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Learn How to Fish Zander in Summer | Team Galant

Learn How to Fish Zander in Summer | Team Galant

All members of Team Galant have
gathered to fish for zander … due to plenty of requests. So we’ll catch them in like this size or something. Could be bigger, we’ll see. Heading for a deeper area at 5-10 meters. Hooked up immediately when aiming at the rocks. They’re surrounding them. Philip has a fish? I also have one! Double-strike! What a bite! Fun day at the lake, good weather and a good tan, just check out Philip. Today we’re located at Åsa Fiskegård, Solgen. A good lake for zander. Eksjö’s fishing club is owning this camping. A good place where you can live for a cheap price etc. Go out and fish for zander on the lake! I’m rigging. Rather excited for today, some zander. We could also catch some perch today. Time to get the boat ready. Let’s do this. Solgen is famous for having plenty of islands, today we’ll be fishing around those islands in search for edges. When I fish for zander I like to fish around structures, so we’ll be searching for these spots. Our first spot has proved great from previous experiences, we’ve also seen some fish on the sonar. Promising! I’ll be using the Monkey Rib, a bit brighter color with a 12 gram jig head. 5 meters of depth. This lure sends out vibrations so it’s a good search bait. Quite rocky around this area. We made a cast with contact instantly so we’ll see if there’re more nearby. When I fish for zander I, Philip has a fish?
So do I! Double strike! Just as I was about to talk about the rods. Perch? Mine is quite decent as well. Check this out! Double strike! Some fish here.
– From nowhere. No zander though. I was about to mention, when I fish for zander I use the same gear as I use for perch … since you want a sensitive top with some backbone. This is a Gunki Chooten Iron-T, works great for perch and zander. Let’s release them, could be a striking period at the moment. What a karate-strike! Holy! I’m losing them. There we go. I’m hooked up with a perch. No! Lost it. No! No! He’s following! Around this shallow area with 4 meters of depth surrounding it, didn’t take too long for this fish to strike. No zander yet, but they’ll probably get more active till the evening. After some struggle we finally caught one. Small fellow. Let’s get some more. Back it goes. We’ve been fishing along these small islands, with depth around 3-5 meters. Caught some but they’ve been slow in general … most fish have been perch but we were aiming for zander! So we’ll head for another spot. Hope for zander. Found bait fish immediately so it should be some zander nearby. 6.1 meters followed up with like 11. Hope they’re here. What a strike! Again! Again! There! Again! What’s happening? Again! There! There! Fish! Probably a zander. The moment of truth. It’s a zander. Here we have it. Totally inhaled the Flatnose.
– We found them. Flatnose Mini, green color. Good for smaller zander. First zander for me today. We’ve seen plenty of fish on the sonar, so let’s release it and keep going. Bye! What a strike! Went for a new spot, caught a small zander. Took on a Monkey Shad. Let’s keep going. One more. They’re biting! Almost every cast. Tobbe caught his on a green while I caught mine on a black colored Monkey Shad. So colors seem to not matter. Edvin catches nothing as usual. Back it goes. Why aren’t you catching anything?
– Nothing. No! Yes! What a strike! Double strike. Gave Edvin a Monkey Shad which resulted in a catch for him immediately. They are identical. Monkey Shad in a darkish color seems to work well today. Two lads! Let’s catch one more. Plenty of gulls here diving for fish, a sign of bait fish. We headed for this spot quick to see if there’s some perch nearby. Check out the amount of bait fish at 10.9 meters. I had one! There! We’ve had the craziest zander fishing ever with hard strikes. How many have we caught? Like 20 in an hour, been crazy. The activity has ceased so we’ll go looking for another spot. Made a checkpoint at this spot. We’ll stay here, found some fish here. Let’s give this spot a try. When fishing for zander the highlight is the strike! The fight is not awesome due to their size … but the strikes are so hard, or what do you say Edvin? Fun with these hard karate strikes.
– Deceiving! Check this bait out! Chewed yet working. Interested in purchasing Flatnose Mini or Monkey Shad for your shop … contact [email protected] and Sara will help you out! Works great! So much perch on the sonar. Check these fish out! How crazy! Biggest for today! Lovely zander, how fun. They have been very small today but still fun to come out. Very hot today.
– Your neck Edvin! A bit red? I can feel it burning. Hooked up thinking it was a zander, but it was an albino bream. Decent sized! How white! Tobbe you like these fish. Wanna know something funny? Biggest fish for today!
I want to catch one of these as well Time to release him. Slimy! What a strike though. Check this pig out! Jealous?
– I am. Back you go. We’re done for today. Been a bit slow in the morning until we found them. Caught plenty, around 40 or more. Been a fun day, good weather and sunburns. Check Philip out, looks like a badger. Don’t forget to smash the like button. If you don’t, Philip won’t be showing up anymore. Leave a comment about what to eat while fishing because I’m hungry. Don’t forget to follow us at Instagram, links are in the description. Subscribe for more videos! Bye!

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  1. Självklart ska ni ha en like! Mer videos med hela team Galant! Har inte fiskat mycket sen semestern så har glömt att beställa. Men nu blir det bannemig ett gäng av era jiggar!

  2. Should not title video learn how to fish zander when information value in video is close to zero. it's nice fishing video but nothing to do with how to.

  3. Tobias Do you guys only fish with lures for zander? I should try a deadbait or maybe a live fish if its allowed there. Good for catching big zander in the summer. You can see that it works great on big fish in my last video! Give it a try!

  4. Härligt sommarfiske!
    Det gör inget om dom är små, då tar man två. Pizzabullar är sjukt gott och smidigt att ha med i båten. Skit fiske på er! 🎣🎣🎣

  5. Ta med en Skagenmacka det är så gott ett ta lövbiff o grilla o sen tar du med potatissallad o pappers talrik det är också något gu förbannat gott

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