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Leather Lane Market London Best Coffee + Fish and Chips

Leather Lane Market London Best Coffee + Fish and Chips

Welcome to London today we visit one of the
more ancient and historical parts of London once a gateway to the very heart of the
city that the Roman’s settled in the first century we are on the edge of the enclave
that is the city of London today an area I’ve been doing business all my working life every
different corner turned every street alley and court has a story to tell so I’am going
to focus on and share with you one street London’s Leather Lane home to one of London’s oldest
street markets we are well off the tourist trail here it is an area very popular at lunch
time with Londoners and the many commuters and visitors here on business I’am at the
market for some of London’s best coffee and a traditional British lunch market forces
are real here market stalls need to deliver what the public want or they don’t last long
and the best have long lines with few new victims fresh off the plane in the form of
tourists in this part of town the market relies on locals from the surrounding residences
and many businesses its old school repeat business and word of mouth haven’t yet been
replaced by social media marketing here well the local council haven’t done much if any
marketing for this historic market so it really is one of London’s hidden gems LOCATION: STAPLE
INN, HIGH HOLBORN The last surviving Inn of Chancery Ladies and gentleman boys and girls
welcome to London today I’am starting at Chancery Lane tube is just there I’am actually at the
junction of High Holborn and Greys Inn road you can see just here behind me I’am actually
right on the edge of the City of London dragon boundary markers there there is one just on
the other side of the road there I’ve been taking care of some business today in London’s
Hatton Garden which is just down here and its lunch time so I’am going to get some lunch
at one of London’s famous street markets actually it is probably one of London’s hidden gems
as far as markets go it is Leather Lane Leather Lane market which runs parallel with Hatton
Garden it is just down here and today it has really become renowned for street food but
I’am going to go to one of the the old school shops that has been there for quite a while
but yeah I’ll cut through this amazing old building here and we will get some lunch actually
first of all I’ll get some coffee I’ll show you the market and then we will get some lunch
and then head to the end I’ll show you the old Italian quarter and yeah that end of the
street but this is such an ancient part of the city everywhere is filled with stories
welcome to Holbon bars originally built as the head quarters for the Prudential assurance
company it was built here on the former sight of Furniival’s Inn which was an inn of Chancery
which were originally something along the lines of a mix of legal educational institute
professional association and members club with accommodation for solicitors in the same
way the inns of court were and are today for barristers and judges and originally law would
have been taught here in the city by the clergy but to cut a long and muddled story short
in the thirteenth century King Henry the third outlawed legal education in the city and the
pope banned the clergy from teaching law the inns of court later got their liberty and
continued to function to this day the inns of chancery didn’t but a few hundred years
later the inns of chancery were still here doing well nothing so they were finished sold
and eventually demolished making way for this to be built this Victorian Gothic revival
building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse most well know for designing the Natural History
Museum and Manchester town hall construction of this building was in phases between 1885
and 1901 originally fully equipped with facilities that included a chapel restaurant and hall
for Prudential company plays also designed into the original building were separate entrances
for woman to preserve their modesty plus the ladies had their own exclusive facilities
such as a library and roof promenade and both sexes could enjoy the latest Victorian technology
electric lighting and centrally plumbed hot water cutting edge innovation at the time
Prudential left in 1999 however they retain ownership and lease most of it out OK just
here is Leather Lane itself which runs parallel with Hatton Garden London’s home of London’s
jewellery trade and yeah the market starts just here first up coffee then some lunch
we’ll take a look at the market stalls yeah Leather Lane Market there’s been a street
market here for hundreds of years some say since the sixteenth century the market opens
currently from Monday to Friday from around ten am to two pm and is busiest at lunch times
although most of the stores and coffee shops that line the street and obviously the pubs
are open all day some even at weekends but the whole area for a long time has been a
relative ghost town at weekends pretty popular coffee shop there Department of Coffee and
Social Affairs I’ll head to another one equally as good just down here at this end of Leather
Lane market you have stalls selling general goods flowers and clothing then the market
transitions ever increasingly into food and drink there is some amazing street food here
there are local residence in the area but a huge influx of people stream into this area
every day from the suburbs to work in the local offices mostly Monday to Friday and
as you saw from the size of the Prudential building they have been doing that for well
over a century hence this markets popularity as a spot to get lunch you can tell what is
good at this market because of the queues the lines I’am going to head to Prufrock coffee
here and get a coffee first of all OK welcome to Prufrock coffee arguably one of the best
coffee shops in London founded by a former barista champion and a barista championship
head judge not only do serve phenomenal coffee great food and coffee beans all the kit to
brew coffee at home they also run coffee training classes everything from beginners basic coffee
classes through to professional barista training you can see some of the many awards they have
earned behind the bar today I was hoping for a filter coffee a pour over but I was told
they are only serving espresso based drinks so I asked for an Americano and was told I
was having a long black so not exactly award winning form today but I’ve been here many
times during the many years I’ve worked in the area and the coffee has always been great
the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs across the road is also usually pretty good
as is Workshop up on Clerkenwell road by St Johns gate but yeah Prufrock is definitely
one of the best independent coffee shops in London and their training programme has and
will continue to crate more great coffee shops OK long black from Prufrock coffee lets give
this a go that is good right lets get some lunch there is some amazing looking street
food on these stalls here unless one of them jumps out at me I’am going to head to one
of the old school shops for something a little bit more traditional (background noise + music) OK just here on the on
the corner of St Cross Street and Leather Lane two real favourites here of the market
Boom burger there for burgers and Daddy Donkey here for burritos Daddy Donkey started off
as a stall a truck like Boom burger it proved so popular they’ve now got a store on the
corner but yeah it is the most popular thing down this market food there is far more stalls
actually at this end of the market there is mention of Hatton Garden being home to the
wealthy in the seventeen hundreds but in later years the whole area is mainly regarded as
a dilapidated slum which meant it was a cheap place to live and that meant it was home to
first wave immigrants there were highly skilled Italians here in London making instruments
by the early eighteen hundreds and in later years many unskilled Italians came here through
necessity fleeing Italy’s turmoil post Napoleon and a large Italian community formed here
the area became known as little Italy that all ended in June 1940 when Mussolini joined
Ze Germans and declared war on Britain so most Italian born men aged sixteen to sixty
were interned as enemy aliens and many that weren’t anglicised their names a lot of Italian
families left the area for a number of reasons or inter married there is however a part of
little Italy left at the end of this street and we can go and take a look at that in a
moment OK here on the corner of Hatton Wall and Leather Lane another few popular spots
that pub craft beer pub not today burgers there Greggs the bakers famous for their sausage
rolls yeah enough about Greggs I’am going to go to the Traditional plaice the fish and
chip shop next door its been there for years pretty good value for money but yeah the street
stalls the street food stalls really pick up here runs right from here straight to the
end where as that end of the market there is a bit more general retail going on from
here on out its primarily food (bacground noise + music) OK fish and chips from the traditional plaice Leather
Lane the smell of all this street food cooking is phenomenal I’am going to pop around the
corner one to eat my fish and chips but also I’ll share with you the remains of one of
London’s old Italian quarters so as the name would suggest the Traditional plaice here
on Leather Lane is a traditional looking British take away chippie upstairs and they also have
seating downstairs if you want somewhere inside to enjoy your fish and chips as I was saying
earlier this area was home to a very large Italian community for decades until world
war two it didn’t disappear over night but it did fall into very sharp decline from the
outbreak of war until early 1940 the British government and the people had been fairly
optimistic about the outcome and in turn fairly relaxed to so called enemy aliens AKA immigrants
but as France fell sentiment and attitudes changed it was felt France had been undermined
from within and that was part of the reason why it fell so quickly so when Italy declared
war on Britain in reference to Italians living in Britain Churchill is said to have ordered
police to collar the lot Italians were interned to be shipped to Canada and the public were
attempting to smash up the rest but there is a little bit left probably saved because
this little bit was requisitioned by the Irish at the time it is an amazing looking church
flanked by delis right here OK this is the street here that runs parallel with Leather
Lane Hatton Garden blue plaque here check this out then I’ll show you the Italian the
Italian church and deli OK here in the UK there is a blue plaque scheme and it is used
to commemorate the link between people and buildings and there are many here in London
this one is for Sir Hiram Maxim who had a workshop here he is most renowned for inventing
the machine gun the Maxim gun here in his workshops at the end of Hatton Garden he did
invent many other things he ended up in quite a lengthy legal battle I think with Thomas
Edison because he installed the first electric lights in a building in New York which Thomas
Edison later went on to claim he’d invented the light bulb but anyway that is a different
story this here at the end of Hatton Garden on Clerkenwell Road is arguably the most renowned
remains of what was once little Italy here in London OK the amazing looking church there
at the end of Hatton Garden is the St Peters Italian church which was consecrated on the
16th April 1863 it is actually much bigger than it looks it runs along behind the buildings
in front of it to the side are the Italian delis one of them is shut right now the other
one is back in business the other one was shut for quite a while as well OK I’am going
to head back down Hatton Garden back up to the market and find somewhere to perch and
eat my try my fish and chips in the entrance way to the church is a monument
to the SS Arandora Star which was the ship for Italian internees the SS Arandora Star
sailed from Liverpool bound for Canada with 734 Italian internees 479 German internees
86 prisoners of war and almost 400 crew British military guards and merchant sailors on the
2nd July 1940 it un-escorted with no red cross insignia and was sunk by a German U boat controversial
for a number of reasons most of which because over 800 souls were lost St Peters Italian
church at the end of Hatton Garden remains a focal point for London’s little Italy and
many of London’s Italian community and it hosts a very popular historic annual procession
each year so after world war two the area was in a terrible state it had sustained considerable
damage and a large number of the local population had left which meant once again it was cheap
once again open to first wave immigrants and the Italians were replaced by a large Jewish
community displaced by war which were largely responsible for the gem and jewellery industry
that developed here and the Hatton Garden we know today OK I’ve found the perfect ledge
the window sill of the craft beer pub here on Leather Lane on the corner of Hatton Wall
and Leather Lane so lets try these fish and chips the chip shop is just there we have
just gone around in a big circle lets try the chip that is good lets try the fish quite
a lot of batter there that’s really good the fish is amazing I prefer the batter a little
bit crispier but its still good check out this street art Donald Trump OK I’am going
to enjoy my fish and chips and fish chips and a pickle gherkin I hope you enjoyed this
quick trip quick look at Leather Lane market coffee at Prufrock fish and chips traditional
fish and chips from the the traditional plaice definitely recommend both so until next time
Toodles! So if your in London during the week Leather Lane market is definitely a great
market to come and enjoy lunch from either one of the many market stalls or cafes and
restaurants that line the street behind while you take a look at some of the other goods
for sale on the other market stalls and you’ll find some of the best coffee in town here
its got fantastic transport links which is why so many businesses and offices are here
and we are a relatively short walk from some of London’s greatest historical sights and
landmarks just across Holborn viaduct is St Paul’s cathedral the Bank of England the monument
to the great fire of London Leadenhall market and of coarse the Tower of London and Tower
Bridge so if your heading in the direction of any of those starting here at Chancery
Lane and Leather Lane market will give you a glimpse of a London that relatively few
tourists see and today its a nice part of town we are surrounded by investment banks
media companies and of coarse jewellers Hatton Garden that runs parallel with Leather Lane
is renowned as London’s jewellery workshop so high quality craftsmanship regulated by
the British Assay offices which represent the oldest form of consumer protection in
the world you’ll find bespoke quality that competes with off the peg prices every weekend
the streets lined with couples shopping for engagement rings wedding bands and gifts so
that;s definitely worth checking out if your in this part of town a notable mention for
the Argyle formerly the King of Diamonds the pub at the end of Leather Lane its great in
the summer you can sit out on this terrace balcony up here or you could go tho the gym
after work there is one next to the pub Toodles!

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