Similar Articles list? If you think the current article will be helpful
for your research, one or more of these titles might also work for you. Just select an article by clicking on the
title. Thanks for watching this short video about
working with your results list in [email protected]

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