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LEAKING Aquarium – My Fish Tank Has A LEAK

LEAKING Aquarium – My Fish Tank Has A LEAK

waiting waiting waiting what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well so we’re interrupt your regularly scheduled species Sunday to bring you a leaking aquarium I was out here in the greenhouse frolicking by myself full frolic mode on a Friday and having an absolute blast we just got done doing this system here and everything was like jacked up I mean that the punctuate of the greenhouse was all messed up it was pipes everywhere I mean there’s just bags of crap in here it was a mess right so I took my time and I took everything out and I literally like a freaking like think I don’t know like I like I made I was in here and I’ll scrubbing like you can actually see the floor of the greenhouse now I don’t have you guys I’ll show you this here you can actually like see the floor of the greenhouse all cleaned up so I’m going I got the system set up I got this one was the beta test this one’s over here and I got them all plumbed up and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one all seven of them but John pump them out sorry for yelling into the mic and I’m jacked about it right so I get everything done I’m doing like the first test I’m still screwing with the the pipes right here of like how I can get the pipes all lined up but I mean that’s pretty sick now honestly it’s dripping off a little bit too much but ultimately this is the design some people would say that I would go through the bottom or whatever we’ll get into that in QA towards the end here but this is what I got set up so I’m super pumped right like I’ve got this upper let me check this out like this has like this upper stream like that boom all the way across if I want to do a big water change I just pull this out I’m gonna do this real quick just so you can see so if I just want to do a water change on just this one of the only I just go POW and I pull that out and then I put a whole is on there and I put it down to that drain and rinse just this tank so it’s perfect I can take that down I get that so anyway so I got this all going it’s all flow and I’m like that the hell with that I’m gonna sweep the floor like I sweep the floor get around here I get it all cleaned up and then I come out here at night or excuse me I cut my hair this morning and I see this look at this freaking 40 greeter leakin in this mofo like check that out look at this leaking and I like the first thing I thought was like oh man that’s just the white hopefully it’s just the pump so I checked this you know I was like well maybe this is leaking because I was praying there just was leaking cuz this thing is older than most people watching this video so I was like well hopefully that’s leak and that’s not the case this is leaking so we’re in trouble there but we’re all we’re gonna do is simple we’re just gonna take it out we’re gonna get it going and swap this around to me so I gotta take down a 40 just when I get everything like just when I get everything settled in the greenhouse right like isn’t that like the function a right like you get everything all hooked up you get everything nice you’re like frolicking like I’ve straight-up like just barefoot like loving it in there and then what happens tank brakes leaks in this all over the place so I’m lucky it’s actually not in the home so like most you this would happen your wife girlfriend brother mother sister parents would kill you I’m out here in the greenhouse I gotta take a 40 breeder down I do have something I want to give a shout-out to end Tobias I do fish tanks right somebody emailed me and was like hey my girlfriend cheated on me what’s the adult thing to do I told them to go buy some fish and then drink heavily and hook up with what anything that walks and that was my advice but coincidentally that cheating girlfriend reminds me of something with aquariums which I would like to bring up and I have played out before and that is this in my humble opinion when you reseal the tank it is like a girlfriend that cheats on you you can never trust her again okay not saying anything I’m just saying like in my humble opinion if you’re Ricci on the tank it’s like a girlfriend you find out cheats on you you can never trust her then so words of wisdom I’m gonna have Josh reseal this I’m out here in the greenhouse I hope that it will certainly be fine again but that’s what’s up in other brighter lighter news it is sunday it is species Sunday so I’d like to bring it to you all and show you all what I’ve got going on with the live bears I did a video on it last week that are really true and yeah really truly enjoyed sharing my entire collection I had them all laid out here you can click the links around those of you following me on Instagram or Facebook and click the links in the description they’ll be there you can see kind of how I’m showing off the libraries because I come out here at night because it’s a little easier to see him cuz I got the lights on him I had one of the white ones that was real out 50 guys up here come with me one of them was really really a really really pregnant like super duper white pregnant and the white one was pregnant and then I have food I left the food up here I want to bring him out so one of them was super duper pregnant and I said okay she’s super pregnant I knew she was about to pop so I had them in here I’m gonna have to switch the camera around for this you guys liking this is cool so Oh mics down I’m around here we go um I got this new like tripod thing is actually really dope so alright so there is the dad right there the white one in the back there you can see him I’m gonna bring them forward here which is a little bit of food so he used to be in here so there used to be all right there so there’s the big momma in the back so there’s the lyretail and then I tried to pull the shade clock on iron so there’s the there’s the lyretail there’s the Showa okay we talked about those last week click the link check those out and then in the back there is the mom okay so there’s the mom there’s the dad now they used to be over here now step one in my book when you get like babies is you immediately remove anything that’s going to eat them okay we got we got fish screwing we got a girlfriend’s cheating on them we got leaking taxes videos every you guys so all right so there’s the mom now look she’s not as pregnant you’re following me on Instagram her face but you can see I’ve got pregnant shots of her so she’s no longer pregnant she’s dumped her eggs now all right look really really really closely in the middle there can you see that little guy right and smack in the middle there that is one of the babies okay see that we are looking out folks as I didn’t think there was a snowball’s chance in hell we were gonna be able to catch that on camera see that one right in the middle that is a new little baby now look see how that big one’s chasing it around what I did is I added a ridiculous amount of java moss so I’m gonna show you how I’m wrong with the java moss over here so java moss over here I take the java moss this is actually I don’t know what I’m gonna pull out here might be Pistons might be java moss but all right so I take this and this is what I use it’s a natural protection and I put this stuff in there with it so that’s how we roll with the java moss and I take this moss and I set it down in here now the babies are all hiding in the bottom of this is actually don’t mind me Christmas mom check that out oh the babies are all hiding underneath there so now I’ve got the parents removed the parents are over there they’re doing whatever they got to do and then they’re like you know hanging out with them now that’s screwing up I was trying to breathe the show up and the lyretail there’s a lyretail and the other lyretail but whatever I moved them over and then now they’re all down in here so now I’ve got a bunch of babies in here that I am super duper stoked about let’s talk about the system here I’ve got the system hooked up this one these tanks were already drilled here here they were drilled up high I like them being drilled lower and then I decided that this was the way we were gonna go so we ran the pipe over here and then now we’ve got this upper system like this you have 1 T 2 T 3 T’s 45 and then this one over there this one is actually 10 this will be replaced once I’m done with the ShamWow video so I wanted to show how that was rolling there and I’m gonna have to plug in but yeah a pretty sick setup I am gonna take these and probably run them to the back because it is a little cumbersome like trying to reach in here to get plants out but whatever overall it’s a pretty good system got a little bit of water on the floor so whatever so I’m gonna take these run them back this way a little bit and then down and then back out but this tanks does it day light and then I had my man Josh mounting a halide underneath there so that’s the stuff I want to show you guys some other the quick the black the big Hamburg black real quick if he’s out see them in there that big guy he’s great so let’s do a little bit of Q&A with you all shall we swap this around plug in and talk to my fish tank people anybody enjoying this hello how are you good to see a nice to know ya can I get some questions from you anybody learning things less than one broken tanks leaking tanks reseals like girlfriends to cheat on you you never trust them again cold alright what else you got folks bring me some questions let’s do it I got some time I got some coffee happy haircut you’ll like it I made Dee take it leave a little longer on top though edit in the Shan wild videos getting top I got hua I got to get like the the link light so it looks good when the odds of dying help check your carbonate hardness do a water change they let generally like that do small water changes that neons are a little more sensitive what else you got folks let’s go I got time for Q&A baby let’s do it species Sunday Lika Stennis we just tank us it’s a great idea look at good coal with summer temps how hot is to get in the greenhouse the current temperature of the greenhouse it gets hot but I have a full 60 I have a 60 percent shade cloth that I have right there you can see but it I did a video on this but I pull it all the way over and then I have it ventilated done the roof like that so I open those vents I would like to have actually more events but whatever somebody’s asking me about Karami because I need to keep gouramis and I have an idea for a series what do you guys think about this I could do a series where I do week one a 10-gallon week to let me back up on this I’m gonna get wax poetic for you one of the things I was thinking about it’s like I do projects like this which are cool and whatever and if you’ve got like a lot of space and you’re running a or something like they’re fine but the average Joe hobbyist may or may not be able to actually like utilize something like that you know it’s kind of like out of the reach of people so what I’m thinking about doing and I’d love to get your opinion on this is and please leave me a comment on it is going each week and like this is out here vegan Oh skank tanks whatever I want to get back to the roots in the core I thinking about doing this and thinking about like doing a series where week one I would set up a ten gallon and then week two I’d set up a 20 gallon week three I’d set up a 30 gallon week four I’d set up a 40 gallon week five I’d set up like a 55 down something like that and then I could have those set up I’ve be tough to move them around Josh would hate my guts but I then I could like show the evolution of them so like this week I’m setting up a twenty and then we’ll show you the update on the ten people could learn from that a big that’d be helpful because I realized some of my stuff is like you know not everybody had seven twenty gallons above 125 so that’s what I’m thinking drop me a comment on that let me know I also really want to get some other fish I’ve never kept go Romi’s I was thinking about keeping some red tailed sharks some cichlids so just kind of mixing it up you guys like that idea there that’s sound pretty good cool so we’ll go to the QA for a little bit here I am loving this I’ve got this plugged in the Wi-Fi seems to be good and I do have a mic going so I’m really jacked about how this is working naturally I don’t have any water handy but we’re gonna keep rolling here so nice ideas start with smaller than 10 gallon tanks who attend two gallon that’s not a bad idea it’s not a bad idea by the way I would love to do like a youtube live of me like half showering out here with like my Irish Spring soap plants and cleaning up so alright well we got you like the series I think it cool drop me a comment on that let me know what you want to see in each of them my bonus cichlids maybe what kind of silicone do you recent your tanks I’ve never actually refill exchange I I don’t trust them like cheating girlfriends I don’t trust them so I don’t do it but we’re gonna try it out here whatever 55-gallon corner new fish ideas corner tank in my humble opinion you want to use something that in taller Tyler ty if you will that would be taller and that would have like less need to be schooling or us I wouldn’t do rainbows I would do like angels are the first thing that comes to mind but that would get kind of overdone a big school of something note I do something like that big school like lots of uh lots of one type of fish or like two types of fish but not a whole lot of different fish I would do one thing hydroponic tank not a bad idea is if the DEA isn’t watching me enough how much flow gallons per hour would you recommend for 125 dirty tech alright well with the dirted tank want to make sure the gravels capped well first and foremost and then buy enough of these I need more of these and one inch but I would say you know really in that tank I would do 500 gallons per hour that would be the way to real roll it really in my humble opinion that’s how I would roll with that Karen what’s up with you sista 420 baby what’s Krenim countless rider tips for max growth and a high tech 60 plank yes first and foremost Cranham hate to be moved which is a pain in the buck for me because I’m sitting on I don’t know the Krenim ty on them which are amazing I’m supposed to do I have a video coming out later today about Krenim repair but with the Krenim calamus Stratham the biggest thing is when it has those little like yellow tips every now that gets yellow tips just snip those that will help it out immensely also high calcium content high calcium content and then what I’ve done and you guys can see that I’ve actually uh I’ve actually been low on calcium in our water so I’ve been taking having Josh I paid him to break rocks for me so he’s been breaking up cinderblock that works really well oh go back to your questions here folks folks I enjoy Q&A with you let’s see here 20 gallon beta okay we got that the bank gave us the moolah for the new greenhouse yet no work you know the new greenhouse Joey thinks it’s a bad idea by the way me getting a greenhouse I don’t know I’d like to be open like one day a month or whatever I think that’d be kind of fun I’d like to meet people quite frankly and while I love the comments I feel like I’m kind of like in my own little bubble and I need actual human interaction not relying on your comments not that I don’t like your comments but like I mean I feel like I live in a box so did you actually meet people didn’t like shake their hand and stuff would be cool would you replace platies with no I wouldn’t replace platies at all they’re staying you crazy I’d get gouramis I’d try them out do you think a pair of German blue Rams is suitable for a heavily planted ten gallon tank I know they recommend at least 20 I don’t I know I think the German blue Rams are sensitive I think a 10 gallon tank it’s not but uh oh my god if you will if that’s your real name I think that’s too small of a tank so I would say don’t do that I would say get yourself to 20 and you got to be sensitive the German blue Rams they are are a sensitive fish so I wouldn’t roll at that I think 10 gallons two biggest swings and you want to keep the pH a little bit lower for that I have collected not German blue Rams but I know the general area where they’re from and they come with a real low pH and that’s hard to maintain cool ah give us some likes FFF to agree from Netherlands up what’s up neon tetra dusty would you recommend Malaysian trumpet snails for a dirty tank oh absolutely good no yeah yeah I’m always trouble its nails all day long breeding cherry shrimp is easy it’s easy you get a prig all you need to preach airstrip once you got a cherry shrimp this is it alright that’s all you need get that do that yeah good ten gallon tank put it put it right there put a bunch of warm water in it you’re done sit Jerry some breed like mad I’ll lose the microphones microphone check out ah let’s see here greenhouse they liked the idea of the greenhouse a greenhouse could be pretty cool yeah lot of work though a lot of overhead it’s not like I’m making you know buku bucks doing a whole fish tank it but it will be pretty cool oh let’s see you’re got BBA all right I only go back here redtail shark cool breeding cherries is easy we’re in the fish work in that tank yes Tyler all day I just said that neons put a sponge in the corner what do you recommend for floating plants I recommend water wisteria I’d go get it but water wisteria water sprite maybe I got black brutality on a few of my plants how do i combat you increase water flooding increase oxygen levels that will help you immensely dustin how do i rid of foreign snails i have a pest anybody liking this can i get a like or share from you did you mine tell me out you know a little psychological advancement with my little little thumbs up there’s a few alright appreciate it have you how do i ride oh a rid of rambling snails assassin snow that’s so so easy assassin snails thank you for the likes everybody appreciate it how do you tell if a rock is aquarium safe i have never tested a single rock that i put it in my aquarium I’ve never killed a single thing with rocks my aquarium I just throw them in unless you’re doing something just like totally crazy try it you know use some fish that you don’t really care if they die and see how that treats yeah what fish would you put in 20 gallon long I need to do a video on that flat but officially I would learn 20 hour long would be dude there you go Rams some piss those Rams something like that would be nice gonna go for a bog eco with 55 recommend some aquatic plants in and out of the water whoo I like this I really want to do a tank out of the water I’m talking to a company about doing a custom a custom aquarium where I could do like a shallow a tank I’ve actually thought about replacing 220 but I’m gonna I’m getting off topic here so a bog I would recommend you would put some simply some floating plants and then I would use some some like what give me a second it’s coming I’m not a star put the bog plants taro is for sure also the umbrella palms would be cool and he just do a video check out my rimless tanks video you can check that out ah pet smart fish always sick pet smart death Co what everyone do don’t go there all joking aside large school of P poppers in a 30 long love to see a breeding cherry shrimp already answered that where did you purchase your green house green house kit calm tell Agustin Sencha and then and plan on it taking three times as long to do as it did that make sense like its plan on it’s like you’re like a I’ll build this in like a month it’s gonna take two months come and take three months here can we share this how can I put full sunfish how can I run a tank a full Sun I need to link the video up Kenny Brown you know about this homie all you got to do is you got to put it in the shade because plants could take light from the sides and the top you don’t wanna put it in full Sun Oh mess everything up favorite floating plant probably wisteria have you ever thrown aquatic plants from seeds you know you want to count bulbs sure how do you treat plecos with ich room it’s tough raise temps hope hope and pray ever gotten plants for someone at a pet store they killed your fish I never have what makes you happy that makes him happy ya not Joe Joey just give me feedback man it’s all how long does it take brown java moss to adjust a new tank depends on the tank I would say I don’t know week not bad depends on how big and swings I got what’s up from South Africa what’s up I use sand or gravel for a plank med tank I would use gravel in that sand you get anaerobic conditions thoughts on making nice new setup for a fish room yeah make it so it’s easy to do to work that’s the number one thing with fish rooms make it so it’s easy to do the work that’s why I did these so I showed you all that that would be my number one thing cool can blue Texas sick the live with a 15 gallon blue now I don’t know about those sick looks to be honest how do you get rid of brown diatoms you wait and get uh you get what’s called auto-sync lists love it what’s what’s your absolute favorite Krenim I’ll show you the friend of mine if I get up I lose track of the questions Krenim Krenim the tangent by my favorite let’s see who use vinegar rocks yeah what’s your experience with baby Arowana is how often should I feed my new one twice a day hasn’t meeting that much I would go outside and I would find a puddle of mass the nastiest ass puddle you could find Harley and I would get some mosquito larvae out of there because they sit and they twitch and they look crazy and that arowana will eat the hell out of those and that is the secret to feeding them that is the secret that’s not easy to do go find a skanky puddle don’t use a lot of it maybe maybe rinse them real quick like put them in some like scoop mint some skanky water and then take that skanky water put them in another tub with like some décor or some some chlorinated water so you cannot deport any chlorinated water and that way you’re killing anything that might be on there potentially but they’ll still be alive and then feed your wanted just like four or five of those they’ll go nuts it triggers them because they twitch around like freaks now love it you’re welcome send me a video that that’ll be cool uh sounds so maybe you said fish you don’t care about if they die oh come on you got some like random fly or whatever uh let’s see here when you come to Scotland bro I thought about doing a good question I thought about doing like a a GoFundMe to go over to you to Europe actually you know like a couple grand or something just to like hey go spread out some love and Germany and Scotland and England and all that I thought about doing that it’s hard though I got kids it’s hard to travel and stuff you know it takes time zone suck so it’s difficult what do you think are our water your tanks do not use our o water in your planet tanks ever like almost ever don’t do it okay it hurts me it’s not fun any East Coast appearances summer or fall is just out of reach blues the last week cool what fit what are you officially breeding I’m breathing the what am i breathing I’m breathing libraries hey dusty got a 55 four-foot-wide center brace is broken I got a video on that he can still make it work what else how do you get the most where do you get most your fish from Imperial tropicals shows I between the American Library Association got a ton of stuff what’s the worst fish you’ve ever had my buddy had a I have a video coming out of this a red-tailed catfish Santo bacterial disc is 10 continuing spread thoughts it’s because you don’t have enough water flow but that sucks because this just don’t like a lot of water flow I would increase your oxygen levels there cabe big time increase those oxygen levels big time uh-oh busted Wow you I’m just sitting there answering questions here I’m reading these questions and I’m talking into microphone oh yeah it’s kind of cool it’s Noah all these people are asking questions here strong okay thank you lagging put the soil down leave it kind of loose tie up with your soil on top I have lots of mystery snails I got them breeding somewhere went some not your way what’s up everything okay I know bad coffee answer questions love you honey I have finished 24/7 laying around with a grow medium bhai take Mike not in 24 inches deep do not I did a webinar on lighting I need to do a lighting video but that’s coming ever test for calcium how long no I need to get a test key for fresh water actually what’s the most aggressive fish you’ve ever kept cichlids fastest growing the mode the most aggressive fish that I’ve kept consistently is an angelfish I don’t keep a lot of African cichlids creeper creeper now way too much light for tank not a plants daughter oh yeah let’s see here let’s go exactly our water needs mineralized it’s great bugs all right Leigh back up yes you can use our water if you remineralize the water but straight our water I’d rather use the stuff the RO water gets thrown away so all right folks gold so did you have fun and by learning thing enjoy this I enjoyed it I had a good time you had a good time I’m at 24 Lake boards a lucky number for me so I’m gonna split but everybody had a great one and yeah I’m thinking about doing that series I’m glad I got the feedback on that and yeah I don’t know everybody have an awesome freaking day tank on folks I’m out never trust a leaky tank it’s like a girlfriend the cheats on you tank on everybody later

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    I can't imagine sitting talking to a cell phone lol lol lol lol. It cracks me up . Let me give it back to my A.D.D kid hear you go.times have sure changed lol

  30. Been watching you for a while…..I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM!!! So enjoyable to watch! I need some help with my Koi pond. A bit of background … son brought me up his old pool. He's getting a new one, my Koi were WAY too big for their tank so I set the pool up. Presently only the pool pump is filtering it. I plan on making a 5 gal sump on it to help with filtration, connecting it to the pool pump. Well, within 2 weeks it is full of algae! What can I use to lessen the algae? I also put my 7" placo out there to eat the algae but this is a 15ft pool! Any advice would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

  31. I'd really like to see a real hill Billy leaky tank setup that somehow functions just looking like tanks stacked on top of eachother to catch the run off and fish thriving . A small water fountain made of leaky tanks, and a powerfull pump, making it look like it is ment go wrong eventually but someway somehow the water runs right back into a sump, or the obvious reason would be a makeshift reverse umbrella funnel catching the run off, and very gracefully taming the water back into the sump, of wich also holds an enormously makeshift filter somehow. It could be hillarious to watch the pump just spray a half meter of water into the air making it rain down onto the aquariums. Obviously this setup would be displayed as artwork right outside. Anyone into the idea?

  32. im watching this because my 60 gallon tank has a very slow leak in the bottom front right hand corner … im furious & pissed off i have invested about 1200 dollars with filtration substrate fish ect ….bought the tank second hand knowing it had a few years of use now have to replace it …frick what to do let it leak & dont worry about it because its a slow leak or just count my losses & buy a brand new tank !!! please need some advise

  33. I love Gouramis I have Thicklipped Sunset Gouramis in 75 gal with Platies and Variatus of all sizes. I also have Honey Gouramis. They are all getting along great. The water is hard at 300 ppm and the pH is higher than I'd like it to be, but they're all trying to breed. I love the big 3 Spot (Trichogaster Tricopterus) blue or golds, but they can be way too aggressive: I had a gold kill 2/3rds of my 75 gal (including 2 other golds the same size) before I found out who the bad fishy was.

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