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Le Battle of le Brochet 2 (PIKE FISHING CHALLENGE) ft. Scarna Fishing

Le Battle of le Brochet 2 (PIKE FISHING CHALLENGE) ft. Scarna Fishing

and welcome to the second edition of the Battle of the brochet oh my oh yeah big big one oh fish on fish on boo what you gonna do about that you’re French Bonjour Madame set Monsieur oui and welcome to the second edition of the Battle of the brochet the first time we did this we met job down and who go from feeling fishing but we got so crushed that we had to take this competition to our own home field and we invited over scoring a fishing tour and Canada to set this competition once and for all yeah so let’s head out to the water and then let’s go through the rules and competitors of this forest yep let’s do it let’s do this so this time team France is represented by Tasha and canítö from the southern parts of France and they are representing the French YouTube channel called scorn of fishing we decided to take these guys since we got so crushed last time by dad’s fishing and as usual team Sweden is represented by these two goofballs over here we have a meal a petition which consists of hundred kilos of mussels Oh No Pontus no don’t do that no don’t do that you know what’s gonna happen and the guy holding me is no other than punters Harland and yes we all know how this is gonna go up oh no no oh well you’re gonna have a sore neck from that buddy well let’s get the boat into the water and get this the Battle of liberal share dos going [Music] all right so we arrived to the first place and now it’s time to start fishing yeah finally the fishing has been so hot the last few days but today we have some slightly different conditions the last time we were here we had a lot of clouds a lot of wind and today we have a pretty bright sky and almost zero wind at nothing and what’s the good tips when the conditions are like this should be up sighs or how do you how the how do you target the big fish in conditions like this maybe getting quickly done sighs if we get yeah right yeah just like Fred said in five versus york my my idea is that many times when the conditions are like this it could be a good idea to downsize and the first episode is gonna be on our channel and the second episode actually just aired right now so when you’re done watching they said over to scan of fishing and May and so that you know how this whole battle ends yeah and the rules are what are the rules five longest by far longest by clear simple low minimum sighs no nothing everything is allowed except maybe like nets and stuff yeah yeah Nessus I would say only for postage but I lost a meter fish to that I’m gonna start with this one we’re gonna start fishing and we’re gonna see who will end up as the master of the yeah and you can’t stand in the back me and pontus we go let’s go all right so let the games begin we’re tell them down here on one and a half meters we have some weed in the water nineteen point five degrees in water so let’s see this is gonna be so much fun [Music] Oh fish on fish on first one for Sweden come on Mila I’m gonna land this one for you so oh behind you Elsa thanks readings messing up we do this together man alright now we do everything together it’s a good one oh okay the first fish on the net to leave an eye on a clear blue lemonade you know these fish they are so strong oh yeah what you gonna do about that’s your french dude there we go very good job man yeah that is not surprised I brought these ones from Stockholm I just arrived from the factory this collar of the nothing given up and took you like to guess yeah they’re always with the board we don’t damage the fish the in France you just keep on fishing you’re gonna need it and that’s gonna be 7171 for Team Sweden on Nestle you vanaya clear blue lemonade get that fish back into the water and let’s catch a bigger fish yeah [Music] it’s not yet on the board this is the wine header what’s that a perch was just me maybe yes yes is a perch big big can we change the rule right now a little bit what’s fair the nine times two you can count this you can get the length times two yes because it’s a great fish ChatterBait sawed cast you’re so teleplay and gentlemen yeah but that’s an impressive fish man I think that’s gonna be a 37 37 so now this is libertà lovely brochure at lapels yeah cool well oh yeah big big one oh my biggest maybe can we take back this thing that they get twice the length for perch that’s still so impressive yeah on this wild header make a best ChatterBait with this is your inner right yeah yeah swimmin on made lower bar you can eat all right here and it works so well on purchase layer maybe we are so used this kind of fish in front that maybe we have understand something together [Music] that’s crazy man that’s a nice perch yeah sorry for breaking the rules but yeah we gave you we we set the rules so we decided to give you those bonus points to perch which you deserve so that’s fun but maybe now I mean this is how we’re gonna win this like really going for perch guess what I’m gonna start catching Pike now with a 100% 100% I’m gonna show you Oh fish on fish on fish on yeah but it’s a pike and we need it came off came up some weak for big big Pike ticket oh it took that baby short yeah the first trick worked ha ha so we do this back on track Whedon is back on track now it’s time to measure this this fish and put her back into the water and keep crushing those French dudes so on this one we have also 7 to 1 so now it’s time for this girl to go back to where she belongs in the beautiful archipelago of Orland good one pompous give it up now it’s a big fish I know I thought it was much bigger but it’s so so have it it’s gonna be the big fish on the Nate okay it’s a very important process it’s gonna give us a lead for Sweden I come today on the baby charge this is so sick that’s a cast after yeah the cast after Oh baby shark Percy Percy air on their lights tail gunner up to 80 grams and now let’s see what we had 80 yeah that helps us a lot it surely does now it’s time for this baby to enter where she belongs we do some math okay so we have two hundred and twenty two centimeters 158 150 okay so Sweden are in the lead yes we know in the lead virtually near the 60 pike or a third person gain us yeah and now we have this nice win look at this I think this is exactly what we need yeah new spots like the deeper water sharks out of fight let’s go [Music] that was quite a take Oh Pike number four they had doubts week ding-ding-ding-ding ding-ding-ding you are one badass fisherman okay put it on the Metro board and we have 65 65 it feels good to fight Cosby’s you guys start crushing it this was my first fight bye bye ciao ciao she’s fine so that was my first fight from this note for silver boat yeah man now we need some big fish I don’t think this small fish will last in the long run man no exactly we need some I think the winner is gonna have something like an average so 80 centimeters maybe four meters four meters that sounds reasonable and when you get those attacks close to the boat it’s really good to have those slightly softer odds this is a small bait Gator Explorer rod up 210 grams and it’s really good because he gets this good Bend on the rod when you get those short line takes [Music] okay fish on the dragon and it’s our pike number five Gold searcher man that’s a beautiful color in this sunny weather yeah perfect for those sunny days yeah I do the paperwork 67 yep 354 yep smoked it nice Tasha boy if you yes if you do like this yes 64 thanks for swing Hey once again yeah good we are not beaten yet now we’re gonna set the main little short actually because you’re going to rush up yeah in a few days a few days yeah I’m going with Anton fishermen to the northern parts of Siberia for like eight days of hardcore pike fishing since they haven’t entered the EU there is a lot of paperwork that has to be done before entering the beautiful country so now I’m gonna leave for the Russian embassy and I want you guys to wish me luck we’re gonna fish on our own for like one hour maximum to maybe and then we’re gonna finish the first episode after that when you get back see you so now we’re gonna try this slightly deeper spots we have two and a half meters and lots of weed steel so let’s turn it off here yeah meal is gone I’m on my own now is your time you’re gonna go over to a weighted shortcut like 10 grams you get so we just keep drifting until we get any contact and then we tell them down and I think maybe we will catch bigger fish here if they are like moving out of the bay okay nice nice one okay okay oh yes there we go yeah Francie’s back France is back this one is 90 at least you put on this girl to the fight and boom look at the color is so light fish smoke this one I’ve heard if you had good fishing on this one yes a few previous days this cloten and pike cover so good in sunny weather maybe I also find their fatness yet we’ll see but cool good job yeah thank you [Music] yeah yes nicely really nice take oh I think it’s good I think it’s a good one yeah if it stay with us please we need you okay so another very nice Park here for cross we change to the fat loss dragon yeah yeah and boom good taste okay so you gonna cut this one again oh yes yeah this one is a life saver so good 84 for thank you for this for okay so the first part of the bath labetalol numbers here dose is over an hour in for lunch yeah I left font this by himself and I thought that they could do better than it did but the standing score is 388 for France and 354 for Sweden yeah so we have a lot of improvement to do after the pizza yeah so that episode is gonna add on score on a fishing channel you need to head over there give them a subscribe they’re awesome I have some frustrations to take out from the Russian embassy so I’m gonna do it don’t exist no paper so they say about Russia but it’s been really fun to fish with you ever since we met at the personal passion care for parents around we’ve been talking about this and it’s so much fun that you came here we have had a great time and we have a half day left and we’re gonna begin we are for all your French guys watching this if you’re new to this channel we add fresh subtitles to all our videos we yeah that’s what we do we release three videos every day every week Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays hang in it’s hanging there good right give us a subscribe subscribe it’s fun so just a bunch of subscribe yeah subscribe Pizza yeah Pizza time you know the good thing we’re fishing at the wall arms cause you can have lunch at squiggly stuff yeah finally pizza there we go thank you lights out remote on

54 comments on “Le Battle of le Brochet 2 (PIKE FISHING CHALLENGE) ft. Scarna Fishing

  1. Hej 😀 kan inte ni komma hem till mig i vår och fiska i Tåkern med mig och min kompis som älskar er… <3 älskar er

  2. Thank you Mille and Pontus for the invitation, it's an honor. Don't miss the episode 2 on Scarna fishing guys ! it's absolutely EPIC ! (English sub) :

  3. So, this first part was published 1 minute later than the second one. Scarnafishing have uploaded too quickly 😉

  4. Hey guys awesome video !! What's the name of the tune where a girl say "enchanté " before the drop (10:11) ?

  5. Got to love it when there are french fishers who actually fish pike > carp

  6. Beautiful Video, this place is amazing, congratulations Fisherman!👍🎣🐟🐠😊
    Hug and good Fishing.

  7. Thanks for the video series with Scarna Fishing, that was great, and actually, for all your videos mixed of fishes & fun !

  8. I discover you with the Scarna Fishing Åland series, you have an amazing country, beautifuls landscape and lake. It was a pleasur to see you fishing, showing the respect for the fish, you are great guys, always smiling. Thank you for sharing that with us. And also thank you for the winning lure contest.
    A new french fan 👍😉

  9. Merci à vous quatre pour avoir une fois de plus partagé un moment de joie et de plaisir intense. Merci encore de nous avoir fait découvrir ce jolie bout de terre riche en beaux "brochettes" 😉 et un Mille qui c'est donne beaucoup de peine pour faire de votre séjour un moment inoubliable. 👍👌

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    I am watching all your videos for years and you boosted my desire to practice some fishing during my 2 last trips to Sweden 😉
    I love your country! Vive la Suède!

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