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Learn FARM ANIMALS with Fisher Price Little People Farm | Caring for Animals Farm | stickyxkids

Learn FARM ANIMALS with Fisher Price Little People Farm | Caring for Animals Farm | stickyxkids

Let’s go play! Alright, time to go play! Duck. Duck. Goose. Welcome to Saria’s Farm House! Hi Saria. Hi! We have Farms…Whoo. Wow, you got a farm house. A barn house. With a lot of animals! Time for lunch. Alright Saria, can you tell us what kind of animals you have? What other animals do you have? We have a cow blanket. Ooo, a cow. A baby calf. That looks like a llama. And a horse eating the tomatoes. And a pig. Pig eating corns. What are these animals here? A donkey and a cow. Yeah. A man. A bunny. A goat. And a pig. Good job! That is the farmer. That is the farmer. Yeah. He’s holding onto a chicken. Time for lunch! Time for lunch. Hey, that’s not a chicken. Hey look, there’s corns in the silo. Yeah. They’re making corns for the animals. Good job! So the farmer is taking care of all these animals. He’s feeding them. He’s letting them go take a nap. And he’s letting them play. Let’s go play. Alright, time to go play. Ok, the farmer’s going to take them out to go play? Oh-o. Rooster. And the chicken. Hey, little chicks. They’re under the eggs. Time to get under the warm blanket. Yeah, their warm blanket. Ok, the rest of these animals are going to stay out here to play huh? But these animals are going to sleep. Alright. But this animal is going to eat first. Duck. Duck. Duck, duck. Duck. Goose. Sit down. Sounds like the farmer is giving the piggy a bath. This is the Fisher Price Farm house. There’s a little bell up here. There’s a wind thingy up here. And on the left side here, we have a silo with corns. We have the pig pen. Stables for horses. This is were the chicken and the rooster are. The pens for the cows. The pen for the goat. Here, press this button for music. You’re going to throw the farmer in there? Yeah. Yeah, there it is. Thank you for watching, bye bye! For more fun videos, subscribe for free!

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