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Learn Colors with Paw Patrol Chase & Skye Let’s Go Fishing with Color Fish Toys

Learn Colors with Paw Patrol Chase & Skye Let’s Go Fishing with Color Fish Toys

(Water Splashing) – [Woman] Look Marshall got a red fish. (Upbeat Music) [Child] Kids. – [Woman] Hi Guys, check this out. Look at our funny Paw Patrol, they’re acting like they’re fish. Let’s get all of our Paw Patrol out and replace them with normal fish. Boop, here’s Chase, Let’s
replace him with a blue fish. Alright now let’s do Skye, and replace Skye with a red fish. Let’s do Rocky, whoops, we’re going to replace Rocky with a green fish. And next up we got Rubble, and we’re just gonna do
a red one for Rubble. Now Zuma, Zuma was in there funny, let’s replace him with an orange fish. Now Marshall, Marshall we’re
gonna replace with a red fish. Okay, now that we have
all of our fish in there, we got this funny fishing
pole we’re going to use to try to get some of
these fish out, boop. And we’re gonna take
turns with our Paw Patrol to see who can get the most fish. Okay, let’s see who can get the most fish. Let’s start with Marshall, here we go. Oh, he missed, Let’s do Zuma now. Let’s have Zuma go for an orange fish, this one, oh he missed. Alright Chase go for a blue fish, oh he didn’t even get it in his mouth. Alright Skye, your turn,
let’s go for a red one. Oh Skye, you didn’t even
get ’em in his mouth either. How about Rocky, let’s go
for a green fish for Rocky. Oh his mouth wasn’t open,
okay how about Rubble? Go for a yellow one, oh,
oh that was so close. Alright Marshall, look
Marshall got a red fish. Good job Marshall. Alright, how about Zuma? Ooh, he missed that one, okay Chase. Look, Chase got a blue
fish, good job Chase. How about Skye? Look Skye got a green fish, good job Skye. Let’s keep goin’ with Rocky. No way, Rocky got a red fish. Alright Rubble, ooh you missed that one,
let’s go back to Marshall. Oh look he didn’t even get
it in the fish’s mouth. How about Zuma, aw he barely
missed that orange one. Let’s go Chase, aw missed that one. How about Skye? Look Skye got another
green one, that’s funny. Alright Rocky, look
Rocky got a yellow fish but it fell off so we’re
gonna have to put it back in. Too bad Rocky, let’s go Rubble. Look, Rubble got a yellow
fish, it matches him. Alright Marshall, oh look
Marshall didn’t get one. How about Zuma? Zuma got an orange fish, there we go. Alright Chase’s turn, woop,
Chase got a yellow one. Good job Chase, how about Skye? Skye caught a red one. Oh my goodness Skye,
you’re doing a good job. Okay Rocky, ooh you barely
missed that yellow one. How about Marshall? Ooh Marshall just can’t
get that green one can he? Zuma, Zuma got another
orange one, good job Zuma. Now let’s go Chase, oh
he missed that blue one. Skye your turn, oh Skye didn’t get one. How about Rocky? Nope. And Rubble? Rubble got another yellow
one, yay for Rubble. Alright Marshall, oh missed
that green one again. Zuma, oh missed that orange one. How about Chase? Nope. Skye? Oh, nope, how about Rocky? Nope, Rubble? Rubble got a blue fish, good job Rubble. Marshall again, nope. Zuma your turn, Zuma
got another orange one, look all of Zuma’s fish are orange. How about Chase? Oh, barely missed that orange one. Now Skye, Skye missed too. Next up is Rocky, oh didn’t get it. Now Rubble, oh better
luck next time Rubble. Let’s go Marshall, he almost got that
orange one, did you see? Now Zuma, look Zuma got a green one. Now Chase, ooh that was
lucky Chase got a blue one. How about Skye, Skye got a red one, everyone’s getting so lucky. Look Rocky got an orange one, look at everyone being so lucky. Alright Rubble, Rubble
got another yellow one, look how good they’re doing. Got to line everyone up so everyone knows how much everyone has. Alright let’s keep going. Let’s go Marshall, Marshall
got another red one. Alright Zuma, ooh good job Zuma. Now Chase, woohoo. Okay, now let’s count how
many fish everyone got. Let’s start with Marshall, Marshall got one, two fish. Now let’s do Zuma, Zuma got one, two, three, four five, Zuma got five fish. How about Chase? One, two, three, four,
that’s one less than Zuma. How about Skye? One, two, three, four again,
Skye and Chase are tied. Now Rocky, one, two oh Rocky
and Marshall got the same. How about Rubble? One, two, three, four. So Marshall got two, Zuma got five, Chase and Skye and
Rubble got two, got four. Chase, Skye, and Rubble got four, and Rocky got two with Marshall. It looks like Zuma’s the winner, good job Zuma, you got
all of your fish, woohoo. And look three of them
are orange just like Zuma. Good job, alrighty then everyone, say bye to Paw Patrol
and all their fish, bye. – [Baby Voice] Bye bye. – [Woman] Get going. Look, we now have Marshall and Chase. Woo, here’s the school bus. We need to go around and
pick up all of the people to go on the school bus,
like all the Paw Patrol. So let’s head off to get our first person. Ooh, here we go. Here’s our first fun little
kids to get on the bus. This is a fun little girl and
we got a couple boys here. Woohoo, let’s get them in the bus. Boop boop boop, doop doop doop doop doop. They’re gonna sit in the back. Doop doop doop, boop boop boop boop boop. Boop boop boop. There we go, alright now
let’s go pick up some more. Look, it’s Skye and Zuma
ready to get on the bus. Boop, doo doo doo doop doop. There’s Zuma, now let’s get Skye in there. Woop, okay let’s keep going. Look we have Rocky and Rubble
too, woop let’s get in there. There we go, now let’s get Rocky. There let’s keep going. Look, we now have Marshall and Chase, let’s get them on the bus. We need to make some room in here. There’s Marshall, now let’s get Chase in. There, boop. Alright, let’s head off to school. Alright all the pups get off at this stop. We get Marshall, and Chase, and Rocky, and Skye, and Rubble, and Zuma, alrighty then, you other kids,
you keep riding to school. Alright, say bye to the school bus, bye. – [Baby Voice] Bye bye. – [Woman] There they
went, alright Paw Patrol, are you ready? Alright, let’s get
everybody up here on top. Alrighty, now we gotta send
all of you down the slide to change into your superhero costumes. Let’s do Zuma first, here you go Zuma. Woo there he is, there’s
our superhero Zuma. This is, he’s our super pup. Alright, Let’s do Rubble
next, here he goes. Woohoo, there he went changing
into his super pup outfit. Look at him. Alright Skye, you’re next, here you go. Woo, there’s Skye, she
is her super pup now. Alright Rocky you’re up. Woo, there’s our Rocky as our super pup, oh my heavens, look at all gonna be all of these cute super pups. Alright Chase you’re next, ooh there’s our Chase super pup. Alright Marshall, you’re last. There’s Marshall as his super pup. Look, we got all of our super pups now. (Paw Patrol sound effect) Yeah, let’s turn it around to this side and see what’s happening. We have our computer here and let’s send everyone
down our little elevator. Let’s start with Marshall,
Marshall likes to wear red. Alright let’s get our next pup. Next up, let’s get Chase,
Chase likes wearing blue. Alright next we’re going to do Rocky. Rocky likes to wear green. Alright we have a few left. We have Skye who likes to wear pink and we have Rubble who
really likes to wear yellow. Whoa you just flew right off. Next up Zuma, Zuma likes to wear orange. There we go, now everyone’s
here at the bottom. You guys look like you’re superhero ready. Alright let’s send ’em all down the slide ’cause we’re ready to go. Alright here they all go, here goes Zuma, next up Rubble, then Skye, then Rocky, then Marshall,
and last is Chase. Whoa there they all
went, they’re ready to go find some adventure and do some fighting. Boop boop, where’d Paw Patrol go? I had a mission for them. They just barely left down
the slide on their mission, they’re dressed as super pups. Oh perfect, I gotta go meet them. Alright say bye to super pups, bye. – [Baby Voice] Bye bye. (upbeat Music)

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